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Friday, April 30, 2010

Keith Olbermann: Still a Sophomoric Boor

Keith Olbermann on Thursday mocked the Southern drawl of Alabama's Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James. Last week, James released a new ad claiming that if he's elected governor, drivers license exams will only be written in English rather than the twelve languages currently available for Alabama residents. The commercial ended, "Maybe it's the businessman in me, but we'll save money, and it makes sense. Does it to you?" Original Article

Terminating the United States

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would love to run for president — if he could. California's actor-turned-governor was born in Austria and the U.S. Constitution prevents foreign-born citizens from holding the nation's top job. Jay Leno asked Schwarzenegger on "The Tonight Show" Thursday if he would make a White House run if the law was changed. Schwarzenegger replied, "Without any doubt." Original Article

Left Turn: Fight Arizona's misguided immigration law

Through the 19th and 20th Centuries and now into the 21st -- just look at what's happened in Arizona -- demonizing and harassing immigrants has displayed a mean streak in the American dream. An Arizona Legislature dominated by crazies -- they're birthers, they've allowed people to pack concealed weapons into restaurants, and axed a health insurance program for poor kids -- has just made it a crime to be an illegal immigrant in the Grand Canyon State. Law enforcement officers are now required to demand papers from anyone they suspect to be in the country illegally.
Original Article

Arizona, Screwed by the Media

Whenever I’d watch old WWII movies and saw the occupying Nazi soldiers demand papers from French citizens I’d think how lucky we are that here in America we don’t have to be subjected to this treatment. Since the Arizona governor signed an immigration law, Democrats and their fellow alarmists in the MSM are desperately trying to equate it with Nazism and the civil rights abuse of Hispanics.
As a Hispanic I recognize this ploy for what it is- a desperate attempt to incite militant Hispanic groups into protesting Arizona and liberals into boycotting the state. Why, you may ask? Because if what Arizona did spreads to the entire country, the Democrats are toast. And their media pals know this. Original Article

From containable to a crisis

Suddenly, everything changed. For days, as an oil spill spread in the Gulf of Mexico, BP assured the government the plume was manageable, not catastrophic. Federal authorities were content to let the company handle the mess while keeping an eye on the operation. But then government scientists realized the leak was five times larger than they had been led to believe, and days of lulling statistics and reassuring words gave way Thursday to an all-hands-on-deck emergency response. Now questions are sure to be raised about a self-policing system that trusted a commercial operator to take care of its own mishap Original Article

Palin goes personal in Texas

Temporarily shelving her feisty political persona, Sarah Palin instead offered personal glimpses into her life as a mother and grandmother Thursday night as she called for a "culture of life" that embraces alternatives to abortion. After a praise-filled introduction by Gov. Rick Perry, the former Alaska governor recalled the concern that gripped her family when her son Trig was diagnosed before birth with Down syndrome.
Original Article

Uncle Sam, Big Brother and personal checking

It’s amazing to watch the civil libertarians hide when Democrats propose the most sweeping intrusions of privacy in generations. In addition to the litany of bad policies contained in the Dodd Financial Reform bill is this nugget on pages 1039-1040. In short, it extends government reach to every deposit account of every citizen. Subtitle G of the Dodd discussion draft bill requires that records be maintained and reported “for each branch, automated teller machine at which deposits are accepted, and other deposit taking service facility with respect to any financial institution...
Original Article

Hillary Clinton's Abortion Grenade

The culture war is breaking out in American foreign policy. And the main culture warrior is not a ranting televangelist but America's secretary of state. Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, as host of June's Group of Eight meeting in Ontario, has been preparing an initiative to reduce maternal mortality in poor nations. At first, his government implied that neither contraception nor abortion would be part of the proposal. Under pressure, Harper's foreign affairs minister later clarified that the plan "doesn't deal with abortion" but that "it doesn't exclude contraception."
Original Article

Is Obama fomenting a race war?

President Obama is inciting racial division. He rightly fears that the Democrats will suffer huge losses in November's midterm congressional elections. Republicans are within reach of retaking control of the House of Representatives. Even the Senate may be in play. His party's grip on power is threatened - and with it, Mr. Obama's radical socialist agenda. Fear breeds desperation. Hence, Mr. Obama is resorting to the worst kind of demagoguery: playing the race card. In a video to Democrats, the president embraced identity politics; black, Hispanic and female voters are to be courted at the expense of white middle-class America.
Original Article

THE Peace Plan: Israeli victory

My peace plan:An Israeli victory
Daniel Pipes: Mideast conflict 'will be resolved only when one side gives up'

Obama Two Heads

Left Turn: Can global warming give you kidney stones?

Can global warming give you kidney stones?
Kate Sheppard cites health consequences of increasing temperatures

35 years after fall of Saigon

35 years after fall of Saigon
Exclusive: Richard Botkin deciphers lessons from 'misreported, misremembered' history

Strikingly unpresidential

Strikingly unpresidential
David Limbaugh: Barack Obama 'mocks and ridicules almost for sport'

Arbor Day: Junk science and pagan worship

Arbor Day: Junk science and pagan worship
Exclusive: Brian Sussman counters enviros over how trees feel about CO2

No Fool, Obama is Cold and Calculating

Obama is very easy to figure out. Just look at his compromising associations during his entire, paper thin career. Observe that he taught ACORN workers from his favorite play book, 'Rules for Radicals' which is dedicated to Lucifer in the front cover......yes indeed. Isn't that inspiring? In Obama's world, big Government and him are co-gods of control.
As communists think, Obama wants control of all of us from cradle to grave. The trick of any wanna be dictator is to ride in on the white horse first...seduce the people by attending to contrived and manipulated needs, i.e. health care, jobs and security. As you are acting as the 'Change messiah' and 'Father Christmas,' you develop fans who are 'Stepford wives.' They will march in lock step and start ignoring the real evidence and elephants running through the room. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HITLER DID TO GET VOTED IN, THEN SEDUCE AND DISTRACT A NATION, WHILE INVENTING ENEMIES TO DESTROY. Many German fans, young and old were robotically obedient, thinking they were doing the right thing. A nation was destroyed and millions were slaughtered.
You know the rest of the story unless of course you are the President of Iran. I CALL ON ALL OF YOU TO REWRITE THE STORY BEING FORCED UPON US BY THIS CONGRESS AND ADMINISTRATION. Get boldly involved with the Tea Parties; Get behind the REAL conservatives running for any local, state and federal office; Fax congress on a variety of issues at www/faxdc.com. Put the pressure in their faces.

Catholic church encourages illegal immigration

Why do Catholic officials want to encourage illegal immigration? The answer is quite simple. Most of the illegal aliens are Catholics. Plus, the church makes lots of government money by hosting and serving the immigrants.
The controversy over Arizona’s immigration law should be used to highlight the shameful role of the Roman Catholic Church in facilitating the foreign invasion of the U.S. This scandal deserves as much attention as the seemingly never-ending cases of sexual child abuse involving priests.
In a major embarrassment for followers of the U.S. Catholic Church, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles compared Arizona’s new law to “German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques.” He actually wrote this on his personal blog, under the headline, “Arizona’s Dreadful Anti-Immigrant Law.”
Mahony is described by the Los Angeles Times as “a nationally influential figure who heads the nation’s largest Roman Catholic archdiocese with 4.3 million members.” In other words, he is not a fringe player. Indeed, he is typical of Catholic Church leaders. http://www.newswithviews.com/Kincaid/cliff411.htm

State of Arizona: Right on and solid

Open borders advocates are livid that the State of Arizona has enacted a new law authorizing State law enforcement personnel to arrest illegal aliens. The Reverend Al Sharpton is threatening to march. The mayor of San Francisco has declared Arizona off limits as a travel destination. The national government of Mexico has issued travel warnings. President Barack Obama is contemplating bringing a federal lawsuit against the State. Some are calling for a boycott of the State.
So, why all the fuss?
The State of Arizona is rightly sick and tired of the federal government's refusal to protect our nation (and the State of Arizona specifically) from this foreign invasion that is commonly referred to as "illegal immigration." In other words, the State of Arizona has said, "If the federal government won't enforce the law, we will." I say, good for them! Now, the other border states (Texas, New Mexico, and California) should do the same thing. Arizona has it right, and the vast majority of the American people know it.
As an aside, if you are considering a visit to the American Southwest this summer, why not support the brave legislators and governor of Arizona, and make a point to spend your leisure dollars in Arizona? And when you do, write a letter to the State capitol and tell them. Even more importantly, I suggest that everyone contact their own State representatives, senators, and governors, and urge them to enact a similar law--to the one Arizona passed--in your State. http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin586.htm

How to free the Iranian people

How to free the Iranian people
Exclusive: Larry Klayman rips Obama for Carteresque appeasement of Islamic regime

The Forgotten Man

The Forgotten Man
Exclusive: Robert Ringer explains what realization bonds today's tea partiers

Waxman and Obama: Partners in crime

Waxman and Obama: Partners in crime
Exclusive: Burt Prelutsky ridicules congressman's shnoz, labels prez an anti-Semite

A message from the Arizona tourism bureau

A message from the Arizona tourism bureau
Exclusive: Joseph Farah turns Obama's 'it's not fair' comment about illegals back on him

Left Turn: Arizona: Brown skins need not apply

Arizona: Brown skins need not apply
Bill Press urges boycott of state over new immigration-enforcement law

Stand up for Arizona

Stand up for Arizona
Pat Buchanan calls on conservatives not to go PC over state's immigration law

Tell establishment media a dog died on the border

Tell establishment media a dog died on the border
Exclusive: Ilana Mercer asserts 'Arizona is doing the work Washington doesn't want done'

Arizona is right to defend

Arizona is right to defend against foreign invasion
Exclusive: Alan Keyes says Constitutionallows for state's crackdown on illegals

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We the People: Sedition is Constitutional

Sedition is constitutional
John Griffing: 'We do not owe the president or ... Congress unquestioning loyalty'

Profiling A-Z: Derecho peligro

Left Turn: Raise taxes, alter entitlements

Raise taxes, alter entitlements
Rep. Steny Hoyer: 'Barack Obama ... showed his seriousness about fiscal restrain'

The long march to destroy Israel

The Gramscian method is now being attempted as a means of undermining and eventually destroying the state of Israel. All of this would of course be moot if the speedier Bolshevik approach employed by Iran under Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah and Hamas proxies firing missiles and their development of a nuclear bomb is successful.

Well-meaning liberals, including an increasing number of pro-Israel Jewish liberals, are incrementally moving away from believing in Zionism as a moral and ethical force in the same way the Gramscians of previous generations gradually moved liberals away from free-market democracy. Zionism, it should be stated, is the national aspirations of the Jewish people in the modest state of Israel, nothing more and nothing less.

The long march to destroy Israel
Exclusive: Chuck Morse sees both Gramscian, Bolshevik strategies at work in Mideast

ODSD: Obama Double Standard Disease

ODSD: Obama Double Standard Disease
Larry Elder diagnoses media malady not covered by president's health-care law

Why all the hate?

I keep six honest serving men(They taught me all I knew);Their names are What and Why and WhenAnd How and Where and Who ...
– Rudyard Kipling

Why all the hate?
Exclusive: Craige McMillan targets choice-limiting leftists who call names

Adam ate one apple, Eve baked the pie

Steve Jobs' flying monkeys
Exclusive: Phil Elmore looks askance at Apple's response to 'lost' iPhone incident

Obama Red: "The Manchurian President"

President Obama has deep ties to an anti-American extremist nexus that has been instrumental not only in building his political career but in crafting current White House policy, charges a new book.
"The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and other Anti-American Extremists," is set officially to be released Monday.
The book exposes an extremist coalition of communists, socialists and other radicals working both inside and outside the administration to draft and advance current White House policy goals.
With more than 800 citations, the brand-new, autographed title from WND senior reporter Aaron Klein bills itself as the most exhaustive investigation ever performed into Obama's political background and radical ties. Klein's co-author is historian and researcher Brenda J. Elliott.


Obama and the Press: The diddle fiddle is over

President Obama’s approach to the press: love ‘em and leave ‘em. Except he never did much loving, and now that the newlywed phase has petered out, the press is questioning its own infatuation with the Oval Office dweller. That’s typified by Obama’s joke at a White House correspondence dinner last year that “most of you covered me” and “all of you voted for me.” The press corps was not amused. And the antagonism has only grown over time, as explained in an expansive Politico story on the Obama administration’s ill treatment of the media. Original Article

Obama doesn't take the nuking of Tel Aviv serious enough

The Obama administration is pressing Congress to provide an exemption from Iran sanctions to companies based in "cooperating countries," a move that likely would exempt Chinese and Russian concerns from penalties meant to discourage investment in Iran. The Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act is in a House-Senate conference committee and is expected to reach President Obama's desk by Memorial Day. "It's incredible the administration is asking for exemptions, under the table and winking and nodding, before the legislation is signed into law," Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida Republican and a conference committee member, said in an interview. Original Article

Pressing: Mile high audience with the King

President Obama made a rare appearance in the back of Air Force One to chat with reporters on Wednesday. The president, who does not often chat with his “press pool,” came back ostensibly to share the news that he was congratulating Republicans and Democrats for moving a financial regulation bill to the senate floor. But then he stayed and took five questions. For nine minutes. Members of the often-complaining press corps were besides themselves with excitement, putting away the chicken parmigiana they were eating to talk to the president. Original Article

Obama could have checked 'white'

I have always considered Barack Obama to be biracial, and I had hoped that his election would help our country move beyond the tired concept of race. Unfortunately, the president is not getting with my program. Although I knew Obama self-identifies as African American, I was disappointed when I read that that's what he checked on his census form. The federal government, finally heeding the desires of multiracial people to be able to accurately define themselves, had changed the rules in 2000, so he could have also checked white. Original Article

Fox News now THE mainstream media

Fox News Channel which evokes the ire of liberals across the country has just finished first among cable news channels for the 100th consecutive month. From FishbowlDC The gang at FNC has to be pleased. The network rolls in at #1 for 100 consecutive months in total viewership, according to Nielsen Media Research. This includes Primetime and Total Day news programming. FNC also secured nine out of the top 10 programs in cable news for April in total viewers. Here's the pecking order of the top five: 1. Bill O'Reilly 2. Glenn Beck 3. Sean Hannity 4. Bret Baier 5. Greta Van Susteren Original Article

Obama in Arizona

Alien invasion will destroy America - Soon

To save yourself and your family, join the largest organization to stop mass immigration where your input counts and makes impact: www.NumbersUSA.com with over one million members and we need 10 million members! In particular, watch the 14 minute video by Roy Beck “Immigration by the Numbers” on the website. It will profoundly help you understand our predicament and how to change course. In California, www.capsweb.org with Dr. Diana Hull.
NBC anchor Brian Williams reported two weeks ago that 20 million Americans suffer unemployment or underemployment. ABC’s Diane Sawyer reported on millions of Americans being foreclosed on their mortgages. Katie Couric at CBS told us that the ‘recovery’ sees only 95,000 jobs created monthly. Little known and not reported by any of the top news networks, a whopping 35 million Americans subsist on food stamps. Over 13.4 million American children live below the poverty line and go to bed hungry every night.
You may engage this sobering number into the equation. With the harsh aforementioned paragraph, nonetheless, every thirty days, our U.S. Congress imports 150,000 to 180,000 legal immigrants as well as allows illegal alien migrants to cross into our country without warrant. Total: 1.5 to 2.0 million new people added to this country, give or take a few thousand, annually. http://www.newswithviews.com/Wooldridge/frosty565.htm

Do you think like a Christian or a humanist?

My friend Mark had a conversation with a pastor last week regarding my candidacy. The pastor acknowledged my courage, respected my commitment to Christ, and believed my “positions” were in direct line with the Holy Scriptures. But he thought I was “too radical.” He said a more “moderate” Christian would be more effective in breaking “gridlock.” (I am not making this up.) He was afraid I might do something to make “Christians look bad.”
“Lukewarm.” That is what I told Mark. That is exactly why we are in the mess we are in. Our Christian leadership believes that the Gospel is too radical. What they are doing flies in the face of Christ’s clear admonition against moderate, lukewarm, Christianity.
Most of America’s “men of the cloth” make Jesus want to puke. They are leading the sheep to slaughter.
All across this nation church’s are supporting “moderate” Christians who have climbed the political ladder by making sure that their lukewarm Christianity did not get in the way of the approval from the political hacks who select our candidates for us. That is why “pro-life” congressman, can attend “pro-life” churches, where “pro-life” congregants vote into office those who will not stand up for “pro-life” babies.
It is enough to make a guy barf.
Is it just me, or shouldn’t our leadership be “radical” for Christ? Shouldn’t they be supporting and promoting “radical” Christians? Shouldn’t lukewarm, moderate-Christian candidates make them want to puke as well? http://www.newswithviews.com/Daubenmire/dave192.htm

Indictment of Racist Tea Parties

Responding to Leonard Pitts Jr.'s Indictment of Racist Tea Parties
In my
last writing I heartily revealed that my experience at the Tea Party filled me with hope for America. I meant it. I thought the spirit of the Tea Party was the most America-healing event I had ever witnessed. A couple of days later I read an opinion piece in the local paper by the syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. In his column "Tea Party Anger Has Racial Tone" Mr. Pitts informs us that the prime motivating reasons for the Tea Party Movement are racism and anger. Fine, it's America, you get to voice your opinion. But, it created a turmoil in me, and when there's a turmoil, I know I have to respond, so I wrote Leonard Pitts Jr. an open letter:

Censure tale-telling congressman

Censure tale-telling congressman
Exclusive: Jack Cashill calls for accountability for those claiming N-word attack

Obama: A comic-book villain

Obama: A comic-book villain
Exclusive: Erik Rush isn't afraid to use word 'evil' in describing 'malevolent cabal'

Let the bankers themselves fail

D.C. takes break from porn surfing to bail out Wall Street
Ann Coulter advocates idea bankers should actually take their own losses

Dems' plan to control your land

Dems' plan to control your land
Exclusive: Jane Chastain warns of bill that could explode number of property seizures

3 reasons to move to Arizona

3 reasons to move to Arizona
Exclusive: Joseph Farah hails recent legislation, J.D. Hayworth candidacy

Is America descending into 'dhimmi' status?

Is America descending into 'dhimmi' status?
Exclusive: William J. Federer sees Franklin Graham disinvite as bow to Muslim rules

Pouring gas on Islamofacists

We're fanning flames of Islamic radicalism
Exclusive: David Kupelian cites reasons Americansare obsessed with not offending 'bullying' Muslims

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Media need to buy a clue about Tea Parties

To hear the media tell it, the Tea Party movement is one of the most mysterious forces ever to surface in national life. Since February 2009, when CNBC's Rick Santelli urged his listeners to dump unfunded derivatives into Lake Michigan to protest the developing culture of bailouts, they have been nothing but open about their fears of insolvency, their discomfort with increasing size of the government and their terror of deficits. The media listen closely to all these objections, and decide they must mean something else. They say they fear debt, and the media insist that they must fear Hispanics Original Article

The Greatest Imposter

Why Lt. Col. Lakinis surely not mistaken
Alan Keyes: 'He shows courage, common sense lacking among civilian authorities'

Lt. Col. Lakin is not the one who has mistaken his actions. Indeed, he shows the intelligence, courage and common sense thus far sorely lacking among the civilian authorities for whose Constitutional position he shows greater respect than they themselves have so far demonstrated. I have no doubt that he hopes, as we should all pray, that his case will advance until it puts before these so far shamefully derelict authorities a conscientiously inescapable opportunity to stop evading their duty, and to heed, as Lt. Col. Lakin has, the clearly stated requirements of the Constitution they are sworn to uphold.

Of interest...

Democrats try to lock up their base

Democrats try to lock up their base
Phyllis Schlafly: Taxpayer-paid incentives subsidizing non-marriage lifestyle

Everyone prospers with free trade

Everyone prospers with free trade
John Stossel busts popular myth that U.S. exploits Third-World countries

Teachers union vs. black school-choice candidate

Teachers union vs. black school-choice candidate
Nat Hentoff rallies behind contender for Pennsylvania governor seat

Dude Sharpton and his crew invade Arizona

Al has been commissioned to head westward toward the Grand Canyon to protect Obama's true agenda. Mouthpiece Sharpton will speak on behalf of America's post racial president who condemned Arizona's immigration bill as being, "irresponsible," "unfair," and potentially "illegal."
It is comforting to know Al Sharpton's coif goes well with Arpaio provided pink underwear. The Right Reverend Sharpton has expressed plans to descend on the streets of Arizona to protest Governor Jan Brewer's new immigration bill. Sharpton appears eager to join Lillian Rodriguez Lopez of New York City's Hispanic Federation, as well as other activists fighting the Arizona law, by participating in acts of civil disobedience. Obama's Harvard Law School professor, Charles Ogletree recently spoke about the National Action Network leader saying, "Sharpton is a conduit between the disadvantaged and powerful leaders." Original Article

'South Park' puts the fear of God into Islam

“South Park” could poke fun at Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Joseph Smith, David Blaine, or practically any other religious or cult figure, without any fear of repercussion....but not Islam.
When the ever-offensive creators of the popular Comedy Central cartoon “South Park” recently featured the Prophet Mohammed in a bear costume, they provoked a veiled death threat from some Islamist fanatics in New York and set off a firestorm about free speech in the process. The cable network’s cowardly response to Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s perfidy – namely, censoring the show and bleeping out any reference to the prophet – unintentionally triggered the kind of backlash that radical, fascist, jihadists should have earned a long time ago....The intolerance and insecurity that permeates Islam is plainly out there now and it’s impossible to ignore. Whatever those Muslims who would kill untold number of innocents in order to further their aims do going forward, they will lose – at least in America, if nowhere else. Original Article

Return of the Joseph P. Kennedys

On a list of prominent 20th-century Americans who were easy to dislike, Joseph P. Kennedy has to rank near the top. The father of our 35th president was widely reviled in his own time as an unscrupulous operator in the worlds of high finance and politics. Having invested heavily in the presidential candidacy of Franklin Roosevelt, he was rewarded by FDR first with the post of chairman of the Security and Exchange Commission (Roosevelt famously defended his appointment of a man thought to be a crook with the quip that it “takes one to catch one”) Original Article

Noah's Ark wreck found

A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical Christians said they had uncovered remnants of Noah's Ark on its legendary mountain resting place in Turkey. Noah's Ark Ministries International, a Hong Kong-based documentary outfit, said they recovered wooden specimens from a structure on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey that carbon dating proved the material was 4800 years old, around the same time the ark is said to have been afloat. Original Article

A Stark, Dark Obama Clip

The Scent of Death

Columnist, Alan Caruba, wrote a recent article entitled, “A Whiff of Revolution,” in which he generally describes the people of the United States as being fed up and disgusted with federal politics.[1] Caruba rightly compares the actions by the federal government (particularly under Obama) to the actions by Great Britain just before the America Revolution, stating that “[i]t is the antithesis of a nation of laws, a republic.” Caruba predicts that Americans will eventually take this matter of freedom back into their own hands once again:
“If, between now and the midterm elections, the President and Congress pass the Cap-and-Trade Act and an amnesty for illegal aliens, I SUSPECT THAT SOME AMERICANS MAY NOT BE CONTENT TO SIT BY WHILE STATES AND THE COURTS WORK THEIR WAY WITHIN THE CONSTITUTION. They will sense—and rightfully so—a despotism never before associated with the presidency.” (emphasis added)
Caruba makes some valid points in his article and accurately describes a feeling of revolution prevalent throughout the country. However, I believe that a more thoughtful analysis must be attributed to what a real and successful revolution will compose.

Cookie sheet politics

The more I scan the Internet these days, the more disappointed I become, because of the ever-increasing superficiality, triviality, and truly aggressive contempt for the intelligence of the audience that characterizes so much of what passes for political discourse in this country. The average cookie sheet has more depth, and certainly produces a more palatable product, than the typical politically oriented Internet column or blog.
A glaring example is the recent creation by the Southern Poverty Law Center (“SPLC”) of a section on its web site entitled “Meet the ‘Patriots’”. Now, I must admit that I probably should not trouble myself (or the readers of my commentaries) with this matter had the SPLC not chosen to “profile” me among its list of “Patriots”. But, the SPLC having done so, I believe I am entitled to “return the compliment” as it were. Besides, the SPLC has provided me with “a teaching moment” which should not be wasted.
1. The most obvious demerit of the SPLC’s performance is its lack of basic logic. Throughout, “Meet the ‘Patriots’” is a patent example of the fallacy petitio principii (“begging the question”). The SPLC’s web site purports to present “profiles of 36 individuals at the heart of the resurgent” “antigovernment ‘Patriot’ movement”. Unfortunately—or, perhaps more likely, intentionally—the SPLC provides no definition of the key term “antigovernment ‘Patriot’ movement”. In what sense these “profiled” individuals are “antigovernment”, or in what sense they are merely faux “Patriots” rather than real patriots, or in what sense a real “patriot” can be “antigovernment” as a consequence of being a “patriot” the SPLC never explains. This renders the entire exercise nonscientific—because, without these definitions, the SPLC’s categorizations of the “36 individuals” as “antigovernment” and therefore somehow false or bad “Patriots” are neither verifiable nor falsifiable. They are simply crude propaganda below even the kindergarten level of reasoning.
Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3,

Income Tax Myths and Fables

I recently had the honor of reviewing what I believe will be one of the most important books written in the last 50 years; “Income Tax: Shattering the Myths,” by Dave Champion. Mr. Champion presents a clear and concise understanding of the true nature of the income tax and more importantly to whom the tax applies.
In America today many people have come to the conclusion that there is something very wrong with our tax system. There is no question that the US government has the constitutional power to tax, but it is not an all-encompassing power. The Supreme Court has ruled that the power to tax is finite and enumerated. For roughly the first 140 years of our nation’s existence there was no individual income tax; and prior to 1913, each time the federal government tried to enact one, it was overturned by the Supreme Court as being unconstitutional.
We have all heard the term that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” yet how many people file tax returns every year and have never read a law that makes them liable to do so. In 1913 there were only 400 pages of tax code; but by 2006 it had grown to over 66,498 pages. That’s an addition of over 1,300 pages of code added every year.

Vaccines made with fetal cells causing autism?

Vaccines made with fetal cells causing autism?
Exclusive: Jill Stanek looks at potential link between disorder, injections

Are we prepared for a nuke attack?

Are we prepared for a nuke attack?
Exclusive: Barry Farber questions nation's vigilance in case of unexpected strike

End Times: How Christians lose

End Times: How Christians lose
Exclusive: Molotov Mitchell declares 'I happen to believe Jesus'

35 years after fall of Saigon

35 years after fall of Saigon
Exclusive: Richard Botkin deciphers lessons from 'misreported, misremembered' history

Leaving teabagger

Unifying the tea party
Exclusive: Joseph Farah presents battle plan to thwart attack on American freedom

Al Sharpton: Black Buzzard

Left Turn: Arizona's act of vengeance

Arizona's act of vengeance
Eugene Robinson: 'Immigration law is racist, arbitrary, oppressive, mean-spirited'

Illegal aliens are criminals

Newsflash! Illegal aliens are criminals
Exclusive: Chrissy Satterfield offers'dose of honesty' about Arizona law

GOP protecting Obama birth certificate?

Eligibility sponsor fears GOP protecting Obama
Only this week left to vote on demandcandidates prove 'natural born' status

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Picking on Michelle O - Priceless!

Israel can (and will) destroy Iran - Alone

The growing rift between the Obama administration and Israel, coupled with the administration’s failure to rein in Tehran’s nuclear program, has increased the chances that the Israelis will eventually launch an attack on Iran, experts said. ''U.S.-Israeli relations are at their lowest point since ... the early ’80s,'' said Ilan Berman, vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council. ''It has a lot to do with the fact that Israel thinks this administration is not serious about preventing a nuclear Iran. What is Israel going to do?'' (Snip) A U.S. intelligence official who spoke to this reporter on condition of...
Original Article

Gov. David Paterson: Sour putz

David Paterson, the current governor of New York, has a message for his successor: You're doomed to fail. In a 70-minute interview with The Wall Street Journal, the governor cast himself as a scapegoat for the state's problems, blamed an ''organized smear campaign'' for ruining his political career and pinned his inability to repair New York's ailing finances on a dysfunctional budget process. Original Article

The evil of China is in the harvest

China's hidden policy of executing prisoners of the forbidden quasi-Buddhist group Falun Gong and harvesting their organs for worldwide sale has been expanded to include Tibetans, ''house church'' Christians and Muslim Uighurs, human rights activists said Monday. In a news conference on Capitol Hill, several speakers, including attorney David Matas of B'nai Brith Canada and Ethan Gutmann of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, said their investigations have unearthed a grisly trade in which an estimated 9,000 members of Falun Gong have been executed for their corneas, lungs, livers, kidneys and skins.
Original Article

City of San Francisco pisses money

More than 1 in 3 of San Francisco's nearly 27,000 city workers earned $100,000 or more last year - a number that has been growing steadily for the past decade. The number of city workers paid at least $100,000 in base salary totaled 6,449 last year. When such extras as overtime are included, the number jumped to 9,487 workers, nearly eight times the number from a decade ago. And that calculation doesn't include the cost of often-generous city benefits such as health care and pensions....The average city worker salary in San Francisco is $93,000 before benefits
Original Article

Dog learns CPR, saves master

Breathe, Breathe!

Volcano disproves globl warming

Big nature– tiny us
Bruce Walker: Effect of Eyjafjallajokull blow argues against 'global warming' theory

You too, can live dangerously

Draw Muhammad

Absence of Marriage in America

Phyllis Schlafly’s article “America Becomes a Two-Class Society” contains a breakthrough realization for conservatives: where 47% of citizens have a tax-free ride, the precipice of collapse is not far away. I spoke with Phyllis and asked her if she knew who the two classes are. Without hesitation, and as I expected, she said “Married and not married.” After adjusting for disability, joblessness, and retirement, this remains an unequivocal truth.
Phyllis’s discovery proves my long-held hierarchical assessment: “Marriage-absence is America’s greatest problem.” Let us examine the reasons why this is true.
Social expenditures (which arise primarily due to marriage-absence) increased last year to perhaps $1-trillion – still the largest federal budget line-item for many years. http://www.newswithviews.com/Usher/david192.htm

Serve soul food at republican events??

RNC Chairman Michael Steele said the GOP has not given Blacks a reason to vote republican. As a black conservative republican, I ask, what is the GOP suppose to do; serve soul food at republican events? In other words, I reject the concept of dividing Americans into victimized groups and pandering to them. Besides, the democrats are masters of insulting the intelligence of Americans by playing the old and tattered victim, race and class envy cards. The GOP does not need to go down the same shameful disgusting road.
Brother Steele, how about the GOP showing a little respect for the American people by standing up for conservative values and principles. If you do this, they will come. Right minded Americans of all stripes will join our cause. http://www.newswithviews.com/Marcus/lloyd129.htm

Divine Liberty

Thomas Jefferson--and the rest of America's founders--believed that freedom was the principal possession, because liberty is a divine--not human--gift. Listen to Jefferson:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men." (Declaration of Independence)
Jefferson could not be clearer: America's founders desired a land in which men might live in liberty. By declaring independence from the government of Great Britain (and instituting new government), Jefferson, et al., did not intend to erect an idol (government) that men would worship. They created a mechanism designed to protect that which they considered to be their most precious possession: liberty. In other words, the government they created by the Constitution of 1787 was not the object; freedom's protection was the object. http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin585.htm

We don’t like his white half either!

The TEA Party folks are a mixed bag of people opposed to redistribution of wealth and loss of freedom. Although they may have differed in the past on a variety of issues, a recent Pew Research poll says 22 percent trust the government so that leaves 78 percent who distrust their government. They are patriotic Americans united against the current administration’s “hoax and chains” dictatorial policies and this is driving people like former President Bill Clinton and his cronies, who associate with groups like SEIU and former ACORN a little crazy! I understand ACORN is re-organizing and applying for federal funding under a variety of different state names.
So once again using Marxist Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals which have been successful in the past, Clinton has been selected to be the pit bull to demonize the Tea Party folks with his inflammatory rhetoric going so far as to suggest the participants are nothing more than racists and comparing them to Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing which, by the way, occurred on Clinton’s watch. And the parrots in the mainline media then follow up with their insane accusations. Liberal radio talk show host Ed Schultz lost his cool recently with a Tea Party caller and yelled the person should get off his show, go get his gun and march. And then there is Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer from California in the fight of her life to save her Senate seat. The president flew to California for the fundraising event and ironically, she told her supporters to get as excited as the Tea Party folks. Go figure!
If the TEA Party folks are racist,
why are so many blacks beginning to join the movement, which the liberal media tries to avoid as they pan their cameras over the crowds? I received an e-mail of a photograph of a reader board that said, “We are not racists! We don’t like his white half either!”

Liberal values of the insane

'South Park' flap ignores our bombing of Muslims
Liliana Segura wishes critics of network caving to Islam would put issue in context

Say it isn't so, mama!

Say it isn't so, mama!
Counsel offered to woman with addicted mother, man stuck in car lease

Why I won't go skydiving with blacks

Mining history for only certain sins
Thomas Sowell explains why he won't go skydiving with blacks

Why liberals drool like fools over racism

Why the left talks about 'white' tea parties
Dennis Prager: Ideologues are stuck on race, gender, class instead of right and wrong

Doubting Iran's intentions is....

Why any doubt about Iran's nuke intentions?
Exclusive: Les Kinsolving questions Obama's resolve to prevent 'ICBMing' of Israel

Skanky clothes cause acts of God??

Skanky clothes cause natural disasters?
Exclusive: D.J. Dolce's slogan for Babs Boxer: 'Show me the birth certificate'

Is Hillary prepping a challenge to Obama?

Is Hillary prepping a challenge to Obama?
Exclusive: Mychal Massie reads between lines of Bill's comments about dissatisfaction

May 1: A meeting with real Power

May 1: A meeting with real Power
Exclusive: Janet Porter sets out requirement for God to meet with pray-ers in D.C.

America, whose country is this?

Whose country is this?
Pat Buchanan on illegals: 'Obama has done everything but his duty to enforce the law'

Arizonans: Doing the job the feds won't do

Arizonans: Doing the job the feds won't do
Exclusive: Virgil Goode lauds state for taking action against illegal-alien problem

FoxNews and the eligibility facts

Fox and the eligibility facts
Exclusive: Joseph Farah offers network new slogan – 'We report, we decide'

Obama(doesn't)care taking surprise hits

Obama(doesn't)care taking surprise hits
David Limbaugh's amazed New York Timesmentioned 'unplanned consequences' of law

Evangelists claim Noah's Ark found

Evangelists claim Noah's Ark found
Mt. Ararat explorers: 'We think it is 99.9 percent that this is it'

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pressure mounting to legalize immigrants

They've pushed and pulled, marched on the national Mall and issued demands - including some to the president, which the White House hustled to meet - and now, immigrant rights groups find they've forced immigration and legalization to the top of the crowded congressional agenda. The next test of their power will come Saturday, when the groups hope to turn out hundreds of thousands of supporters in rallies across the country, all demanding that Congress and Mr. Obama slow interior enforcement and move to legalize illegal immigrants.
Original Article

The U.S. military cancels nuclear attack test

The U.S. military has canceled a major field exercise that tests its response to a nuclear attack, angering some officials who say that what is now planned for this month will be a waste of time. U.S. Northern Command in Colorado withdrew from major participation in this month's National Level Exercise (NLE), a large-scale drill that tests whether the military and the Department of Homeland Security can work with local governments to respond to an attack or natural disaster. The exercise was canceled recently after the planned site for a post-nuclear-attack response — Las Vegas — pulled out in November... Original Article

Now we have the ash cloud conspiracy

Britain's airspace was closed under false pretences, with satellite images revealing there was no doomsday volcanic ash cloud over the entire country. Skies fell quiet for six days, leaving as many as 500,000 Britons stranded overseas and costing airlines hundreds of millions of pounds. However, new evidence shows there was no all-encompassing cloud and, where dust was present, it was often so thin that it posed no risk. The satellite images demonstrate that the skies were largely clear, which will not surprise the millions who enjoyed the fine, hot weather during the flight ban. Original Article

Comedy of Cowards: Two versions of Free Speech

Comedy Central, as we by now are well familiar, censored images and references to Muhammad in the latest episode of South Park. One would think that in our free society, our leaders, media and citizens would collectively stand together and defend South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Unfortunately, the situation is the reverse; the L.A. Times’ coverage of the Muslim death threats made to Parker and Stone perfectly manifests our media’s and culture’s disposition...
Original Article

Obama making the world more dangerous

The tone against the Obama administration over its Israel policy is sharpening on both sides of the aisle, with one Republican congressman charging that the president is “increasing danger” in the world. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), a longtime supporter of Israel, said on a radio show last week that the administration's stance on the issue -- and “terrible” treatment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- has been “counterproductive.” Original Article

Abbas Gets a White House Visit

President Barack Obama’s Middle East envoy wrapped up his latest diplomatic mission Sunday without getting the Palestinians to agree to indirect peace talks with Israel, but there were signs the impasse could be broken soon.George Mitchell said he would return to the region next week, signaling he is making progress...Wait. Abbas is meeting with Obama at the White House after the multiple snubs to Netanyahu? Yup. And it’s not hard to figure out why. The Obami are rewarding intransigence and bribing Abbas not to embarrass George Mitchell and crew by wrecking the proximity talks. Original Article

California Financial Crisis

California Financial Crisis: There is a real risk that José will have to be laid-off.

Barack Obama is an irritant to freedom

Why being governed by Obama is irksome
P.J. O'Rourke: 'President is more irritating than the other nuisances on the left'

Left Turn: The president and the persuader

The president and the persuader
John Heilemann: Obama must move Supreme Court left

The least we can do for our soldiers

The least we can do for our soldiers
Exclusive: Ellen Ratner explains, 'Stress of war is as real as injuries from bullets'

The rule of law returns...for now

My daddy used to say, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself!”
After 30 years of the U.S. Congress and four presidents failing to enforce our immigration laws-- Arizona, led by State Senator Russell Pearce and a brave band of lawmakers—passed SB 1070, the most diligent and forceful immigration law in the nation.
In excess of 460,000 criminal illegal aliens find themselves facing, for the first time in 30 years, the rule of law. As Barney Fife said, “Andy, if we allow those criminals to get away with breaking the law, we’ll just get more of ‘em.”
“You’re right,” Sheriff Taylor said. “Go arrest them and let’s get things back to normal in Mayberry.”
“We’re tired of tens of thousands of stolen vehicles,” one Arizona citizen said. “We’re the kidnapping capital of America. Arizonans fear for their lives daily. Illegals have destroyed our schools, hospitals and communities. They fill our prisons. They kill our cops, ranchers and ordinary citizens. We’re tired of it.” http://www.newswithviews.com/Wooldridge/frosty564.htm

The destiny of mankind

Having fought and won the American Revolution, the first citizens of this country with few exceptions considered individual liberty an inalienable birthright and committed this nation to preserve that liberty at all cost. Now, over two hundred years later, the struggle for freedom has faded into the distant memories of nearly every politican and the desire to be free at all cost has been replaced by the desire to be provided for at all cost.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are remarkable not for their understanding of our nation’s original principles and their commitment to preserve and protect them but for their zeal to expend the nation’s treasure on all manner of entitlements for special interests, transforming a limited government dedicated to liberty into an unlimited one dedicated to control and the divvying up of spoils, rendering all commerce that was once private into commerce so heavily regulated that it is inescapably public. To them, while their own liberty may be precious, they have little respect for everyone else’s; their every public act and their every vote is for measures that to one degree or another sacrifice individual liberty for political control.

Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

"This study was just routine," said Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov, in what could end up as the understatement of this century. Surov and his colleagues set out to discover if Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) soy, grown on 91% of US soybean fields, leads to problems in growth or reproduction. What he discovered may uproot a multi-billion dollar industry.
After feeding hamsters for two years over three generations, those on the GM diet, and especially the group on the maximum GM soy diet, showed devastating results. By the third generation, most GM soy-fed hamsters lost the ability to have babies. They also suffered slower growth, and a high mortality rate among the pups.
And if this isn't shocking enough, some in the third generation even had hair growing inside their mouths - a phenomenon rarely seen, but apparently more prevalent among hamsters eating GM soy.

Financial Con Game

There are those who have been talking about a single global regulator for years and as a result of the 2008 Credit Crisis, there have been calls to protect you and me from future banking crises through new financial reform. However, we had better consider its real impact. It is not about protecting you and me it is about changing the national regulatory laws of America to conform to a world governmental system and globalizing the last barrier separating individual nation-states. It is about a major power grab of America’s financial assets. As a result of the high stakes, we should ask if Republicans are being told they had better vote for financial reform so we don’t have another September/October, 2008? All of a sudden Senators McConnell and Shelby have had a sea change and are willing to work together on changing our banking system. It is a ruse, a con game when they say they are making the system safer. Let us review some necessary points.
As we consider the events of the past 18 months, we are confronted with a great deal of action, uncertainty, negativity, and pillaging of wealth. In order to understand where we are today and where we are going, we need to review the chicanery of the past eleven years.

Free speech in academia

Free speech in academia
Exclusive: Michael Ackley highlights storm over former Weatherman bomber invitation

Tax Freedom Day never really comes

Tax Freedom Day never really comes
Exclusive: Herman Cain declares, nation's 'financial nightmare' is just getting worse

Got teeth?

Adios, Baby!

Adios, Baby!
Exclusive: Barbara Simpson reveals immigration outrage brewing in U.S.

Israel and liberal appeasement

Israel and liberal appeasement
Exclusive: Chuck Morse calls for defense of freedom against tyranny

Offense wins politics

Offense wins politics
Exclusive: Vox Day is impressed by Democratic Party's determination, discipline

What if Obama....?

What if ... ?
Exclusive: Joseph Farah considers future for Obama if he can't prove eligibility

American lambs to the slaughter

American lambs to the slaughter
Exclusive: Chuck Norris warns, 'Perfect stormof domestic disarmament' is on nation's horizon

Buzz kill! Is this 'bee Armageddon'?

Buzz kill! Is this 'bee Armageddon'?
Nature's most valuable workersmysteriously vanish out of thin air

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now, about those SAT scores

A Mensa member ponders 'meaning'

World (Russia) gears up for oil bonanza in Israel

Israeli investors gassing up for black gold rush in Tel Aviv
Russian energy giant Gazprom interested in drilling off Israel's coast
The U.S. Geological Survey estimates the natural gas reserves off the coasts of Israel, Lebanon and Syria at 122 trillion cubic feet, and TheMarker has reported that Russian energy giant Gazprom is interested in drilling off Israel's coast, sending gas and oil shares soaring.
On the heels of these developments, a number of energy exploration companies are preparing to issue shares in the next few weeks.

Next bubble: $600 trillion?

Next bubble: $600 trillion?
Cities, states, universities could sink from monster derivatives meltdown

Nazi Germany – it wasn't all black and white

Nazi Germany – it wasn't all black and white
100 color images show the Third Reich in a new light

Joni Mitchell: Everything about Bob Dylan is fake

Joni Mitchell: Everything about Bob Dylan is fake
Canadian singer-songwriter lambasts fellow folk musician as a 'plagiarist'

Sperm recognize 'brothers,' team up for speed

Sperm recognize 'brothers,' team up for speed
'It's really amazing that this single cell can do this'

Volcano linked to 2nd coming of Christ

Volcano linked to 2nd coming of Christ
Claims ash cloud is part of series of events to occur before Virgin Mary's May 11 visit
Among the other things due to happen are ‘crosses in the sky’ that will be visible to thousands and “new moons that have never been seen before with the naked eye will be seen.”
“I realize that by going public like this I am opening myself up to public ridicule and scorn. Personally I have been shocked by the messages and how strong they have become lately and it pains me to have to make these revelations. However, people will accept the truth of the messages I receive because they will see the proof with their own eyes very shortly," said Coleman.

Do not TALK to aliens!

Don't talk to aliens,warns top scientist
Hawking: 'Only have to look at ourselvesto see how intelligent life might develop'
Hawking’s logic on aliens is, for him, unusually simple. The universe, he points out, has 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars. In such a big place, Earth is unlikely to be the only planet where life has evolved...Hawking believes that contact with such a species could be devastating for humanity.
He suggests that aliens might simply raid Earth for its resources and then move on: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.”

Legalize marijuana? Not so fast

There's a sense among a lot of Californians that legalizing marijuana and then taxing it is some sort of panacea that would solve many law enforcement problems, make it safer to smoke pot and also produce a tax bonanza of $1 billion or more per year. Voters will see just such a proposal in November. Much of the pro-legalization thinking is based on analogies to the alcohol experience, which sees various forms of booze putting about $3 billion into the coffers of state and local governments each year and providing more than 300,000 jobs around the state. Original Article

Iceland’s Volcano Eruption: Judgement?

Some Saturday night humor. File under Things a Journalist Should Be Too Embarrassed to Cite. In her weekly Washington Post column published on Monday about the impact of the ash emitted by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland which shut down European airplane flights, “Nature hoists Europe back in time,” Warsaw-based Anne Applebaum included this sentence about reaction to the volcanic eruption: A British friend sees this as “judgment for the bad things we have done to the Earth.”
Original Article

Life on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico

Life on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico has come a long way since the black gold was discovered underwater here 60 years ago. Living for weeks on a platform the size of two football fields some 50 miles from the mainland can be comfortable and cushy, with good pay, catered cafeterias serving steak and spicy Cajun, lounges with pool tables and even mini movie theaters. At other times, it's a water world of hot metal, cramped sleeping quarters and skin-burning sun. The hardest part is simply being away from family. Original Article

Send troops to border in AZ

President Barack Obama should dispatch National Guard troops to the border if he doesn’t like Arizona’s new immigration law, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Friday. McCain, who endorsed the tough new Arizona law earlier this week, defended it as necessary because of the federal government’s inability to secure the border. “If the president doesn’t like what the Arizona Legislature and governor may be doing, then I call on the president to immediately call for the dispatch of 3,000 National Guard troops to our border Original Article

Obama shows his age

The President & First Lady of the United States of America

Revisionist historians

At this year’s Quadricentennial, officials are intent on belittling our nation’s Christian heritage and referring to the Jamestown settlers as bloodthirsty cannibals, environmental terrorists, and even worse. They have gone so far as to ban the word ‘celebration’ because, after all, as one official stated, “You can’t celebrate an invasion.”
At the State of the Black Union Jamestown Conference, Rev. Otis Moss, as part of a panel discussion with Rev.’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, invoked a highly charged comparison to Nazism and the KKK, declaring that the Jamestown settlers were guilty of mass ‘holocaust’ and ‘lynchings’. This is how they described Captain John Smith, Pocahantas and the rest of the Virginia Company, which is totally unfounded, inaccurate, not to mention irresponsible.
This is the type of ‘teaching’ that goes on today. There is no reference to the actual history of our nation, just what some revisionist historians want it to be. http://www.newswithviews.com/Anghis/roger110.htm

"So, why do you hate Barack Obama?"

I wish to share with you how the liberal mainstream media has dealt with my participation on the Tea Party Express III tour.
Liberal mainstream media all but call me an Uncle Tom. Their reports imply that I am a token black too stupid to realize I am being used by the tea party movement. In typical liberal mainstream media arrogance, they are totally blind to the blatant racism of their reporting.
Because I do not fit the liberal mainstream media's "all blacks must vote Democrat and believe America is racist and unjust" template, I must be an idiot. As a matter of fact, because I am a black man who loves his country and proclaims America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it, much of liberal media considers me dangerous and even wishes me harm. http://www.newswithviews.com/Marcus/lloyd128.htm

George Will defines moral hazard

Mr. Will, trying to define moral hazard, and experts trying to define reasons for such a psychotic abuse of bureaucratic behavior, failed. In an example of a moral hazard, the SEC attorneys and accountants succeeded. Such irony!
George Will says a moral hazard occurs when one entity determines how much risk it can lawfully take while another entity, called “taxpayers” with no power to control the actions of Entity #1, is forced to pay for greed-driven mistakes that result.
Most business writers discussing the new financial institution regulatory control to be voted on tomorrow (Monday) agree with Will. Though technically correct, I disagree with the depth – or lack of it – in the definition.
There is a need for definitional clarity. How many times over the years have I heard Rush Limbaugh say, “Words have meaning”? They do. But how many of us define clearly in our minds the words we use when we speak? So many people ask how we lost our Republic. So few are aware the definitions of words used to protect our Constitution have been totally changed. It’s been a very subtle process and occurred over a long period of time. http://www.newswithviews.com/Barnewall/marilyn135.htm

Haiti's hell continues, aid stolen

Haiti hell continuesmonths after quake
The dust is settled, the news crews gone, and gangs seize the aid

World grabs more and more toilet paper

World grabs more and more toilet paper
Average American gets though 57 sheets a day, 6 times global average

Whale crap key to healthy oceans

Whale crap key to healthy oceans
Iron-rich feces encourages growth of carbon-absorbing algae

The hills are alive with the sound of haggis

The hills are alive with the sound of haggis
1 in 5 thinks the traditional Scottish dishmade from sheep organs is actual animal

Why legal guns still cause arrests

Why legal gunsstill cause arrests
'I am not quite sure what hysteriais about people carrying anything'

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Worked So Well For Bush

Whenever President Bush talked about immigration, his approval ratings went down. It was like clockwork: liberals never understood that the fatal decline in Bush's popularity during his second term had at least as much to do with his advocacy of "comprehensive immigration reform" as with war-weariness. Now President Obama has entered the lists, urging Congress to take up immigration. One can only wonder what Congressional Democrats make of this. Maybe they figure their own approval ratings can't possibly get any lower. But Obama's can, and they will if he keeps talking about immigration. Original Article

This land is your land; this land is my land

The federal government owns nearly 30 percent of all the land in the country. In the West, those numbers soar even higher. The federal government controls more than 84 percent of the land in Nevada, more than 50 percent of the land in Alaska, Utah, Oregon and Idaho, and more than 40 percent of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming. It's safe to say that many of these states are getting tired of the feds. Utah recently passed a law authorizing it to seize federal land through eminent domain.
Original Article

Is Obama a Kenyan?

Now you know

America: Got Pride?

Left Turn: Franklin Graham deserved to be booted

Franklin Graham deserved to be booted
David Corn on prayer flap: What if a prominent imam called Christianity 'evil'?

Why adultery is a really big deal

Why adultery is a big deal
Exclusive: Greg Laurie cites destruction and depression that result from cheating

Marriage-absence: America's greatest problem

Marriage-absence: America's greatest problem
Exclusive: David Usher points to restoration of institution as nation's solution

Public schoolers: How's that indoctrination workin' out?

Public schoolers: How's that indoctrination workin' out?
Exclusive: Patrice Lewis contrasts today's gov't monopoly with days of Ingalls Wilder

Defining the left-right divide

Defining the left-right divide
Star Parker sees question of absolute truth at center of ideological battles

The UK's fake Conservatives

Guess which political party is dedicated to funding “the training of an army of independent community organizers to help people establish and run neighborhood groups?” It’s the British Conservative Party.
This “conservative” movement has actually adopted the idea of creating a “Big Society” as an alternative to Big Government.
Making a complete mockery of the term “conservative,” the British Conservative Party also wants:
• A new “Big Society Bank,”• A “National Citizen Service,”• An annual “Big Society Day” to celebrate the work of neighborhood groups and encourage more people to take part in social action.

All-out spiritual war

The enemy’s strategy is to nudge. In the name of tolerance, diversity and unity we’ve been nudged into normalizing sodomy. In some states, public school children are actually being taught how to become homosexual or bisexual. They’re being taught that cross-dressing’s okay, too. Society is being forced into accepting controversial sexual lifestyles to include same-sex “marriage.” More and more “gender confused” individuals are opting for “sex reassignment surgery” which is doublespeak for what was once called a “sex-change operation.” Mixed-up men and women have the surgery to change their genital organs from one gender to another. Worse yet, some supposedly “gender confused” children are wondering if they should be surgically altered! What’s next?
“Terisa Greenan and her boyfriend, Matt, are enjoying a rare day of Seattle sun, sharing a beet carpaccio on the patio of a local restaurant. Matt holds Terisa's hand, as his 6-year-old son squeezes in between the couple to give Terisa a kiss. His mother, Vera, looks over and smiles; she's there with her boyfriend, Larry. Suddenly it starts to rain, and the group must move inside. In the process, they rearrange themselves: Matt's hand touches Vera's leg. Terisa gives Larry a kiss. The child, seemingly unconcerned, puts his arms around his mother and digs into his meal.” (
It seems more and more people are opting for “multiple-partner families.” And the traditionalist had better get used to it. You ask, “Isn’t multi-partner relationships confusing to youngsters?” Who cares?! We’ll test the waters and see the effects on children a few years down the road. Meanwhile it’s important for parents (supposed adults) to be fulfilled. In our self-actualized culture, individuals feel they should enjoy themselves without regret or apology. People should live the present moment to the fullest…right? Sadly, many men and women are way more concerned with what makes “me” happy than with what is best for their children.


New Spirituality: Old Lie

The Cult of Oprah
Rightly named one of the 100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century by Time magazine, Oprah Winfrey likewise received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (1998). Oprah purports to serve “a higher good.” She boasts having “a contract with the universe” and, in its execution, is numbered as a foremost spiritual authority among swamis, yogis and Tibetan masters.
Arguably the most influential woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey gushes over the unimaginably creative, never-before-seen visuals and profound spiritual lessons to be derived from Avatar. Everyone, she insists, must see it. Lessons to which Oprah alludes are soundly embedded in the doctrinal grids of her endorsees. Her theology incorporates a worldview that sociologist Philip Rieff calls “the therapeutic society.” It is obsessed with self, thus raising self-preoccupation to the level of religious duty.
The fact remains: Whom Oprah endorses, the world embraces.

America's government illegitimate as Obama is

In a recent article written by JB Williams entitled, “DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office,”[1] Williams highlights some facts signaling that the federal government, the main-stream media and those closely related to both know that Barak Obama is ineligible to be the President of the United States of America under the U.S. Constitution.
Williams cites these facts in support of his assertion:
- Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party did not certify that Obama qualified to run as a candidate for President of the U.S., but only that Obama was the Democratic Party candidate;
- the news media previously and numerously referred to Obama as “Kenya-born” before he ran for President. Afterwards, “Kenya-born” was dropped;
- Obama has spent over 2 billion dollars in hiding what they say exists (his birth certificate) and supposedly have in hand;
- the Justice Department is doing everything they possibly can to keep Americans from pursing Obama’s eligibility in court;
- federal judges have dismissed over 400 hundred court cases on Obama’s eligibility, ruling that these citizens do not have standing to know who is acting as President of the U.S.;
- Michelle Obama has described Barak’s home as being the country of Kenya;
Williams is not alone, of course, in the conclusion that Obama is an illegitimate President and that his illegitimacy is being covered up by Congress, the federal courts, those in the Republican and Democratic national parties and others. Ever since Obama campaigned for U.S. President, millions in America have raised his eligibility as a fundamental concern for the integrity of the U.S. Constitution and rule of law, all to no avail.
It is not only “average Joe” who believes Obama is illegitimate, but state governments are expressing the same notion. The state of Arizona has recently passed a law, expected to be signed by the governor, which declares that Barak Obama must prove his U.S. citizenship before being permitted to be on the ballot in 2012.
[2] http://www.newswithviews.com/Timothy/baldwin133.htm

Why I love Barack Obama

Why I love Barack Obama
Exclusive: Yishai Fleisher likes how prez has help alleviate Israel's 'America addiction'

Will the real hate-mongers please stand up?

Will the real hate-mongers please stand up?
Exclusive: Dave Welch targets efforts to sanitize Pentagon from orthodox Christianity

Carbon-phobia? Not me

Carbon-phobia? Not me
Exclusive: Joseph Farah says there's pollutant much worse we should be worried about

Kill the welfare state!

Kill the welfare state!
Exclusive: Ellis Washington asserts FDR legacy 'cost America our collective dignity'

Philip Dru Obama

Philip Dru Obama
Exclusive: Henry Lamb shows how prez has taken role of fictional 'administrator'

If you're not a tea partier … why not?

If you're not a tea partier … why not?
Exclusive: Pat Boone lists myriad reasons citizens should continue quest to reclaim U.S.

McCain 2.0

McCain 2.0 now on sale
Exclusive: Tom Tancredo warns tea partyagainst falling for new Arizona 'impostor'

Another state considers Arizona eligibility plan

Another state considers Arizona eligibility plan
Georgia lawmaker says when Congresswon't act, 'states have a duty to step up'

Friday, April 23, 2010

Filling the Space Shuttle Gap

The Pentagon's test launch of two unmanned space vehicles Thursday highlights efforts to develop a generation of high-altitude, high-speed weapons systems that could make the heavens a new battleground. At Cape Canaveral, Fla., the Air Force went ahead with the long-anticipated maiden flight of the troubled X-37B space plane, which launches vertically into orbit on the back of an Atlas rocket but descends into the atmosphere and lands itself, as the space shuttle does. The X-37B has been in development for more than 10 years Original Article

Atomic Ayatollahs

If there was ever any doubt, it must be clear to everyone now that the Obama administration has no idea how to stop the Iranian regime from acquiring nuclear weapons. (Snip) Last week, Michele Flournoy, undersecretary of defense for policy, testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee that ''we are working to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons'' and told the solons that ''it's a top priority of the administration.'' But this week, she told a gathering of security officials in Singapore that military force is ''off the table in the near term.''
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Rev. Graham wrestles the Devil

Evangelist Franklin Graham said Thursday that he regrets the Army's decision to rescind its invitation to him for the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer service on May 6, but expressed "strong support" for the U.S. military. An Army spokesman confirmed to Fox News that the invitation to Graham to be honorary chairman at the event was rescinded amid complaints from Muslim members of the military about his description of Islam as an evil religion. The Army spokesman said the event will go forward but without the National Day of Prayer Task Force participating.
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Saudi girl, 12, divorces 80-year-old husband

Saudi girl, 12, divorces 80-year-old husband
Case spurs Islamic kingdom to consider minimum marriage age

Germany opens 1st drinking room for alcoholics

Keeping drunks off the streets
Germany opens 1st drinking room for alcoholics

Deadly new life-form emerging

Deadly new fungus emergingin Oregon expected to spread
Airborne new strain has killed nearly 1out of 4 known affected people so far

Dems Demonizing themselves

Demonizing themselves
Daniel Henninger looks at Pew report that spells disaster for pols in power

The only tea-party violence

Left Turn: Responsible Republicans are nearly extinct

Responsible Republicans are nearly extinct
Jacob Weisberg looks in vain for GOPers who are 'cooperative' with Democrats

Dairy gestapo rousts farmer

Federal agents invaded an Amish farm in Pennsylvania at 5 a.m. to inspect cow-milking facilities then followed up the next day with a written notice that the farmer was engaged in interstate sale of raw milk in violation of the Public Health Services Act.
A failure to correct the situation could result in "seizure and/or injunction," the warning letter from Kirk Sooter, district director of the Philadelphia office of the Department of Health and Human Services, told farmer Dan Allgyer of Kinzer, Pa., on Wednesday.
The farm invaded Tuesday is the one
agents visited in February, driving past "Private Property" signs to demand Allgyer open his property for their inspection, saying, " You have cows. You produce food for human consumption."
The case is being publicized by
the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association, which promotes traditional methods of linking farmers with consumers. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=144557

Picking up the human pieces of 9/11

While much of New York has tried to return to normal since September 11, 2001, the search for victims of the World Trade Center attacks goes on every day. In what some see as necessary and others see as excessive, anthropologists and forensics experts are sifting yet again through rubble for remnants of the nearly 3,000 people killed when two hijacked jetliners crashed into the twin towers. With buildings slowly being erected where the towers stood, the latest effort to comb through 844 cubic yards of debris Original Article