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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Under a rock?: NO place to hide

''George Orwell’s “1984” projects were completely illegal under our Constitution but by 1984, our Constitution had already been noticeably under attack since the early part of the 20th century. The abuses accelerated under President Franklin D. Roosevelt and a recent article in the Soviet Union’s newspaper, Pravda dated April 27, 2009 said the frosting on the cake came with the election of Barack Obama who mesmerized the voters into voting for him. Devvy Kidd in her great article explains how he pulled it off.''

Private investigators used to go through garbage looking for evidence and the blimp in the sky with a camera over sports events used to be a novelty but today our national and international infrastructure is a better surveillance mechanism than Orwell in his book 1984 could have ever dreamed and it seems unstoppable. Some can be used for good but most will be used for evil.
With all our new technology, leaders are finding it difficult to censor the protestors defying the recent election in Iran. The young people are using all technology available to get the word out. While they want bilingual education in our American public schools, it is interesting to note the protest signs are in English in Iran.
During the 1980s radicals were promoting the Sanctuary Movement and liberal congregations were proclaiming themselves to be “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants. But in early 2009 pastors across the country were being called on by the Department of Homeland Security to join Clergy Response Teams” in order to placate and control the people of America in the event of local or national emergencies.
But it wasn’t the illegals they were worried about. A few months later as government officials were hearing about the planned Tea Party gatherings on April 15, 2009, that same Department issued a warning that they are watching large numbers of right-wing protestors. The American Gestapo (Homeland Security) wanted all of these Americans to know they were suspects and were being watched closely! The Assessment published as an Unclassified/For Official Use Only document by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security fears the current economic climate and because of the historical presidential election that put an African American in the White House may fuel resurgence in radicalization and recruitment. Selwyn Duke in his article about who are the most violent states it perfectly “Which Side Really Inspires Violence, the right or the left?

Who's pulling the strings?

''Although President Obama has a Kenyan father, and was later adopted by an Indonesian national, the fact that his mother was a citizen should legitimize his being born a U.S. citizen. At question is whether his citizenship was renounced when he moved to Indonesia with his mother and adopted father and attended a Muslim school. It is unlikely his birth certificate would indicate that he is born of some other lineage, however his birth certificate is sealed and the public does not have access to his records.''

While I appreciate your quest to find Barack Obama's birth certificate, it seems to me that the question of his eligibility has already been resolved. Mr. Obama has publicly stated in writing that he was born under British rule. His father was a Kenyan citizen under British rule. These facts are not disputed and, in themselves, disqualify Mr. Obama from holding the office of the president of the United States of America.
A "natural born citizen" has been clearly defined as one whose parents are both citizens and who was born in the country. Whereas there have been questions pertaining to place of birth, there have been no arguments pertaining to the requirement that both parents must be citizens. Even Mr. Obama, a self-proclaimed constitutional scholar, has concurred with this on numerous occasions, even cosponsoring legislation and other official documents that support and reinforce this definition.
So the real questions must be: "Why is it so important that we have Mr. Obama, or any other individual for that matter, as POTUS that we must completely and clearly disregard our Constitution?" and "Who has so much control over our politicians at every level that none of them will even address the issue?"
Remedy may be found in several ways:
Mr. Obama may discover some self-respect and respect for our country and step down. (Don't hold your breath.)
A Pro Warranto may be filed against Mr. Obama (and lots of other government officials who failed to perform their Constitutional duties) in the District Court of Washington, D.C. The supreme court does not have original jurisdiction in this case.
We must vote to replace all of the representatives and senators at the federal and state level (governors, too) who have failed to fulfill their sworn duty to protect and defend our Constitution at our next opportunity – even if we otherwise like them! Start letting them know how you feel.
We must discover who is really calling the shots and bring them to light ... and then to justice.
If we ever had a single issue to bring us together, this is it. Without respect for our Constitution we don't have "jack spit." As Mr. Obama has already demonstrated in the bond and stock markets and bankruptcy courts, he is not bound by our Constitution or any other law. That which "can't happen in America" is happening in America. We are under an attack far more serious than Pearl Harbor or 9/11. It's time now to put a stop to those who wish to conquer us from within, and re-establish our constitutional republic! - Robert Jones

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cap & Trade RAPE passed -- What next?

''State legislators also need to understand this bill stomps on states rights and goes right into neighborhoods. Please get informed. Talk to friends, neighbors and family. We must bury the senate in constant protest.''

"We've got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy and environmental policy." – Tim Wirth, former member of Congress, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs.

At the Fifth Congress in Moscow, 'The Program,' was drafted and agreed upon by the International Communist dictators. It was agreed that an environmental "crisis" would be gradually developed to siphon off the money from capitalism and reduce countries to socialism and eventually under communism. I refer readers back to this column and the book by Gus Hall, head of the Communist Party USA for decades: Ecology, Can we survive under capitalism? published in 1972.

While the news media in this country saturated the air waves over Michael Jackson's death last Friday, a real battle was going on in the House of Outlaws in Washington, DC. Comrade Pelosi was absent most of the day breaking arms to get the required number of votes to save the planet!

Those of us who have actually taken the time to do the research fully understand global warming is a monstrous hoax against the world. Master of hustle and bull, Al Gore,
has cleaned house promoting global warming. It has been his cash cow to an estimated $100 million dollars into his bank account. Usurper, Obama/Soetoro, believes the propaganda, too: Scientists: Obama document is 'scare' tactic. "This is not a work of science but an embarrassing episode for the authors and NOAA," said meteorologist Joe D'Aleo, the former chairman of the American Meteorological Society's Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting."

A Government Healthcare Plan? You Can't Be Serious

''Our current Government Healthcare Plan throws money at symptoms of the problem and makes cuts in areas that create/exacerbate other problems. They discontinue coverage of efficient and cost effective treatments and increase premiums/copays to patients while rewarding more expensive, prolonged and complex care.''

Excessive Government involvement is what's wrong with our current healthcare system.

One prominent example: FDA regulation and Medicare/Medicaid policies are suppressing new drug and device options and increasing healthcare costs. The FDA's approval process for new technologies costs companies between 250 and 800 million dollars. It takes an average of 8.5 years to move through the FDA's clinical and approval phases and there is no guarantee of approval. Out of 5000 compounds discovered in the pre-clinical stage, only about 5 will make it through. The cost of approved and non-approved drugs and devices are passed on to the physician practice, hospitals, surgery centers and patients. As a result, competition is shrinking and new treatments that can potentially save lives, cure chronic illnesses and decrease treatment costs are delayed by red tape and a high cost of entry.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Joe Jackson on Fatherhood

One night while Michael was asleep, Joseph climbed into his room through the bedroom window. Wearing a fright mask, he entered the room screaming and shouting. Joseph said he wanted to teach his children not to leave the window open when they went to sleep

In an interview with FOX News' Geraldo Rivera, Michael Jackson's father Joe said "we're going to miss the great superstar, the biggest known in the world."

When Geraldo asked if Michael will be more well known in death than life, Joe Jackson said the attention "should have been done while he was alive so he could enjoy it."

Jackson's father also said Michael's children are doing "fantastic," are with his family and "are enjoying themselves with the other kids."

Joe Jackson also dismissed the notion that stress killed Michael Jackson as the 50-year-old prepared for a grueling 50-concert comeback in London.
'No, it did not,' he said of stress. 'We're going to miss the great superstar, the biggest known in the world,' he said.

Michael Jackson had a difficult relationship with his father, who has said that he would whip him as a boy when he missed a note.

Joe Jackson's image as a father was tainted throughout the late 1980s through the mid 1990s in which the media reported stories told by some of his children that Jackson was abusive towards his children. When he managed his family, he ordered each of them to call him "Joseph", which led to several siblings being estranged from their father.

Michael Jackson claimed that from a young age he was physically and emotionally abused by his father, enduring incessant rehearsals, whippings and name-calling, but also contends that his father being a strict disciplinarian played a large part of his success. In one altercation — later recalled by Marlon Jackson - Joseph held Michael upside down by one leg and "pummeled him over and over again with his hand, hitting him on his back and buttocks." Joseph would also trip up or push his male children into walls.

How 'Gods' Live and Die

''If only the world’s star chasers and stargazers would see that there’s real peace and joy in living a quiet life for God. The Bible encourages us to do just that. The view may not be as breathtaking, but we’re a lot less likely to lose our minds in the madness or die from the fall''

I live in an area of the country where a number of celebrities reside. Seeing them in stores, restaurants, churches and in the car next to you is as common here as running into friends or family in a small town. In fact, many celebrities from other parts of the country have moved here to “Music City” and surrounding areas, in part, because we don’t really have paparazzi – at least not yet – and people generally leave them alone.
This allows them to exercise their godhood elsewhere, take their profits and praise from starry-eyed ticket buyers out on the road and return home to a semi state of normalcy – something that is undoubtedly necessary for both sanity and survival.
The sudden and tragic death of Michael Jackson, like many other superstars before him, underscores that need. Unfortunately, like drugs and alcohol, those who become addicted to fame are all too often destroyed by it. And strangely, celebrities themselves, and those around them, can often see it coming, but do little to stop it.
In Michael Jackson’s case, his ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, reportedly recalled him saying to her years ago that he expected to meet the same end as her father, Elvis – and that it was Michael’s self-destructive behavior that eventually compelled her to leave him.

Communist U.N. Boss Praises “Mother Earth”

D’Escoto said the U.N. must become a Noah’s Ark to save humanity

Armed with a new sex scandal that can further damage Republican opponents of the Obama Administration, our media haven’t found much time to cover the U.N. Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis underway at the world organization’s headquarters in New York. But the Obama White House is working hand-in-glove with a Communist Catholic Priest who gave a bizarre speech on Wednesday devoted to saving “Mother Earth” from evil capitalists.
A performance as gripping as that of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admitting to adultery was turned in by Miguel D’Escoto, the President of the U.N. General Assembly, when he declared that “There is a growing awareness that we are all sons and daughters of Earth and that we belong to her.” He urged “a planetary civilization” that is “more respectful of Mother Earth, more inclusive of all people and with more solidarity with the poorest, which is more spiritual and full of reverence for the splendor of the universe and which is much happier.”
D’Escoto, who was suspended from his priestly functions by the anti-communist Pope John Paul II, is an advocate of Marxist-oriented Liberation Theology and received the Lenin Peace Prize.
He said the U.N. must become a Noah’s Ark to save humanity.
D’Escoto is the same U.N. figure who recently dismissed the Iranian president’s threat to wipe Israel off the map by saying, “Words don’t kill.”

Two Kings can't Beat It

Perversion, excess and money

Who you crown as king reflects you are. Elvis Presley overdosed-in his bathroom-on prescription drugs in 1977 at 42, his bloated, glazed middle age a cautionary tale to rock stars and other celebrities. Jackson died Thursday at 50, rushed from his Los Angeles home and pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Center.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm All-ah OK and You're not Christian

''Despite the mainstream media's ignoring of these things, the reality remains that Christians are denied equal rights of free speech and freely exercising religion that other groups are enjoying. This amounts to denying religious equality to millions of Americans.''
In Dearborn, Michigan, where the local mosque's call to prayer is broadcast over the town by loudspeakers, a group of Christian evangelists were told that they could not pass out Bibles on the sidewalk during a festival. This is part of a growing national trend to disfavor Christian expression and traditional speech, and reflects a disturbing direction in public policy in America today.
The city of Dearborn hosts one of the largest per-capita Muslim populations in the United States. With many immigrants from the Middle East, Dearborn reflects the Islamic character of these residents. Nothing illustrates this better than the fact that Dearborn is one of the few cities in this country where you can hear the Islamic calls to prayer from the local mosque all over the city, broadcast over loudspeakers.
However, this city has also seen a recent demonstration of religious intolerance against adherents of a different faith. A group of Arab Christians wanted to hand out copies of Christian literature on the sidewalks during the annual Dearborn Arab International Festival, which attracts over 100,000 people. The ministry group, Arab Christian Perspective, was denied permission to hand out material on the sidewalk and was told they could only do so from inside a small booth assigned to them by festival organizers. The group sued, and a federal judge has refused to grant their request to be able to offer information on the sidewalks.
This is only the latest example of such one-sided action. Four years ago, a federal judge in Indiana who has been nominated by President Barack Obama to the Seventh Circuit appeals court, David Hamilton, ordered that prayers in the Indiana statehouse could be offered to "Allah" but could not be offered in the name of "Jesus." (This suit was later dismissed by the Seventh Circuit, on which Judge Hamilton will now sit.)

Michael Jackson's celebrity suicide

''I think it's fair to classify Kurt Cobain's death as one brought on by medical problems, specifically the roiling interaction of depression and addiction. Jackson's death is in this sense more purely a suicide, just as Elvis Presley's was some three decades ago. Like Presley, Jackson at some point stepped through a door, closed it, and turned the key. What went on behind the door we'll never know.''
CNN's coverage of Michael Jackson's sudden illness in the minutes before his death was reported captured nicely the way the media has treated him. Nutty people were allowed to talk at length, including a guy who kept saying his concerts in London were in 2010. (They were scheduled for next month.)
Wolf Blitzer looked into the camera to tell us earnestly that the head of the concert promotion company had told them that Jackson was in "tip-top shape," and that he'd passed a health exam "with flying colors."
Funny how an impossibly pampered 50-year-old guy in top-top shape could just keel over dead.

We're supposed to live in an Age of Paparazzi. Isn't it curious how stars nonetheless manage to die right before our eyes?
They do it with our complicity.
Born not just to celebrity but to stardom, Michael Jackson never knew what it was like to live normally, or even behave normally. He was drafted into the family's musical act, the Jackson 5, while in elementary school, and taken to Motown records. He was taught how to live a manufactured image at the feet of Berry Gordy, who was quite good at such legerdemain.
If you're 9 years old and born to be a star, such training will definitely turbocharge the marketing of your record sales; as for the fact that almost all the money from those sales went to your teacher and not you ... well, that was his second lesson.

Trust, truth ... these were concepts Michael Jackson learned early on didn't have much worth. But of course he had his family, right?

In the end - human

''Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives''

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama ha molto in comune con il Papa

''Instead of exchanging gifts at their meeting, Obama will exchange personal stories from 'The AntiChrist Chronicles: A future history'' The Pope in return: ''False Prophets, Past and Present.''''

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has just confirmed that President Obama will meet with Pope Benedict XVI in Rome. Here is the transcript, courtesy of the White House:

"MR. GIBBS: Just one quick announcement before we get going with questions. On his upcoming trip overseas, on Friday, July 10, the President will visit with the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI to discuss a range of issues, including their shared belief in the dignity of all people. That's on the upcoming trip.

Q Does he have a church --

MR. GIBBS: I can assure you, April, we're not joining a church in Italy. (Laughter.)

Q I didn't ask that.

MR. GIBBS: I know. But you know what I did? I just fast-forwarded right to the follow-up. (Laughter.) I'm going to do that -- that's actually what I'm going to do all today. So if I don't answer your question, I will presume your follow-up and answer that instead. (Laughter.)

Q That's very efficient.

MR. GIBBS: Right, this will be like a 10-minute deal.

Q Is Mrs. Obama going to the Vatican, as well?

MR. GIBBS: She will, as far as I know, be on the entire trip, yes."

Where in the World is Todd Palin??

Knock it off with my wife and kids. Mr. Letterman’s statements in which he alluded to the mother of my children as “trashy”, and to the imaginary rape of our precious daughter, Willow, have crossed the line. To put it bluntly, where I come from we call those fighting words. It is only my character and integrity that have permitted Mr. Letterman to keep his teeth. I cannot insure such self-control should this happen in the future.

Like everyone else I was enthralled by the emergence of Sarah Palin onto the American political scene last fall. She provided a much-needed jolt of energy at a time when Christian principles seemed to be given the boot from the Republican Party.
Let’s be honest here, Sarah Palin was the only reason that John McCain didn’t get Walter Mondaled. Most evangelicals voted for Sarah Palin, not Juan McCrud. As I loved to explain to my friends, Sarah Palin was God’s man.
Just like in the times of Esther there didn’t seem to be a man to do the job. Like the young shepherd boy David, Mrs. Palin had toiled faithfully in obscurity of Alaska sharpening the down- home, mom and pop values which connected in the heartland like David’s stone to the forehead of the biblical bully from Gath.
She appears to be a remarkable woman, but honestly, not much different from hundreds of women that I know from the flocks in which I fly. Oh, she may be more photogenic, but the thing that she has that most do not is opportunity. In this day of instant media her wholesome good looks has enabled her to make the most of her values. No offense, but if she had looked like Edith Bunker I doubt she would have had such a meteoric rise.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is there more than a little truth here?

After the Global Warming Lies

Science and ideology don't mix. They never have and they never will. The house of cards that is the science behind "climate change" is collapsing at exactly the same time it is being imposed by the Obama administration and Congress as an ideological "truth." America is facing the perfect storm of an imploding scientific theory that will be enforced by the rule of law.
Make no mistake: the big bad wolf of truth is about to blow the straw house of global warming to bits. This is why there was a sudden shift, in the last nine months, from the use of "man made global warming" to "climate change" by the proponents of the theory.
The scientific tug of war over whether or not the planet is heating or cooling has been going on for over 100 years. The difference between the past and our current situation is that governments around the world are passing (or attempting to pass) draconian laws and enforcing (or attempting to enforce) authoritarian treaties in order to "regulate" the planet's temperature....Obama wants to build windmills instead:
''We're going to have to, I think, invest heavily in clean energy. And if we have a cap and trade system, we can generate $150 billion over ten years to invest in solar and wind and biodiesel and train people to build windmills and build solar panels and make buildings more energy efficient. And make alternative fuels.''
There are two problems with the President's approach. Windmills don't reduce the amount of CO2 (if that is really the issue) and windmills don't provide nearly the amount of energy promised. Full Story

'Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true'

While I agree there are serious questions surrounding Obama's birth, childhood in Indonesia, travel to Pakistan and so forth, I have to ask myself if continuing this battle is a wise course of action.
Consider. What happens if it can be proved that Obama is not constitutionally qualified to serve as president? The answer needs to address two main points: policies implemented since Jan. 20 and who would serve as president.
Finding out who would serve could likely be resolved by a special election. There would be a rush to figure out who the candidates would be, and even that prospect has a lot of implied ugliness. Tied to this is determining if Obama would be permitted to retain his Senate seat. Not to mention the potential lawsuits because a simple vetting process was ignored.
However, that pales beside trying to determine what to do about policies already implemented. Are they null and void? Do funds already paid or allocated need to be paid back (and how would this be accomplished with the minimal amount of chaos)? What about companies/organizations who made commitments based on planned future funding they would receive? Do appointments to various positions lose their posting or get put in a "temporary" status? Are senior military personnel court-marshaled because they followed unlawful orders? There are a host of questions and concerns here, and the more you look at it, the worse it gets.
While I applaud the many well meaning efforts in this, I'm reminded of an ancient curse: 'Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true'

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Growing Brass Balls of the Internet

The people of Oz are now behind the curtain and Twittering the strings of the Big Dic(tators)

As thousands of Iranian protesters took to Tehran streets over the past week, the exploding Twitter universe, or "Twitterverse," proved yet again the value and prominence that micro-blogging and social networking have become in today's world of instant communication.
Even Defense Sec. Robert Gates said the Pentagon is monitoring "tweets" from Iranians who are under violent attack by regime police and military.
Though the Iranian government reportedly blocked opponents of President Ahmadinejad from sending emails, they were outwitted by another form of technology – Twitter. Several Twitter sites were used by students and others protesting the results of last week's presidential election, in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (according to the Iranian government) swept to victory over challenger Mi Hossein Mousavi.
Bloggasm focuses on the media, with an emphasis on online media and journalism. Simon Owens, publisher, sought to determine how many "retweets" any given Iranian protester's tweet message was getting from micro-bloggers monitoring the steady stream emanating from Iran. His conclusion? Tweets coming out of Iran were retweeted an average of 57.8 times.
Pictures from Iran
Pages and pages of photos taken of Iranian rioting, in real time uploads, can be seen at PicFog.
Videos from Iran
World citizens have been transfixed by the Iranian demonstrations, as we monitored developing events on a stream of vids pouring in to YouTube from citizen journalists using cell phones
and mini-cams.
One video that immediately went viral on the web on June 20 was a 47-second clip of a young woman dying from a sniper wound. The video is graphic and YouTube issues a warning before allowing viewers access, but that hasn't discouraged thousands from posting it on Twitter and their blogsites.

The Internet as a Potent Weapon

“Germany is on the verge of censoring its Internet: The government – a grand coalition between the German social democrats and conservative party – seems united in its decision: On Thursday the parliament is to vote on the erection of an internet censorship architecture.”

It appears to me, and maybe to governments around the world, that The Internet (aka Cyberspace) is really the last frontier of freedom. In my opinion, it is probably one of the greatest inventions of all times (short of our Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and of course, the wheel). Let’s face it, where would we be today without The Internet (aka Cyberspace). At a touch of a keyboard, you have astronomically large amounts of information within seconds. You, as an average individual, have the ability to influence large groups of followers. You, as an average individual, have the ability to speak your mind and to contribute to a global community. You, as an average individual, can make real ‘changes’, not just some empty promises that can win elections.
Over the last week, I’ve come across a few articles of interest to me that I thought I would share and discuss with you as it relates to my area of expertise in Information Security. The first relates to what I was discussing above in regards to the power that The Internet (aka Cyberspace) has over people. This was actually exemplified back in the WTO protest in Seattle in 1999 and has more recently been seen taking place with protesters involved in the Iranian election dispute. This phenomenon is known as netwar as described in the article Iran’s Netwar. The article explains that the advancement of technologies, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., has allowed us to interact with one another in such a fashion that this interaction is now being regarded by many governments as a weapon, in and of itself. The article states that “The ability to mobilize information, resources and support is magnified almost in direct relation to this [ability].” The article goes on to say that “The government has responded with SSL/TLS filtering, tracking IP addresses and blocking access to proxy servers, as well as wiretapping cell phone communications…” How interesting, government control over The Internet (aka Cyberspace).


Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey! Gold was just discovered in Hell!

In the following parable, the salesman is played by 'Big' Al Gore

Not long ago a very talented salesman died and found himself approaching the Pearly Gates. As he drew closer he noticed there was a very long line of people waiting to enter and it wasn’t moving.
Impatient by nature, the salesman pushed his way to the front of the line and confronted a very harried St. Peter. “What’s the hold up,” asked the salesman. “There’s a strike at the pedestal factory and no one may enter Heaven without one,” explained St. Peter. “So, you’ll just have to wait until the strike is settled and they start manufacturing more pedestals.”
That didn’t satisfy the salesman. Always looking to make a deal, he said to St. Peter, “listen, I’m a pretty fair salesman. Let me make you this deal. Let me come into Heaven for just one hour. If I don’t have my own pedestal by that time, I’ll come out and stand in line like everyone else.” St. Peter, happy to get just one person to stop yelling at him, agreed.
So, through the Pearly Gates went the salesman. He saw rows and rows of serene folks standing on their pedestals, happy and content. The salesman walked among the rows until finally he stopped and looked up at one occupant. “Pssst, hey you,” he said. The pedestal occupant looked down and said, “What?” Whispered the salesman, “Don’t tell anyone, but they’ve discovered gold in Hell. No one else knows and it can be yours for the taking.” “Really,” said the occupant. “Sure, go get it,” said the salesman. With that, the occupant jumped off his pedestal and ran down the street. “Well, that was easy,” said the salesman, as he climbed up on the abandoned pedestal. Full Story

OJ Simpson and Barack Obama

Obama and OJ. Two national love affairs.

No, I don't think Obama is another OJ Simpson. The two men could not be more different. It's a common marketing strategy that links them. White guilt and that ache for black vindication were a huge part of OJ's celebrity campaign. That's also what got Obama elected over Hillary and then McCain.
David Axelrod as a PR maven had obviously studied the opinion polls about black celebrities. They knew that a black man who looked and sounded good on TV could roll over the opposition; the media wouldn't dare to examine his background. OJ had demonstrated it, along with Oprah and a hundred other black celebrities.
Whites feel guilty about the historical exclusion of black athletes from professional sports. That history is true, and it was a terrible thing. OJ was a great football player, but he was also hero-worshipped far beyond his talents in a vain attempt to make up for the sins of past. Like Obama, OJ was an inkblot test for the American psyche. Full story

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wars in the Heavens

On Heaven and Earth

Satan has a host of angels at his command. Among the ranks of his confederation of invisible agents are thrones, dominions, principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness. The Bible is clear that there are wars continually going on in the unseen world. Most of those angelic confrontations involve the dominion and control of the nations of this world. It should never be lost on the mind of any Christian or prophecy student that Satan commands a host of demonic armies that tend to dominate international affairs, and seeks to dominate the affairs of every nation. In some nations, he has virtual control, while in other nations his control is limited due to the blessed perpetual fertilization of God’s word. This is just one reason that missionary endeavors around the world are so important. Most of us can recall the iron curtain that descended across the European continent. It symbolized the fact that there are barriers to freedom that can be erected anywhere. Likewise, there is an Islamic curtain that has been erected across much of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. But there also exists barriers and buttresses in the spiritual world that work to obstruct the spirit of God’s truth, and the spreading of the seed of his Gospel. These unseen forces of evil battle daily with the holy angels of God. They also battle to manipulate the governments and leaders of nations. In fact, the day is coming when God will withdraw his restrainer and allow the agents of Satan to gather all nations into the Valley of Decision, Armageddon. (Revelation 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.)
The Prince of Gog?
The sudden appearance of "Gog" in Ezekiel’s text, without any apparent background from any other passages, has puzzled prophecy commentators for centuries. From the context, it is clearly the title of the “leader of the people of the land of Magog.” Still, it seems inconsistent with God's established style to have such a key figure emerge in the text without a linkage of some sort. There is, however, a provocative reference that has been widely overlooked in the Book of Amos. The traditional rendering of Amos 7:1 reads as follows: ("Thus hath the Lord God shewed unto me; and, behold, he formed grasshoppers in the beginning of the shooting up of the latter growth; and, lo, it was the latter growth after the king's mowings." Amos 7:1
Our English Bible takes its translation from the Masoretic text, a 9th century source. However, an earlier translation of the Old Testament into Greek, known as the Septuagint, embodies a different rending of Amos 7:1: "Thus the Lord showed me, and behold a swarm of locusts were coming, and behold, one of the young devastating locusts was Gog, the King." Many eschatological writers assert that Gog is none other than the Antichrist. But the identification of Gog as the king of the locusts would have profound implications. Yet Proverbs 30:7 reveals that "the locusts have no king," implying that the "locusts" of Amos 7 are not intended to be natural locusts, but an idiom for something else. We encounter this theme when we read a similar passage in Revelation chapter nine where locusts are described as having a king, indicating that they are actually demons under the authority of Lucifer.
The passage in Amos 7:1 suggests that Gog is the king of the demon locusts, and this would put an entirely new light on the Gog scenario of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Let's remember that it is not the first time we have heard about demonic forces behind kings and kingdoms.
Consider Daniel chapter ten, where Daniel has prayed and fasted for 21 days, then an Angel appears to him. The Angel comes and tells Daniel that he had been dispatched by God 21 days earlier (when he began his prayer & fast) but was "withstood" by a demonic force that he refers to as, 'The Prince of Persia'. The prince of Persia, was the angel of darkness that represented the Persian world power, to which Israel was then subject. Daniel even goes on to say Michael (the Archangel /one of the Chief Princes) came to help him. He then gives Daniel the visions, and concluded by informing Daniel that he must continue on to contend with another “prince of the power of the air,” 'The Prince of Grecia' (Greece). The Greek empire was another world power that would rise after Persia, but it points out the reality of the fact that there are battles ensuing in the heavens over earthly events! Every nation on earth is involved in a supernatural struggle, and each nation has unseen agents from the angelic world assigned to it.
Daniel 10:10-14 And, behold, an hand touched me, which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands. And he said unto me, O Daniel, a man greatly beloved, understand the words that I speak unto thee, and stand upright: for unto thee am I now sent. And when he had spoken this word unto me, I stood trembling. Then said he unto me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia. Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days: for yet the vision is for many days.
The Prince of Persia
Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
A principality is a powerful ruler, or the principal ruler of someone in absolute authority. The word may refer to human rulers, demonic spirits, angels and demons in general, or any type of ruler other than God Himself.
Daniel 10:15-21 And when he had spoken such words unto me, I set my face toward the ground, and I became dumb. And, behold, one like the similitude of the sons of men touched my lips: then I opened my mouth, and spake, and said unto him that stood before me, O my lord, by the vision my sorrows are turned upon me, and I have retained no strength. For how can the servant of this my lord talk with this my lord? for as for me, straightway there remained no strength in me, neither is there breath left in me. Then there came again and touched me one like the appearance of a man, and he strengthened me, And said, O man greatly beloved, fear not: peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong. And when he had spoken unto me, I was strengthened, and said, Let my lord speak; for thou hast strengthened me. Then said he, Knowest thou wherefore I come unto thee? and now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Grecia shall come. But I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth: and there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince.
So, Iran, or Persia, has been in the center of an unseen warfare from ancient times. Daniel, being highly favored of God was privileged to have God pull back the curtain of history and time and briefly expose Daniel to the wars that continue in Heaven, and that affect events on the Earth. Daniel prayed for Divine insight into the meaning of some prophecies God gave him about the future of his people Israel.
Daniel’s vision reveals the fact that there are mighty fallen angels called demons that influence earthly leaders. And under God's permission, they even control them. The true "Prince of Persia" was able to hinder God’s archangel Gabriel. It was only with the help of the archangel Michael that Gabriel was able to subdue his hindrances. Second, the archangel Michael is said to be the special guardian angel of Daniel and the Israeli people. As it is written, Daniel 12:1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time:
I realize for some of you this may sound a little spooky. But this is the Word of God and it is true. My point is this: Even though God has allowed Israel to be disciplined, their final fate always remains in His hands. God has promised that the nation of Israel will never be destroyed once they return from the worldwide dispersion that began with the Roman holocaust in AD70. And all the powers of darkness cannot change God's promise. Israel was officially reborn May 15, 1948. So even though the modern Persians think they will destroy Israel, God has another surprise in mind for them.
War on Terror Tracks a Trail to Iran and Syria
Although the US war on terror is ostensibly a global war with many allies, and in reality, it is simply an American war on terror. And that is something we’d better get used to. The United Nations is in reality nothing more than a failed humanistic effort. The United Nations that does exist is united only in its opposition to all things Israeli, which, by definition, includes all things American. If there is a single issue over which there is almost no division at the UN, it is the shared view that world peace will never be possible as long as Israel exists. When an anti-Israeli resolution comes before General Assembly, the vote is always the same: the whole world votes in favor, with the United States, Israel, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands opposed. Our ‘closest allies’ at the UN, according to the liberal left, include Germany, France and Russia. With allies like that, who needs enemies? They claim to stand united with America against the terrorists, provided the US doesn’t ask them to do anything except stand. None of them seem particularly interested in doing anything beyond that. Even Russia is going after their own terrorists, but any claims of cross-cooperation are a fantasy, except in cases where it benefits Moscow. America’s global war on terror remains America’s war, despite the very significant contributions from genuine allies like Australia, the UK, Poland and some of the former Eastern European Soviet bloc countries. Even if America survives, they are hoping that it will result in a corresponding reduction of American power and influence, ending what French President Jacques Chirac dubbed the ‘unipolar’ world of American superpower status. If al-Qaeda can successfully cripple America to the degree it is no longer the world’s only superpower, then the task of developing a counter-balance to American global influence becomes that much easier, and fits squarely with prophetic scripture that forecasts the rise of the Antichrist in the European West. As the Bible’s outline for the last days continues to develop, more and more of the Big Picture begins to come into focus. According to Scripture, in the very last days, Israel will face the assembled might of the world’s collective armies alone. (without the protective umbrella of the United States as it presently enjoys) Zechariah writes, “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Consider the historical progression towards that stage thus far, especially since the 1967 reacquisition of Jerusalem by Israel. There is no political potato hotter today than Jerusalem. Every nation that has attempted her destruction was cut to pieces. Israel won all five of her wars by utterly decimating her enemy’s war-making capability. It took years after each attempt for the Arabs to sufficiently rebuild their military capabilities so they could try again. Even with the almost unlimited military aid given the defeated Arab states by the Soviets and Europeans. Zechariah says that all that burden themselves ‘will be cut in pieces,’ allies as well as enemies. America became a target of Islamic terror more for its support of Israel than for any other reason. According to Zechariah, Israel is alone in this final confrontation, under siege by all the people of the earth, there is no mention of an ally standing beside her, apart from God. Zechariah says that; “In that day shall the Lord (not America) defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” In the Big Picture, we can already see the four spheres of global power defined by Scripture assuming their final forms; the reviving Roman Empire, the Gog-Magog alliance, the Kings of the East and the Kings of the South (Islamic Saudi Arabia & North Africa). That pretty much encompasses our erstwhile ‘allies’ in the war on terror who are sitting on the sidelines hoping for an Islamic victory over America.
Prophetic scripture makes no mention of any overarching superpowers in the world resembling the United States, but it does depict one under the authority of the Antichrist based in Europe. Most of the EU lead-states are actually plotting and scheming for the downfall of the US as a superpower, so the EU can amalgamate America under the EU umbrella, and so the EU can emerge as the West’s superpower state to compete against Russia and China for world control. Who will be its leader? The leaders of the EU are already touting the office of the EU Presidency as a replacement for the command status of the American Presidency. We can look for the Antichrist to emerge in this arena, and perhaps very soon. Is it any wonder that the socialist democrats in the American political sphere are so eager to align themselves with supposed allies in Europe, and insist upon the US submitting its Presidential powers for the defense of America to a UN sanctioned litmus test? Why would any American political leader ever concede the power and prestige of the American Presidency? Well, everything in our world today revolves around Israel. Europe is not willing to fight a World War over the security and existence of Israel. Europe and the liberal political establishment will not condone America’s traditional support for Israel, (this is what the war on terror is all about) and they are working in league to change America’s political behavior in regard to the Middle East, to make it conform to a more European worldview, a worldview that does not recognize the Divine sanctity of Israel, (appease the Muslim world) and will therefore be willing to sacrifice Israel up on the alter of Global governance and world peace.
In the midst of all these world geo-political mechanisms stands the Axis of Evil. Iran and Syria stand poised to bring the entire world to the precipice of nuclear war. The prince of Persia is assisting all the other princes of darkness in many other nations within the Luciferic conspiracy to oppose the Prince of Peace. - Darrell G. Young

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can you wait 3 1/2 years for Obama?

A time, two times, and half a time - 42 months - 3 1/2 years, that's how much time left in Obama's term as president. Do you speak out against him via the birth certificate flap or just let God work His Will?

Rep. Posey is wrong in saying there is nothing that can be done about Obama's eligibility question until his first four years are up.
It is a sad day in America when the politicians in Washington don't have enough intestinal fortitude to demand that Obama show his long-form birth certificate now, not four years from now.
As fast as Obama and his cronies are moving right now to destroy capitalism and America as we know it, in four years we may be so far down the path of a dictatorial nation that there won't be an opportunity to remove this usurper from office.
It is my humble opinion that because Obama shows absolutely no fear of being removed from office he knows that in four years he will have totally taken over the government in such a way that all opposition to him will have been silenced.
Why do you think they are trying to silence talk radio, pass laws that forbid citizens to own guns, trying to pass laws that will silence citizens from speaking out against Obama's agenda and allowing ACORN to continue to operate with Obama's blessings?
We may not have four years in which to remove this usurper from office. Now is the time to stand up, speak out and continue demanding that Obama prove he is a natural born citizen of the U.S.(or just let it be?) Field

The Future Belongs to Israel

''What about that bizarre pro-Muslim president? That a man long associated with anti-American malcontents and scoundrels, a man who, according to Islamic law is a Muslim—and, so far as we know, he may not even be an American—that this man was elected president of the United States signifies that democratic politics is intellectually and morally bankrupt and that America—short of a spiritual revolution—is approaching its nadir as a Judeo-Christian nation.''

Israel is rotting in politics. So must it be before Israel’s eventual ascendancy as a light unto the nations. The seed must rot before the flower emerges.
One does not have to be a political scientist to smell the odor of politics. Political scientists merely affirm the commonplace when they define politics as a struggle for power, a lust for self-aggrandizement. We all know that this lust is couched in honorific terms, like “democracy” or “peace” or the “common good.” We know that politicians manipulate the unwary, mislead them by spin or misleading language—even outright mendacity. We see this in America, we see this in Israel.
Although democracy doesn’t have a monopoly of disinformation, money and the mass media have trashed Jeffersonian democracy, which was supposed to foster reason and rational debate. America has lost its bearings. What about Israel?
Unlike America, founded on Judeo-Christian ideas and values, Israel was founded on a truncated form of Zionism—“secular” Zionism. But Zionism can’t be secular without eviscerating original “Zion,” which involves three interrelated ideas: (1) the People of Israel, (2) the Land of Israel, and, most emphatically (3) the Torah of Israel. This third idea had no role in the reestablishment of the State of Israel. It may well be argued that the founders of the state, who wanted to create a “new Jew,” wanted to relegate Judaism not merely to the home and the synagogue, but to the dust heap of history.
Indeed, if Israel had as its leaders, when the Second Temple was destroyed, secular Zionists like David Ben-Gurion, Shimon Peres, and Binyamin Netanyahu, the Jewish people would have become as extinct as the dodo. No serious person will dispute the fact—affirmed even by Ben-Gurion—that it was the Torah that preserved the Jewish people during two thousand years of dispersion, torture, and decimation.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Obamedia, Obamanoids and God

Several recent media criticisms are worth reading, including Charles Krauthammer, Andrew Ferguson, and Noemie Emery. The three together offer witty and piercing commentaries on how enraptured vast regions of the media are with Barack Obama.
These comments should be seen in the context of John Harwood’s
interview earlier this week with Obama. Harwood told the president that “media critics would say not only has it not come, but that you have gotten such favorable press — either because of bias or because you’re good box office — that it’s hurting the country, because you’re not being sufficiently held accountable for your policies.” Obama responded by saying, “it’s very hard for me to swallow that one. First of all, I’ve got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration.” Harwood responded, “I assume you’re talking about Fox.” To which Obama said, “Well, that’s a pretty big megaphone. And you’d be hard-pressed, if you watched the entire day, to find a positive story about me on that front.”
This exchange is revealing on several fronts. First, it demonstrates that Obama — who is (literally) compared to God by some journalists, who sends a thrill up the leg of others, and who causes reporters and editors to weep and choke up with emotion in simply thinking about The One — apparently believes he deserves worshipful coverage across the board; when he doesn’t receive it, he views it as a grave injustice. It warrants a stronger response from him than, say, the repression of freedom in Iran.
Second, it tells us something about Fox, which is willing to “speak truth to power” even when power comes in the form of a liberal, urbane, handsome, and sophisticated figure. There are a few other reporters here and there who take their journalistic duties seriously when it comes to Obama. But for the most part the media is, as Krauthammer said, so in the tank they ought to get scuba gear.

Call For National Independent Commission on Immigration

“Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide, but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all--ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.” --Dr. Otis Graham
Let’s face it! All forms of immigration in 2009 destroy the foundation of the United States of America. Immigration overwhelms our environment, infrastructure, culture and language.
Immigration cannot and must not continue at its present clip of over 2.4 million annually. We cannot keep up with it. We cannot afford it. We cannot withstand it. We cannot cope with it. We will not survive it.
While U.S. citizens wobble, stagger and clutch for their fading language, culture and viable society—our government force-feeds 138,000 immigrants into this nation every 30 days. Another 100,000 illegal criminal migrants stampede our borders every month. Most cannot speak English, most do not possess marketable skills, most live on taxpayer welfare and most come from poverty stricken third world countries.
They create a new ‘sub-class’ of poverty entrenching itself into the heartland and cities of America. While they arrive from an endless line, 32.2 million American subsist on food stamps. Another 15 million Americans suffer unemployment. Over 13 million American children live under the poverty line.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jender confusion, confusion delusion

I am going to quit. That’s right. I am going to have to quit trying to be something that I am not. My frustration hit a new high today and I decided that it is time for me to come out of the closet. It’s the confusion. I just can’t take all of the confusion. I’m tired of trying to hide who I really am just to please others. In order to be what everyone is telling me I need to be it would take the complete denial of everything rational. I was born this way, and as much as I would like to change, and as much as I would like to please others, I can know longer live like this. Even though I have received classes on tolerance, diversity, and cultural sensitivity, my brain just is impossible to wash. Two plus two equals four, A + B = C, and male + female + baby = family. I am hopefully lost, beyond redemption, and un-affected by indoctrination. Maybe I will get some peace when I finally admit who I really am. So, here goes. I am a God-fearing, closed minded, clear thinking, Bible believing, evidence demanding, analytical, out-spoken, observer of society, who has come to the realization that I am not the one who is confused. (Ah! Catharsis!) Most of you suffer from the same disorder, you just don’t realize it. We are purposely being confused by the confused. That’s right. Our citizenry is receiving a cultural lobotomy as we watch the confused media, parade confused experts into our living rooms, to confuse us on the meaning of things of which there should be no confusion. The same experts who said homosexuality was a mental illness now say it is not. It is merely a disorder…like a messy office, or bedroom, or children being out of alphabetical order when they line up to go to lunch. Disorder. Let’s take the issue of “gender confusion.” I am going to lay out a few questions and I want you to tell me where I am missing it, or see if I am the only one who is really confused. Chastity Bono, the once innocent daughter of Sonny and Cher, announced to the world two decades ago that she was a lesbian. Now if I understand lesbianism, (that’s impossible) according to the experts it is a condition where women are sexually/emotionally attracted to other women. “Same-sex attraction” is the term they give it. (I guess that sounds better than dyke.) But the experts were confused and decided instead that it was a lifestyle. But not just a lifestyle, like skiing at Aspen or spending $250,000 on a date in New York, but an inborn, inherent, immutable, born-that-way-characteristic. (One chooses a lifestyle, but not one’s gender, so how can homosexuality be a “lifestyle”?) Up until the mid-seventies psychiatric experts classified homosexuality as a “mental illness.” Today the call it Gender Identity Disorder. I guess a “disorder” is not an illness, even though the definition of mental illness says it is. Change the words, change the world. Homosexuality is not an illness, it is a disorder. Look at this list of illnesses (oops! I mean disorders.) So I guess one is born with Eating Disorders that cannot be changed. (Thank goodness! I can get off of this diet.) I wonder which “experts” determine which disorders can be changed and which ones can’t. After years of public indoctrination I thought I finally had it figured out. Lesbians were women who loved women and “chose” to live out their natural affinity for humans with breasts and vaginas. They were sort of like short people who were forced to play basketball. Making them engage in an activity (heterosexuality) that goes against their natural inclination would be like forcing Danny DeVito to play in the NBA. His body was designed to drink in excess because he is so much closer to the floor when he passes out. If we love him we should tolerate Danny living the way God created him. He has a “drinking disorder.” We all know that it is impossible for drunks to quit drinking. (Experts are vigorously looking for the alcoholic gene.) So, in an effort to be a good Christian I had come to the point where I accepted Chastity’s lesbianism. I figured that anyone who had an in-her-sixties mother still parading on stage in a thong deserved a break. But when she announced last week that she was no longer a lesbian and was trading in her vagina for a penis I was forced to admit that she gave new meaning to one of her mom’s biggest hits. You see, Chastity will no longer be Chastity the lesbian, but Chaz the artificial man. That’s right. All of this time her gender confusion has confused her and now she realizes that she has been living a lie. She wasn’t really a lesbian, but a Sonny trapped in a Cher’s body. A little plastic surgery, a shave and a haircut, and she’ll have you, Babe. The gender experts tell us it is perfectly normal and that anyone who would question it is not normal but hateful, judgmental and intolerant. But here is where the confusion trips me up. When Chastity is finished with the sausage maker will she/he be a man or a lesbian in a man’s body? If she truly has same-sex attraction will she now all of the sudden start hanging out in the bath houses with the boys? If she currently has a significant other, who is a lesbian, does the significant other now become a heterosexual because Chastity is now Chaz? Or, do we just call them both bi-sexuals….or are they something new…say…tri-sexuals…loving men, women, and men who used to be women. I’m sorry, but I’m confused.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hatched, not Born?

The End of Civilization, Capitalism and Yes US

In 1954, after a lifetime of serious theoretical work in economic science, Mises turned his attention to one of the great puzzles of all time: discovering why the intellectuals hate capitalism.

One of the consequences of interventionism, according to Mises is "a return to barbarism." While things have not gone so far as the generation of total chaos or barbarism, this has been evident in the experiments with totalitarianism and hyperpopulism in Asia, Europe, and Latin America in the 20th century.
I fear that we are seeing this in the United States. The change is slow, incremental, and difficult to notice, but we can trace some of the increasing divisions in the world to state action that pit brother against brother and friend against friend. Increasing global integration occurs in spite of state efforts to divide us. Rhetoric about "working together" and understanding our common responsibilities to one another is superficially appealing, but it is fundamentally divisive. Embedded in these statements are assumptions about who is to serve and who is to be served and assumptions about who is to produce and who is to consume. It necessarily assumes a class of predators and a class of prey — or perhaps a more apt metaphor would be a class of parasites and a class of hosts. It does not recognize the fundamental and ennobling effects of capitalism.
Is the entrepeneurial class a new plutocracy? Bourgeois riches come from customer service. Aristocratic riches are expropriated (p. 5). Aristocracy rests on intrinsic value whereas capitalism rests on the exchange of value for value. One's relationship with the strongman under capitalism is of limited value. In medieval Europe, people attained ranks of privilege not by providing value but by attaching themselves to people who were victorious in war (Mises 1956 [1994]:6–7).
In a society based on caste and status, the individual can ascribe adverse fate to conditions beyond his own control. He is a slave because the superhuman powers that determine all becoming had assigned him this rank. It is not his doing, and there is no reason for him to be ashamed of his humbleness. … [In capitalism,] everybody's station in life depends on his own doing. (p. 9)
Mises explains anticapitalism as an element of the psychology of envy:
Everybody's self-reliance and moral equilibrium are undermined by the spectacle of those who have given proof of greater abilities and capacities. Everybody is aware of his own defeat and insufficiency. (p. 10)
This isn't legitimately actionable. In the hyperjargon of welfare economics, it isn't clear that we should weight envy in the social-welfare function.

The real reason kids leave the church

While the statistics may very well be based on valid survey methodology, Ken Ham's conclusions miss the mark. Children do not leave the church because of the way Sunday school is taught. They leave because of the way their teachers, pastors, elders and parents live.
While it is correct that "... today's youth find it hard to see a connection between what they are taught in church and what they learn at school," it does not logically follow that the problem is simply a failure to teach apologetics. The real issue is that there is very little observable difference between the way most Christians and non-believers live.
Parents are on their second and third marriages; Dad cheats on his taxes and is addicted to porn; Mom is having an affair and hiding a drinking problem, and on and on. It's not that the kids aren't taught to defend their beliefs. It's that the beliefs have no impact on their lives and do not appear to be relevant.
On the issue of biblical authority, young earth, six-24-day creationism has done as much to undermine that as anything. The church has never had a monolithic view of how to interpret Genesis. I highly recommend Augustine's "Literal Interpretation of Genesis" for an alternative view of the days of creation. There are others as well, all easily within the bounds of orthodox Christianity.
Steve Mittelstaedt

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Word on Citizenship

A Word on Citizenship

It's been many years since I've been able to sing The Star Spangled Banner without choking up. Given the opportunity to do it today, I doubt I could actually enunciate the words for weeping. America is sinking fast. Chuck Missler, in his new DVD,
Twilight's Last Gleaming, says, "America is in moral freefall. We are victims of spiritual warfare." Only too true. How did this happen? For that answer, I refer you to Jan's recent radio program with Brannon Howse (you simply must hear this broadcast!!!), where they discuss cultural and political Marxism and how it snuck into our country many years ago. It explains a lot. Brannon also points to a period in Israel's history when the sins of the nation became so abhorrent to God that He told the prophet Jeremiah, "Therefore do not pray for this people, nor lift up a cry or prayer for them, nor make intercession to Me; for I will not hear you" (Jer. 7:16). Has America become this abhorrent to Almighty God? We cannot know the mind of God, but Romans 1:18-32 shows a series of judgments that God will bring to a society that forsakes Him. John MacArthur expertly clarifies this passage in his sermon, When God Abandons a Nation. A glance at your favorite news source these days will confirm that our country is well down this path of destruction. We are not only in moral decline, but headed toward political, financial, and social ruin. Our founding fathers, though saddened by this turn of events, would have gravely nodded their heads at what is taking place in America today. Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift from God? That they are not to be violated, but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever." Jack Kelley, founder of www.gracethrufaith.com, recently wrote an excellent article about this very thing. The title of the article stings a bit, but the truth in the text is beyond question. In it Jack says: "According to no less an authority than our President (and he's right) America is not a Christian nation. The only connection between God and America today is that a bunch of us who believe in Him happen to live here. . . . America is a secular gentile nation that will soon be no more comfortable a home for the church than pre-war Germany was for the Jews." When I think of my beloved America, I grieve. But God has recently made poignant to me this truth: I am not a citizen of this country. I am an ambassador to this country and a citizen of another. So are you if you are a child of God by faith in Jesus Christ! Paul told the Philippians, "For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ" (Phil. 3:20). Can you, today, get your mind around that concept? If you can, it will make a world of difference in how you view the news, how you respond to the dangers of our world, and how you look to the future.

We are actually commanded to set our mind on things above (
Col. 3:1-3; but also Matt. 6:33), not on things on the earth. Now would be a very good time to recognize and obey this command! Thinking of myself as an ambassador does three things for me. First of all, it gives perspective to the freefall that America is in. I am still saddened, because I've lived here a long time and America has been a wonderful place to reside. But America isn't really home, so I find that I'm often looking at all that is going on with a kind of emotional/spiritual detachment. Secondly, it reminds me that I have a job to do and that I may not have much longer to get it done! Our "special and temporary diplomatic assignment" (from Webster's definition of "ambassador") is to introduce as many people to the Lord Jesus Christ as possible (II Cor. 5:20). Lastly, as I see all that is happening around me, I anticipate being recalled to my Home Country! There are many reasons for an ambassador to be recalled, not the least of which is the anticipation of a declaration of war. One day -- perhaps very soon -- war will be declared on this earth (Rev. 6:4ff), but before that takes place, the Lord's ambassadors will be recalled to Heaven! So what do we do with all the horrible events that are swirling around us which seem to spell the demise of our beloved America? We pray (Eph. 6:18), we witness to others of the love of God in sending his Son (Matt. 28:18-20), we encourage one another (Heb. 10:24-25), and we look forward to going Home to the City God has prepared for us (Heb. 11:16; Rev. 21:2, and 21:9 -- 22:3). We have no idea how great it's going to be to be Home (I Cor. 2:9)! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

FoxNews Supports SciFi Fantasy Religion

Travolta and Cruise deny pushing for the dismissal of entertainment reporter In a conspiracy as contorted as the plot of one of their action movies, Tom Cruise and John Travolta have been accused of persuading Rupert Murdoch's Fox News to sack an influential entertainment journalist who had a history of criticising the Church of Scientology.
Roger Friedman, who was dismissed in April after a decade covering the TV channel's Hollywood beat, announced yesterday that he intended to sue his former employer for wrongful termination, claiming that they fired him so that Cruise and Travolta would sign on to future Fox movie projects.
The lawsuit, which Friedman bullishly described as a "slam-dunk," promises to shed light on the close ties between powerful Scientologists and film studios that rely on their co-operation to get expensive movies off the ground. It is due to be filed in Manhattan later this week.
Cruise and Travolta have formally denied any connection to the sacking and Fox insists that the journalist was dismissed for writing a column on his "411" blog which encouraged readers to download an illegally pirated version of the 20th Century Fox blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
In an interview with the New York Daily News, Friedman, who was a regular talking head on Fox News and wrote a blog on its website that was read by more than 50 million people, claimed that the official grounds were an elaborate cover story.
Though he was formally given the heave-ho for "promoting piracy" the journalist claims he was actually sacked to help Fox build stronger links with the Church of Scientology, of whom he had been a longstanding critic.
At the time of Friedman's dismissal, Fox was involved in protracted (and subsequently successful) negotiations to hire Cruise to appear in the forthcoming romantic comedy Wichita, alongside Cameron Diaz.
Friedman, now at The Hollywood Reporter, also claimed that Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, had earlier attempted to get him fired last August after they became involved in a heated argument at the funeral of a mutual friend, the late actor and soul singer Isaac Hayes. After bumping into Preston (who, like Hayes and her husband, is a fervent Scientologist) Friedman said he was loudly berated for criticising Scientology in his column. "She called me a religious bigot," Friedman says.
Later, Friedman alleges, Preston orchestrated a meeting between senior Fox executives Roger Ailes and John Moody and the communications department of the Church of Scientology in an effort to have his longstanding criticisms of the church and its most prominent members reined in.
Though Friedman has yet to produce any factual evidence beyond his own recollection to back up his version of his sacking in April, he does appear to have been hard done by. The column for which he was sacked was read and approved by at least four of his superiors.
"It's outrageous that Rupert Murdoch made a decision to fire Roger after four of Roger's editors and superiors reviewed his column and found it very good," said Friedman's attorney, Martin Garbus.
"In falsely claiming Roger engaged in piracy, they attempted to destroy the reputation of a fine journalist. I've seen how Scientology intimidates even the most powerful media. That seems to be what happened here."
Asked about the specifics of Friedman's allegations, Fox News declined to comment, while an attorney for Cruise said it was "utterly false" that the actor had sought his dismissal.
Preston's lawyer, Martin Singer, said that Friedman's claim was "absurd and ridiculous".
"He was terminated just days after [his Wolverine column]. It is outrageous to try to blame my client ... on the basis of something that supposedly took place eight months earlier."
Friedman on Scientology: 'Believing in this means believing in aliens'
* "One possible theory for why the careers of Scientologists tend to go south is that the famous actors, such as Jenna Elfman or Juliette Lewis, 'get so involved in thinking only they can save the world' that the sect overwhelms them ... John Travolta has headlined a series of flops."
* "[Tom Cruise] is so consumed by Scientology at this point that he seems to have no awareness of the ridicule he's subject to ... Cruise is totally subsumed into the Hubbard world."
* "To believe in this religion means also subscribing to a belief in aliens, for one thing. And by aliens I mean creatures from other planets and galaxies ... [Looking at] the history of Scientology inventor L Ron Hubbard, one can only conclude that Cruise and Travolta share these same ideals."
* "Katie Holmes' parents must be beside themselves since their daughter joined the group."
* "Scientology is notable for recruiting stars at low points in their careers or personal lives, preying on uncertainty, instability or just plain fear by promising to fix life issues."