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Monday, May 31, 2010

Dancing With Demons

One of the great unresolved questions of recent history is why so many members of the Western left have become so besotted with, and apologetic for, ruthless totalitarian regimes. There have always been Western leftists who have idolised brutal regimes — be it the Soviet Union, communist Cuba or Islamist Iran —and preferred them to their own countries in the free and prosperous West. Others have documented this phenomenon, such as Paul Hollander in various classic works, including Political Pilgrims: Travels of Western Intellectuals to the Soviet Union, China and Cuba, 1928-78 (1981) and Anti-Americanism (1995).
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Israel recoils as US backs nuclear move

Washington's unprecedented backing for a UN resolution for a nuclear-free Middle East that singles out Israel has both angered and deeply worried the Jewish state although officials are cagey about openly criticising their biggest ally. The resolution adopted by the United Nations on Friday calls on Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and urges it to open its facilities to inspection. It also calls for a regional conference in 2012 to advance the goal of a nuclear-free Middle East.
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A Disaster With Many Fathers

Here's my question: Why were we drilling in 5,000 feet of water in the first place? Many reasons, but this one goes unmentioned: Environmental chic has driven us out there. Original Article

Who loves you, who loves freedom?

There are two life forces who were willing to die for you. Jesus Christ and the American soldier. One for your soul, the other for your freedom.

Obama resorts to evasion

Obama resorts to evasionon Sestak job-offer scandal
Rich Lowry: 'Something would shake loose if Justice Department began asking questions'

America's forgotten war

America's forgotten war
Bill Boyarsky: 'Nobody available to save Obama from himself in useless conflict'

House Un-Obama Activities Committee

House Un-Obama Activities Committee
Don Feder: Un-American left charging patriotic right with sedition

Declining value of college

Declining value of college
Exclusive: Vox Day recommends recent graduates rethink their assumptions

Proof! Federal spending depresses economy

Proof! Federal spending depresses economy
Exclusive: Roger Hedgecock shows why gov't 'stimulus' won't lead to prosperity

Left Turn: Stop blaming Obama!

Stop blaming Obama!
Exclusive: Ellen Ratner asks, 'What on Earth would you want president to do?'

Nobody's in charge

Nobody's in charge
Exclusive: Herman Cain condemns nation's terrible lack of leadership

Selective solemnity

Selective solemnity
Exclusive: Michael Ackley questions official's commitment to protecting Constitution

Greatest obstacle to border enforcement

Greatest obstacle to border enforcement
Exclusive: Chuck Norris reveals single largest barrier to fixing 'immigration mess'

A planned power grab?

Was economic collapse a planned power grab?
Europe clamors to expose Bilderbergers,alleged masterminds behind money woes

Economic growth vs. economic wellbeing

After reaching maturity, no entity can continue growing beyond its natural balance. If it does, it becomes obese or manifests cancer, i.e., aberrant cell growth that ultimately kills its host. The United States, whether it likes it or not, must move toward a stable population and a new paradigm that includes ‘steady state economics’.
Rob Deitz of www.steadystate.org speaks about “Economic Growth versus Economic Wellbeing.” I interviewed him on my radio show. He brings important points the American way of life.
Deitz said, “Here in the United States and pretty much around the world, we suffer from a sort of dementia. We have become confused about the difference between economic growth and economic well-being. The confusion is so deep seated that most of us, especially our leaders in business and government, believe that growth is the same thing as wellbeing.

Memorial to a Foolish President

Because of all the above, I found last year’s Barack Obama apologies to European nations for American arrogance to be particularly offensive. Arrogant men do not tread the shores of foreign nations and die for a cause called “freedom.” Arrogant men do, however, minimize such efforts… and even apologize for them. Perhaps men who have not served their nation via military service do not understand such things. Being a military man is quite different than being a community organizer, I guess....

1 The American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne, France; 2,289 American soldiers buried here
2. The American Cemetery at Ardennes, Belgium; 5,329 American soldiers buried here
3. The American Cemetery at Brittany, France; 4,410 American soldiers buried here
4. Brookwood, England American Cemetery; 468 Americans soldiers buried here
5. Cambridge, England; 3,812 American soldiers buried here
6. Epinal, France American Cemetery; 5,525 American soldiers buried here
7. Flanders Field, Belgium; 368 American soldiers buried here
8. Florence, Italy; 4,402 American soldiers buried here
9. Henri-Chapelle, Belgium; 7,992 American soldiers buried here
10. Lorraine, France; 10,489 American soldiers buried here
11. Luxembourg, Luxembourg; 5,076 American soldiers buried here
12. Meuse-Argonne; 14,246 American soldier buried here
13. Netherlands, Netherlands; 8,301 Americans buried here
14. Normandy, France; 9,387 American soldiers buried here
15. Oise-Aisne, France; 6,012 American soldiers buried here
16. Rhone, France; 861 American soldiers buried here
17. Sicily, Italy; 7,861 American soldiers buried here
18. Somme, France; 1,844 American soldiers buried here
19. St. Mihiel, France; 4,153 American soldiers buried here
20. Suresnes, France; 1,541 American soldiers buried here
This is a partial count of those American soldiers buried at these European cemeteries – and there are others – and it totals 104,366.

The Statue of Liberty, Part 3

The Statue of Liberty (SL) has seven pointed rays of light emanating from her head. As mentioned in previous Parts of this series, seven pointed rays of light are important in various ancient traditions, such as the Assyrian/Babylonian Semiramis, Roman Mithraic Mysteries, and Gnostic. In The Natural Genesis (circa 1881), Gerald Massey hypothesized that they "Seven-rayed Sun-god of the Gnostic stones" was also the "Serpent Chnubis" and "the second beast in the Book of Revelation." In addition, there is the Chaldean mystery of "the god of the Seven Rays," the seven rays of light (or knowledge) emanating from the body of the Agni (a Hindu or Vedic deity), and the seven-rayed star on breasts of the Knights of the Apocalypse (late 16th century Italian secret society). See "Seven Rays" in Wikipedia. http://www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennis182.htm
Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3,

Mt. Soledad Case

As Americans gather to remember and honor their war dead at veterans memorials in Memorial Day observances, there have been significant developments in the two most important cases pending regarding the ACLU’s attempts to destroy veterans memorials by Establishment of Religion Clause legal attacks brought on behalf of plaintiffs who complain they are “offended” by the sight of a cross honoring veterans. Those cases are: The Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial Cross Case and the Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial Cross case. They are certain to be landmarks affecting generations of Americans.
The first case, the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial Cross Case (Salazar v. Buono) involves a 10-year-long ACLU lawsuit attack on a memorial established by members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in 1934 to honor WWI veterans. It consisted of an unadorned eight-foot metal cross bolted on a rock outcrop known as Sunrise Rock, eleven miles off the highway in the desert.

Pen is mighty grateful to the sword

We will remember

We will remember
Exclusive: Barbara Simpson warns, 'Freedom is fragile, must never be taken for granted'

Remembering wars and warriors

Remembering wars and warriors
Pat Buchanan honors patriots who fought and died for nation through the years

Wake up, you so-called Christians!

Wake up, you so-called Christians!
Exclusive: Joseph Farah sounds alarm for 'foolish virgins in the church'

EU collapse changes prophecy?

European Union collapse:Doom for Bible prophesies?
Exclusive: Joel Richardson declares,'Christians may wonder what happened'

Look who else is tied to Nation of Islam ...

Look who else is tied to Nation of Islam ...
Exposed at last: It's not just Obama with deep connections to Farrakhan

Nation of Islam confronts Secret Service

Standoff! Nation of Islam confronts Secret Service
President's men in testy showdown with Farrakhan mansion security

European Antichrist?

Author: European Antichrist looking more and more unlikely
Says atheists will have field day with popular Bible interpretation

Sunday, May 30, 2010

2nd Icelandic volcano set to erupt

A second, much larger volcano in Iceland is showing signs that it may be about to erupt, scientists have warned.
Since the start of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, which caused cancellations of thousands of flights in Europe because of a giant ash cloud, there has been much speculation about neighboring Katla....Icelandic President Ólafur Grímsson has warned governments around Europe that a significant eruption at the volcano is close. "We [Iceland] have prepared ... it is high time for European governments and airline authorities all over Europe and the world to start planning for the eventual Katla eruption," he said.

Maher: 'I want a real black president'

HBO's Bill Maher: "I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. You know, this [BP oil spill] is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants. That's -- (in black man voice) we've got a 'motherfu**ing problem here?' Shoot somebody in the foot."
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Counting illegals for political profit

Official political innumeracy, enshrined in the census, steals our democracy. We count illegal immigrants the same as citizens and assign states congressional seats accordingly. This awards some states more representatives than they deserve. The census should, instead, count citizens separately, and Congress should reapportion representatives only on the basis of citizen populations. That would ensure that the votes of citizens in all parts of the country are as nearly equal as possible. Although this largely unrecognized problem doesn't garner headlines, the failure to fix the census may have greater consequences as our political realities change.
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OIl spill plus Sestak equal Obama roll

Two major stories out of the White House critically undercut President Obama's careful image as a skillful administrator navigating Washington with the highest ethical standards. The government's response to the BP oil spill and the administration's handling of Rep. Joe Sestak's claim he was offered a job to drop his Senate bid both put some tarnish on the Obama brand. "It shows once again the difference between being able to do and say things on the campaign and having to govern," said John Fortier, a political scholar at the free-market American Enterprise Institute.
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Attack on the 'salt of the earth'

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

With salt under attack for its ill effects on the nation’s health, the food giant Cargill kicked off a campaign last November to spread its own message. “Salt is a pretty amazing compound,” Alton Brown, a Food Network star, gushes in a Cargill video called Salt 101. “So make sure you have plenty of salt in your kitchen at all times.” The campaign by Cargill, which both produces and uses salt, promotes salt as “life enhancing” and suggests sprinkling it on foods as varied as chocolate cookies, fresh fruit, ice cream and even coffee.
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The end of the EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was right to say last week that the Greek crisis and its resolution are no longer just about the survival of the common currency, but about the survival of the EU. Merkel also repeated her recent mantra that the key challenge for Europe today is to assert the primacy of politics over economics. This is where she is wrong, repeating the fallacy that underpinned several ambitious recent EU projects, including the introduction of the euro, which exacerbated Europe's economic problems and exposed the unsustainability of its social model.
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1st Amendment covered in oil

Media organizations say they are being allowed only limited access to areas impacted by the Gulf oil spill through restrictions on plane and boat traffic that are making it difficult to document the worst spill in U.S. history. The Associated Press, CBS and others have reported coverage problems because of the restrictions, which officials say are needed to protect wildlife and ensure safe air traffic. Ted Jackson, a photographer for The Times-Picayune newspaper in New Orleans, said Saturday that access to the spill "is slowly being strangled off." A CBS news story said one of its reporting teams
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Wally World loss leaders wows the peeps

Wal-Mart is counting on $1 ketchup bottles and sub-$4 cases of Coke to get its low-price mojo back. The sharp cuts at its U.S. Walmart stores, which came ahead of Memorial Day weekend, have already pushed rivals such as Target into price wars. And the markdowns are expected to keep coming throughout the summer. They're one of the boldest moves the world's largest retailer is making to turn around sluggish business at its U.S. namesake chain and win back shoppers from rivals. The cuts aren't across the store but target 22 foods and other essentials
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Mysteries of the deep ocean

The impatient nation isn't getting answers fast enough in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster. What exactly went wrong? Who messed up? How much oil is pouring into the Gulf? Can the oil get to Florida and even up the Atlantic coast? What will the environmental and economic consequences be? Will the chemicals used to disperse the oil leave their own destructive legacy? As the oil spreads, people on the Gulf Coast, in Washington and elsewhere want answers in a New York minute. But these mysteries of the deep are not yielding easily. Original Article

Bill Clinton - Still a liar and idiot

Bill Clinton was all over the news Friday. He was identified as the go-between in a (failed) White House effort last year to get Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania to drop his (ultimately successful) Democratic primary challenge to Sen. Arlen Specter. And he was live, on stage, in Arkansas in a full-throated defense of embattled Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D). In Washington, of course, the Sestak melodrama got all the attention. But Clinton's efforts to save Lincoln from defeat in the June 8 primary runoff election against Democratic Lt. Gov. Bill Halter matters more, and is more interesting.
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Obama's future is read

Why, why did God put this oil here??

Video: Iwo Jima flag raising

Christianity was their guiding force

We have seen through the writings of the Founding Fathers, the actions of the Founding Fathers and the beliefs of the Founding Fathers that their religion, Christianity, was the guiding force in their lives. They allowed the Word of God to be THE dominate guide of their affairs. Today we see organizations like the ACLU doing everything that they can to separate any form of religion from government AND public domain. Was this what our Founding Fathers wanted? Is this how they ran their affairs? I want to look at the first inauguration that occurred in 1789. The New York Daily Advertiser reported the event as follows: “On the morning of the day in which our illustrious President will be invested with his office, the bells will ring at 9 o’clock, when the people may go up to the house of God and in a solemn manner commit the new government, with its important train of consequences, to the holy protection and blessing of the Most High.

Big agribusiness is porking you

The multinationals control the price of the items they sell at the retail level and they also control the price they pay for the raw product. The average price of beef at the retail level is over $4 a pound, yet the entire beef cattle industry is on the verge of collapse. We have fewer cattle in the United States now than we had in 1950; at the same time cattle feeders are losing from $100 to as much as $300 for each animal sold and the cow/calf producers are going out of business on a regular basis.

Tyrants agenda: Centralized Power

For generations, the U.S. government system has been and continues to be saturated with socialist, communist, collectivists, statists, centralist and globalist principles. Since the late 1800s, the agenda of concentrated power has not changed course but has only intensified. Any real and substantive change of power back to individuals, states body-politic and their state governments in its original form is as revolutionary as any other method of revolution and in fact cannot be accomplished as the union exist today.

Real Estate developers target 'gay' retirees

Developers target 'gay' retirees
LGBT seniors are opting to settle among their own

Fearing the U.S. dollar

Fearing the U.S. dollar
Exclusive: Porter Stansberry says 'this amount of debt isn't sustainable'

Dollar primed for collapse by end June?
Data charter sees dramatic, possibly dangerous parabolic trend in numbers

Oil disaster will mean new employment for many

Oil disaster will mean new employment for many
Exxon Valdez spill created 11,000 local jobs to support needs of cleanup workers

Why other airplanes could fall from sky

Why other airplanescould fall from sky
Revealed: The truth behind Air France disaster that killed 228 people

Swedes depart state church in droves

Swedes depart state church in droves
New figures indicate longer-term fall in members now hitting baptisms, weddings

Court: Human embryos 'not life forms'

Court: Frozen human embryos 'not life forms
'S. Korean jurists say OK use for research, disposal

Naked Swiss hiker seeks permission

Naked Swiss rambler seeksright to roam Alps in buff
Hiker refuses to pay fine after caughtwalking in nothing more than his boots

New World Order for AZ?

Border law opponents wantinternational fix in Arizona
'We reiterate our total rejectionof criminalization of immigration'

Lawmakers from Arizona who oppose their state's crackdown on illegal aliens are joining up with lawmakers from the Mexican state of Sonora to call on the Organization of the American States for a fix.
The Arizona statute, which essentially duplicates federal law to allow law enforcement officers to check the legal status of those they have reasonable suspicion may be in the United States illegally, has been targeted by Mexican authorities.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coming: Criminalizing traditional morality

'Conservative' media fiddle while the military burns
Robert Knight takes pundits to task for avoiding progress of 'gay' agenda

Barney Frank and his friends are rolling their tanks through Congress while everyone is talking about something else. As we reel from one crisis to the next, homosexual activists and their allies are muscling through their agenda, with nary a peep from the nation's conservative talking heads.

Glenn Beck's departure from Fox News, Part 2

Glenn Beck's departure from Fox News, Part 2
Exclusive: Robert Ringer asks if 'Obamafia' might orchestrate muzzling of TV host

Obama dribbles oil

Anti-American fools make us all fools

Burt Prelutsky is right. Since the election, I have talked less to liberal friends, and when I am around one (or more) I do watch what I say. I also agree with him in viewing those who support this administration as unpatriotic. We only feel bad because the anti-Americans got us Americans to believe that it is wrong to call them anti-American; we were browbeat into no longer calling a spade a spade. It is funny the double standard the left gives themselves.
I have seen a socialist woman, at a party, start a sentence praising candidate Obama and finish the sentence hoping someone would have "thrown an IED at Bush instead of a shoe." This is what we get for allowing anti-Americans to take over the government and the voice of the nation. Only if Americans rise up and regain their voice will we be able to save a once God-blessed nation and bring it back into His favor.

Left Turn: Blame Reaganism for our problems

Blame Reaganism for our problems
Robert Parry indicts 'anti-government ideology at home and tough-guy policies abroad'

Obamacare taking on water

Obamacare taking on water
Jeffrey H. Anderson reveals how law is becoming more unpopular by the week

The American century is so over

Irrespective of their politics, flawed leaders share a common trait. They generally remain remarkably oblivious to the harm they do to the nation they lead. George W Bush is a salient recent example, as is former British prime minister Tony Blair. When it comes to foreign policy, we are now witnessing a similar phenomenon at the Barack Obama White House. Here is the Obama pattern.
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Time To Press The Bull Sh*t Button

The Sestak "Explanation" Time To Press The Bull Sh*t Button

One would think that the President of the United States would have enough respect for the people who put him in office to offer an explanation that was remotely believable. The White House (and Joe Sestak agreed) released an explanation of the Job offer. Rahm Emanuel, sent Bill Clinton to meet with the Congressmen to offer an unpaid advisory position to Sestak, which he would hold along with his congressional job. The Letter Issued by the White House Attorney Robert Bauer (Embedded Below) says in part....
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Truck loads of counterfeit Christians

A large number of Christians are unaware that literally truck loads of counterfeit Christians have gained access to pulpits, wormed their way into Church leadership, Christian organizations and are deeply entrenched in the so-called Christian entertainment industry. Call them what you will--false teachers/prophets, liberals/progressives, cultists, misinformed, misled, even looney tunes--the one thing they all have in common is that they have strayed from the truth.
Unbiblical teaching has been going on since the early church took root. Peter cautioned that “there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction” (2 Peter 2:1).

This is it - the fall of nations

Observing the pop culture, its glittering, ephemeral pleasures and terrors from stadiums to geopolitics, generated by the distraction machine of media imagery one sees the obsessive drive to become a composite beast. Or, as von Kleist expressed it in a parable two centuries ago, “to eat again of the tree of knowledge” and gain the grace of unselfconsciousness, the grace of an animal or a god. “But that’s the final chapter in the history of the world…”

Like traditions, moral norms, economies and families centered on a husband and wife, the borders of nations are collapsing. One also could say they are being treated as obsolete, relegated to the dustbin of history. This is more than bad faith; it is the logic of culture.
The ancient Hellenistic fascination with shape-changing and transformed identity has a lot to do with the modern collapse of norms and boundaries of all kinds. The Dionysian aspect of this process hints that political dissolution leads to total fragmentation.
A world of eight or ten power blocs, with boundaries and names retained to beguile the memory and corral the thought of those still able to pay attention, and to numb the rest of the herd with reiterated clichés is effectively in place. A spectral entity called “the United Nations,” a virtual fig leaf for the managers of the masquerade is the template onto which a still living world will be “etherized upon a table” as “the West” completes its ancient project of idealization and metamorphic fusion to become a well-oiled “artifice of eternity.” They may even craft and set a golden bird upon a golden bough to sing to the drowsy emperor in the imperial city.[1]
This is elementary material and I will not here review political ephemera that vary with the seasons. It is more useful to examine the cultural roots from which boundary collapse results, and the yearning for transformation and mindless unity that fosters and still drives it. It is a double-bind: the more disorganized and fictitious things are, the more a thirst for the coherence and reassurance of unity grows.
Perhaps the most important concept in the first chapter of the Hebrew Scriptures is “and He separated” (it’s one word in Hebrew) which complements the reiterated phrase, “according to its kind.” These acts of distinction continue when the Creator brings all the beasts before Adam to receive their proper names and Adam notes that he needs a mate according to his kind: not an eagle, bull, river or goat but a woman.
The key points are distinctions, discriminations, boundaries and the propriety, identity and peace they sustain. Without boundaries there is no peace (“good fences make good neighbors”), no respect for property and, in fact, no identity, only a blob of throbbing emotions in a digitalized light-show of pop rapture; only cultures slopping into each other at soggy borders. World progress is a congeries of personae stamping through virtual lives vulnerable to management by various oligarchic guilds.
Rousseau’s theory that an individual should yield his rights to “the General Will” to become a “persona ficta” and his polemic that only a created identity is ‘true’[2] (a new version of the Platonic notion that ideas are “real”) boosted this process and created the “identity politics” and image-dominated aesthetics of the modern - postmodern era; but he didn’t start it, it long antedates his work. The etymology of idea means “to see a pattern or image.” Ancient Hellenic sensibility dominates our society through very basic concepts and words, filling our discourse with magic, disorder and dissolution.
When Zeus wanted to inseminate Leda, he took the form of a swan. Enhanced by the “audience in the shepherd’s hut,” the jealous competition of Hera, Athena “the spoiler”[3] and Aphrodite resulted in the Trojan War. When Zeus desired Europa, the princess from Sidon in what once was northern Israel he took the form of a tame, snow-white bull. Absconding with the princess to Crete, he took her and she bore Minos, the king whose wife, Pasiphae lusting for a bull (it must have been a heritable taste), clothed herself in a cowhide and conceived the Minotaur, a composite beast that dwells in the labyrinth of fantasy and feasts on humans. Conducting an amour with Semele, princess of Thebes, Zeus came as lightning in a cloud. Too hot for her to handle, he snatched the infant Dionysus from her womb and, after maturing him in his thigh set him loose to organize marauding bands of wild women who “abandoned the hearth and loom” to run the mountains with animals and tear beasts and men apart.[4] A group of maenads outraged that the singer of art’s magical harmonies, Orpheus, preferred young boys to women, pursued and tore him apart. Dionysus, the life force whose general principle was to know no boundaries thought this a bit much, and transformed the maenads into trees.[5] Change, fantasy and erotic trauma are our inheritance from Greece: Aristotle is a shell.
The head of Orpheus is the idealized image (a ‘global society’) that has set itself above the cultural ‘body’ from which it conceived a new identity (same root as “seeing patterns” and of “it”). The transposition of life into imagery decapitates culture through its magical displacements and fictions. Falling in love with fantasies, life dissolves.
One can read about Iphis, “a girl, a virgin, yearning for girl and virgin,” for the maiden Ianthe; how she and her mother prayed to the Queen of Heaven, Isis and suddenly “she was no virgin now but a young bridegroom.” Juno (Hera) and Venus (Aphrodite) came to the wedding and the new couple lived happily ever after in the artifice of myth and its source, the imagination and its appetites.[6] In ancient Greek, identity and identical are from the same root; the human and his image are both “that one” (id), in some sense, “the same” (idem). This fundamental confusion and doubling is virtual reality’s source and the loss of the most essential boundary, self from image, truth from fiction.
It is instructive to contrast the orderly process of discriminations and boundary-setting in Genesis (indeed throughout the Books of Moses) with the earliest Hellenic account of the origin of the universe. It’s called, “the generations of the gods” and its scrambled erotic relationships indicate the instability, and unstable fusion at the core of the West:
First of all there came Chaos, and after him came Gaia of the broad breast to be the foundation of all the immortals who keep the crests of snowy Olympus, and Tartaros the foggy in the pit of the Earth, and Eros who is love who breaks the limbs’ strength, who in all gods, in all human beings overpowers the intelligence in the breast…from Chaos was born Erebus, the dark, and black Night…But Gaia’s first born was Ouranos, the starry sky to cover her all over…[7]
Gaia is the Earth; Ouranos, the sky, is both her “first born” and her consort. Gaia schemes with their son, Kronos to help her castrate her husband/eldest son. Flung from the marital bed, “the immortal flesh” mixed with ocean water to form Aphrodite, “a modest lovely goddess.” This is the original transfiguration of the West: castrated male members mix with brine to produce the goddess of love, embodiment of Eros, “murderous Aphrodite, mistress of deceit” and “the sweetnesses of love, and flattery.”[8]
In regard to transfiguration and doubling, one myth claims that the Trojan War actually was fought over a likeness of Helen fashioned by Hera in order to rid the world of the burden of mankind, and to avenge her jealousy of Aphrodite. So Helen is confused with her “perfect copy” or clone while she herself, secluded in Egypt is taken for a “living image” of herself. Like the myth of Aphrodite’s violent formation it is the original metamorphosis, virtual reality, displacement of life by an image, and endless, or near-endless war fought over images and sexual transgression. Magic displaces miracle.
The basic principle of ancient Hellenic (Greek is what the Romans called them; the West follows the Roman lead in this) sensibility was metamorphosis. Usually prompted by erotic trauma, transformation has a geopolitical and ideological aspect in possession and displacement of one culture by another. This is what imperial Rome and its borderless successor did to ancient Israel and what “the Quartet,” via a series of client regimes, does to Israel today. It is an intrinsic part of the process of destroying boundaries and identity.
The Hellenic impulse to metamorphosis, idealization and rapture is rooted in Dionysian energies that cannot abide limits or boundaries of any kind. This explains the intense antinomian emphasis of the West. It also explains its extreme instability: not only is a metamorphic sensibility based on the displacement of life by images unstable and conducive to trauma and terror, it also contradicts the insistence on boundary and discrete identity in Judaism which the universal church, piggybacked on Roman imperialism lassoed into its new dispensation. Its ethical basis is a de-contextualized Judaism which cannot comfortably sub-serve a borderless cult of rapture and sanitized Dionysian communion. Oil and water do not mix. The graft is unstable: the metamorphic, antinomian Greek element has been rejecting its Hebrew root from the outset. This has expressed itself in the voluminous history of Western heresies and the myriad losses of faith and norms from the West’s formation to postmodernism. It expressed itself in the collapsing boundaries, in all cultural fields that distinguish modernism. “Globalism” is simply another replacement theology, an image or cult of aesthetics which horrifies many of those who follow the creed from which it sprung as neo-paganism, Modernism, rises.
“When the Supreme One gave the nations their inheritance, when He separated the children of man, He set the borders of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel”[9] the reference being to the number of people of the house of Jacob – Israel who went down with him to Egypt.[10] There are seventy nations in the world and all the ‘initiatives’, policies and ‘democratic voting’ in the spectral fiction signify only that the world is in a late stage of displacement of life by imagery, of the absorption of life by artifice and virtual formulations.
The leaders of advanced nations do not enforce their borders to enhance their control of inchoate masses but also because they are rooted in the compulsions of the West to shape changing and rapturous dissolution. It is not simply for money, power (the most alluring being the power over the bodies of others) and all they bring. It is because the directors of the grand game, the powers and spirit of the West inherit the compulsion toward transgression, boundary erasure, possession and mindless communion inherited from its Hellenic roots and hastened by its forced marriage to Hebraic cultural material that remains fundamentally alien to it.

Observing the pop culture, its glittering, ephemeral pleasures and terrors from stadiums to geopolitics, generated by the distraction machine of media imagery one sees the obsessive drive to become a composite beast. Or, as von Kleist expressed it in a parable two centuries ago, “to eat again of the tree of knowledge” and gain the grace of unselfconsciousness, the grace of an animal or a god. “But that’s the final chapter in the history of the world…”[11]
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We are entering the state that follows history, the dominion not of the hunger artist but of the panther, symbol of “the beautiful blond beast” and companion of Dionysus. Europa, her name taken by “the greatest of all continents”[12] means “expansive” or “imperial gaze”; via cultural rape, the West generated the Minotaur and its labyrinthine schemes that like “appetite, the universal wolf…first consumes the world and last eats up himself. Chaos follows the choking.”[13] Boundary transgression means anarchy, violence and then tyranny, including the tyranny of images over life.
Eugene Narrett is the author of Culture of Terror: the Collapse of America

God's definition of happiness

God's definition of happiness
Exclusive: Greg Laurie draws key distinction between Bible's view, culture's view

Religious or spiritual people tend to be happier people. But I would take it a step further and add that godly people are happy people. According to the Bible, if we seek to know God and discover his plan for our lives, we will find the happiness that has eluded us for so long. In other words, happiness does not come from seeking it, but from seeking him, because "Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!" (Psalm 144:15 NKJV). God built us to turn to him and find our fulfillment, our contentment and our happiness in a relationship with him.

'Earn this!'

'Earn this!'
Exclusive: Dave Welch considers the ultimate sacrifice of America's warriors

Hey, this Cato Institute is doing something!

Hey, this Cato Institute is doing something!
Exclusive: Pat Boone urges support for think tank 'leading the fight against big gov't'

Pulitzer biography is a real prize

Pulitzer biography is a real prize
Exclusive: Joseph Farah recommends new book about 'workaholic' media titan

Artistic parasites

Artistic parasites
Exclusive: Patrice Lewis trashes notion 'creative types' should get Joe Sixpack's money

The Liberal-Fascist Axis

The Liberal-Fascist Axis
Exclusive: Ellis Washington talks of progressives' appreciation for Hitler's killing ways

Public sentiment: Become American again

Public sentiment: Become American again
Star Parker quotes Fox's Roger Ailes in characterizing mood of U.S. citizens

The Obama race card

The Obama race card
Exclusive: Tom Tancredo asks if tired charge of 'racist' will prevent impeachment

Barack Obama's new world order

Barack Obama'snew world order
Exclusive: Henry Lamb sees intent to sapU.S. sovereignty, redistribute U.S. wealth

Court accused of covering for Obama

Court accused of covering for Obama
Judge appears to be stonewallingscandal linked to White House

Friday, May 28, 2010

Rahm means 'Elite Liar'

So what can we, or should we, learn from the long moment Rahm Emanuel spent standing in front of the Western Wall, with his son Zach - one hand on the teen who was celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, the other on the cool stones, his eyes welled up in tears? Can this be crowned as the "Jewish moment" for the man who has the ear of U.S. President Barack Obama, the man who was known as a pro-Israel Congressman, but of late, as Chief of Staff at the White House, was accused in Israel of being pro-Palestinian...
Original Article

Leave Arizona Alone

Exactly when is our wealthy neighbor to the south going to quit meddling in our immigration policy and begin caring for her own people? As a Southern Arizona Mexican-American, I'm sick of politicians calling for boycotts and intruders demanding that my tax dollars pay for their freebies. It's all about votes and money -- not human compassion, as they would have you believe! For the record, I am a lifelong Democrat and danged proud of my Mexican heritage. In fact, I served on Governor Janet Napolitano's first-term Latino Advisory Committee.
Original Article

Slingin' the president's ass

President Obama refused to discuss the details Thursday of whether his administration offered a Democratic congressman a high-ranking government job to stay out of a Senate primary race, promising reporters that they would receive a response soon. “There will be an official response shortly on the Sestak issue, which I hope will answer your questions,” Obama said when asked about the matter at the end of his first full White House press conference in about 10 months. Obama, who took 10 questions, was asked about the charges made by Rep. Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania Democrat,
Original Article

Obama Bacon

“I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give.” - Thomas Jefferson. Having dramatically expanded the role of the government in your doctor’s office and your bank this year, the Obama administration is turning its attention to your kitchen. Sara Burrows, a reporter for the Carolina Journal, reported on the ramifications of the Obama administration’s war on salt...
Original Article

Obamanoids use kids

"Malia knocks on my bathroom door and, she peeks in her head and she says,'did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?'"

- President Barack Obama, May 27, 2010 White House Press Conference

Obama proves his limited intellect

Repeat the Mantra! Repeat it! Repeat it! - Sean Hannity Discussion

I noticed during the Obamanoid press conference He mentioned that the Gulf oil leak is the first thing He thinks about in the morning & the last thing He thinks about in the evening before hitting the sack.
He said the same thing - using almost the exact words - in another situation & another "crisis."

"My job right now is just to make sure that everybody in the Gulf understands, this is what I wake to in the morning and this is what I go to bed at night thinking about." - Pres. Barack Obama, today at press conference."

President Obama wakes up in the morning and he goes to bed at night thinking about how to make people's lives better- how to create that enivronment for creating jobs..." - Robert Gibbs, Jan. 20, 2010

"My greatest responsibility is the security of the American people. It's the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning. It's the last thing I think about when I go to sleep at night." - Pres. Barack Obama, Sept. 11, 2009

VA screwing with our Vets

This seems to be the philosophy of the Veterans Services (VA) administration. Just recently I interviewed Dick Phenneger www.vstnow.org, a leading, whistle blower, former vet and business man, who has investigated health care abuse to our veterans for many years at the hands of the VA. He shared enough violations and horrors with the VA against our troops that I couldn’t help thinking about the dreaded IRS. In my view, both should be gutted and started again with an emphasis in common sense, real service and ethics. Oh…..but back to the bigger than life problem.
Let me cut to the chase and give you a few bottom line facts regarding the VA.
First problem:
Records have been and are being destroyed. Back in 2009, a VA office in Detroit turned in 16,000 unprocessed mail and 717 unprocessed documents that were stuck in storage and hadn’t even been looked at. Many other documents were found in shredding bins, not just in one office but in several regional offices. Phenneger stated during our visit on my national radio show www.therothshow.com (listen to archive, dated May 25th, 1st hour www.therothshow.com) that almost 100% of the time that the typical response of the VA to inquiring and needy Vets seeking care is that ‘we do not have your records.’ Naturally, the responsibility and problem falls again and again on the needy vet, not the out of control, disorganized and corrupt VA that has actually lost, burned, shredded or misplaced the forms!

The goal of tyrants

The goal of tyrants has always been to centralize power unto themselves. Alexander Hamilton admits this much: “This tendency is not difficult to be accounted for. It has its origin in the love of power.”[1] While nation and empire building inevitably lead to destruction and breakup of the political structure, tyrants always believe themselves to be the exception to the rule, not to mention the exception to God’s rule. Thus, as they begin losing control, their grip becomes all the more tighter and firmer. In the process, millions of lives are slavishly destroyed.

Saving the military from 'gay death'

There is a simple reason why the gay rights lobby is trying to rush through repeal of the Pentagon’s homosexual exclusion policy. They know that a comprehensive review of a proposed change would disclose the substantial evidence that admission of open and active homosexuals would put our troops in further danger through exposure to tainted blood. In fact, evidence to this effect is already in the hands of top military commanders and Pentagon officers.
The Pentagon understands that 19,000 soldiers already have HIV/AIDS and that some -- if not most -- came down with the deadly disease through prohibited gay sexual conduct. It is common sense that opening the ranks to open and active homosexuals would only increase this problem.

Obama's Katrina agenda driven

Yes, the Gulf spillis Obama's Katrina
Karl Rove: 'Why has the White House been so slow with decisions?'

Pinebox Syndrome

The slow death of religious freedom

The slow death of religious freedom in America
Rick Ungar sees 'hatred' of Islam behind opposition to mosque near Ground Zero

Freedom Rx

The prescription: Voteinovemberica
Stuart Shepard offers treatment for Americans experiencing loss of freedoms

Left Turn: Rand Paul's political career

The collapse of Rand Paul's political career
Bill Press targets candidate over his 'extreme brand of libertarianism'

Man the barricades!

Man the barricades!
Exclusive: Larry Klayman speaks out against 'evil' in gov't that has Americans fed up

Is it 'Moran' or 'Moron'?

Is it 'Moran' or 'Moron'?
Exclusive: Ilana Mercer blasts 'progressive' lawmaker in car crash with illegal

Liberal 'friends'

A shrinking pool of liberal friends
Exclusive: Burt Prelutsky finds himself maintaining relationships by biting his tongue

Rush Limbaugh vs. the Obama faction

Rush Limbaugh vs. the Obama faction
Exclusive: Alan Keyes identifies 'the greatest gift the great Provider bestowed' on U.S.

For the Obama faction, enforced acceptance of homosexuality serves an immediate strategic purpose in support of their campaign to establish totalitarian socialist rule in the U.S. But for those (and I count Rush Limbaugh among them) who fight to save America's free way of life, it promotes a concept of rights that undermines both liberty and the moral understanding that makes it sustainable.

Glenn Beck's departure, Part 2

Glenn Beck's departure from Fox News, Part 2
Exclusive: Robert Ringer asks if 'Obamafia' might orchestrate muzzling of TV host

Immoral left

Intimidation nation
Exclusive: David Kupelian on the immoral left's No. 1 tactic – and how to beat it

Biden time in Brussels

Biden time in Brussels
Exclusive: Joseph Farah sets 'nincompoop' veep straight about capital of free world

Something rotten in PA

Something rottenin Pennsylvania
Pat Buchanan asks probing questionsabout alleged bribe of congressman


Human-animal hybrids in life vs. death struggle
Science-fiction fantasy becomes reality in labs

In what may seem more like a Hollywood science-fiction plot, as in the forthcoming movie "Splice," lawmakers are trying to prevent scientists from combining human and animal embryos to make "human-animal hybrids."
In "Splice," two scientists defy ethical boundaries and splice together human and animal DNA to create a new organism, also known as a chimera. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=159325

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Language of extremism or free speech?

On Friday’s Need to Know on PBS, co-host Jon Meacham – also of Newsweek – devoted the show’s regular "In Perspective" segment to highlighting "anger" and "hate" felt by some conservatives toward President Barack Obama, and included examples of protesters and anger expressed toward liberals. He began the segment by raising the possibility of violence resulting from "extremism": "Perhaps we should not be much surprised anymore about the language of extremism. But we can't let the prevalence of far-out rhetoric dull us to its pernicious and possibly violent effects."
Post Reply

Obama Open to Puerto Rico Statehood

President Obama is open to the idea of Puerto Rico becoming a state, Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli said at a meeting of a task force devoted to issues related to the U.S. commonwealth. "The president strongly believes that the status question is a significant one" Perrelli said at this week's meeting of the President's Puerto Rico Task Force. "He also believes that Puerto Rico's status must be based on self-determination by the people of Puerto Rico. And we on the task force are here with open minds on this issue." Original Article

Plugging a socialist piehole

Liberals and vampires: Birds of a feather

Liberals and vampires: Their uncanny similarities
Don Feder: They both want to suck the life out of you

1,200 Guard troops – ooooh!

Left Turn: A book Rand Paul should read

A book Rand Paul should read
Michael Lind: Work 'destroys any distinction between private and public discrimination'

Barack Obama: A black Svengali

Barack Obama: A black Svengali
Exclusive: Erik Rush sees hope for breaking president's mesmerizing powers

Fire Obama in 2.5 years!

Recently, Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano said she had secured the border from illegal immigration. What a crock! Obama said, “Arizona’s new law is misguided.” What stupidity! Attorney General Eric Holder thinks it may violate the Constitution. If he read it, he would know it replicates the U.S. Constitution statutes!
We face our own elected president and congressional critters that refuse to enforce our laws. Fire all of them in November! Fire Obama in 2.5 years!

Some things are better felt, than telt

History is what connects the generations. We no longer teach real history in America's schools. Once the truth gets filtered through the lens of politically-correct thought we find out that we, and our children, no longer share the same perspective on America. I was taught about "Honest Abe", Washington's cherry tree, and The Minutemen of Lexington. Our kids today are learning about the Exxon Valdez, Che Guevara, and Global Warming. The most effective way to divide the generations is to change the heroes.
Heck, how can you possible study history without doing at least a chapter on Jesus Christ? Not the Savior Jesus, but simply the man Jesus. Has anyone revolutionized the world to the degree that the "man from Galilee" did? You will look long and hard to find a unit on him in any of your children's history books. That is what the textbook battle in Texas is all about. Our heroes define our culture. http://www.newswithviews.com/Daubenmire/dave196.htm

How Obama got into Harvard

How Obama got into Harvard
Exclusive: Jack Cashill asks where Barry would be if his dad had been from Kentucky

The lava-lamp Congress

The lava-lamp Congress
Exclusive: Craige McMillan describes how members sit in slime, then bubble to surface

Who's more abusive: Congress or Wall Street?

Who's more abusive: Congress or Wall Street?
Exclusive: Jackie Mason asserts it's the 'thieves' on Capitol Hill who are robbing us

America's sheeple: Driven by emotion

America's sheeple: Driven by emotion
Exclusive: Phil Elmore defends those who don't expect the state to take care of them

Obama's kinder, gentler 'death panels'

Obama's kinder, gentler 'death panels'
Exclusive: Jane Chastain spotlights intent of doctor likely to be in charge of rationing

What did the president know?

What did the president know?
Exclusive: Joseph Farah applies Watergate standard to Obama scandal over Sestak charge

Letting Rand Paul twist in the wind

Letting Rand Paul twist in the wind
Larry Elder wallops 'conservatives' who refused to back candidate on liberty issue

Why Glenn Beck isn't crazy

Why Glenn Beck isn't crazy
Aaron Klein dares doubters to read new book

Glenn Beck Leaving Fox News

Glenn Beck's departure from Fox News, Part 1
Robert Ringer says 'Washington oligarchy' can't long abide 'real-life version of Howard Beale'

Rush I will be destroyed eventually

Rush: I know I'll bedestroyed eventually
Radio giant fears not only for his life,but also his wealth, accomplishments

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Green Reality: A conspiracy of physics

I ride my bike to work. It seems so pure. We're constantly urged to ''go green'' -- use less energy, shrink our carbon footprint, save the Earth. How? (Snip) ''The world consumes 200 billion barrels of hydrocarbons per day. We would have to find the energy equivalent of 23 Saudi Arabias.'' Bryce used to be a left-liberal, but then: ''I educated myself about math and physics. I'm a liberal who was mugged by the laws of thermodynamics.'' Bryce mocked the ''green'' value of my riding my bike to work:
Original Article

Living in Obama's Loony Parallel Universe

According to my psychoanalyst, I have issues. She believes our nation's dichotomous political climate and divisive political dialogue is affecting my mental state and I'm beginning to show a "disconnect." It's disconcerting to confess that you're coming unhinged -- to admit you're losing touch with reality and are living in some loony parallel universe. Just this month, famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking expressed his belief that humans are capable of time travel. No kidding. Welcome to my world.
Original Article


Imagine -- graduating from an influential military academy. Graduation Day comes, and America's finest are forced to respectfully endure oratory drivel, spoken by a left-wing radical loosely disguised as a president. That is exactly what West Point cadets were subjected to at the 2010 commencement address delivered by Barack Obama. Elite American soldiers/scholars were informed by the Commander-in-Chief that defending America is now on par with the advancement of Obama's unique vision for "international order."
Original Article

Washington is ignoring America

Washington isn't listening. The disconnect between the American people and the agenda being advanced in Washington is growing by the day. When Americans have spoken up, their voices have fallen on deaf ears. Political expedience and partisan allegiances have repeatedly trumped the priorities of the American people. Americans wanted jobs, but instead Washington passed a "stimulus" that has failed to keep unemployment below 8 percent as promised -- while producing countless instances of government waste. Americans wanted lower health care costs, but instead Washington passed a health care law that will actually increase costs and hurt our economy.
Original Article

Obama's early vortex

56% now have this guy's number

No empire can sustain itself

Pastor Baldwin asserts that “[t]he breakup of the US in inevitable! Short of another Great Awakening, nothing can stop it.” Well, I wonder if anything “in the course of human events” (as the Declaration of Independence put it) is truly “inevitable”, if enough people, sufficiently committed to another outcome, oppose it. And, as Pastor Baldwin himself correctly observes, “freedom-loving people are reaching a point of frustration—and even fury”. So maybe a new “Great Awakening”, in the political sense, is actually emerging.

The fruits of weakness

The fruits of weakness
Charles Krauthammer on Obama appeasement: 'This is an America in retreat'

Maybe Obama is fixing oil spill

Why obey federal laws?

If the federal government refuses to enforce the federal immigration laws, why should any federal laws be obeyed? What is the point of having any laws if they are ignored or selectively enforced at the government's whim? If the laws of our land are indeed selectively enforced, doesn't that violate our most sacred legal precept: equal protection under the law?
Obuma and his administration have repeatedly refused to enforce our immigration laws, which resulted in Arizona coming up with its new law, which mirrors federal law. When it comes to equal protection it even goes further in protecting against racial profiling, the most common complaint from the liberal left. Obuma has ordered his Justice Department to conduct a review as to the constitutionality of the new law. When questioned about it by Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, Attorney General Holder admitted that he did not know what the bill said as he had not read it. This is all to common among D.C. politicians and bureaucrats. High ICE officials in the Obuma administration are now saying that they may not process any of the illegal criminals that are brought in by the local Arizona police. If ICE is not going to enforce the law when these criminal are just handed to them, what's the point?
The president now wants to know what went wrong on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He has appointed a commission to see if we need new laws or if our laws were just not enforced. I would speculate that the laws were not enforced, as that seems to be the modus operandi of the government regulators. That is, unless the blowout was just an accident due to an unexpected and uncontrollable release of methane hydrate. It should also be pointed that the lead agency for enforcing these laws, the United States Coast Guard, has seen its budget cut and may lose 3,000 jobs this year alone. The point is, what good will any new laws be if the government, regardless of which party is in charge, just ignores them at their whim?
Ken Lowder

Left Turn: Honoring Dr. 'Killer' Tiller

Honoring Dr. Tiller
Nancy Keenan praises late abortionist for helping those in 'heart-breaking circumstances'

Cpl. Klinger and Barney Frank

Cpl. Klinger and the Barney Frank Brigade
Cliff Kincaid covers implications of 'don't ask, don't tell,' HIV-tainted battle blood

Uncle Ho and the 2-state solution

Uncle Ho and the 2-state solution
Exclusive: Chuck Morse shows how Palestinians took effective advice from Vietnamese

Supreme Court to Kow-Tow?

Would Justice Kagan continue bowing to her 'boss'?
Nat Hentoff worries about lawyer's defense of Bush-era policies Obama has continued

Minimum-wage cruelty: The beat goes on

Minimum-wage cruelty: The beat goes on
Walter E. Williams updates federal law's impact on American Samoan workers

Illiterate Dems: Ignorant yet opinionated

Illiterate Dems: Ignorant yet opinionated
Exclusive: Molotov Mitchel shares entire 16-page Arizona immigration law

Path to over-the-counter abortions

On the path to over-the-counter abortions
Exclusive: Jill Stanek warns of new pill that could help normalize RU486

Democratic tolerance now extends to liars

Democratic tolerance now extends to liars
Exclusive: Barry Farber looks at Connecticut AG's 'just kidding' moment on Vietnam

Convenient religion?

Convenient religion? Not on my watch!
Exclusive: Chrissy Satterfield thumps the left for attempt to use pulpits to push policy

A conspiracy of physics

A conspiracy of physics
John Stossel shows how realities of science make 'green' energy unworkable

Obama STARTs to disarm America

Obama STARTs to disarm America
Phyllis Schlafly urges Senate to kill agreement that limits U.S. defenses

Bill Clinton plays Obamanoid fool

Bill Clinton plays the eligibility fool
Exclusive: Joseph Farah shames ex-prezover recent birth-certificate comments

Lawmakers to hear 'Bilderberg conspiracy'

Once considered a "conspiracy" theory, the secretive story of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergs – tycoons worth more than the combined wealth of all Americans – will be told in public before the European Parliament.
Author Daniel Estulin, whose work
"The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" has sold millions of copies, has been invited to present an unprecedented speech before the European Parliament in Brussels June 1 on the subject of the secretive cabal.
"This is an opportunity to bring Bilderberg into the mainstream," Estulin said. "A subject that was once considered to be in the domain of conspiracy theories is now being taken very seriously indeed."
Here's your opportunity to get the full report: "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" by Daniel Estulin
He was invited to speak by Mario Borghezio, Italy's most senior member of the parliament, considered one of the most powerful legislative bodies in the world.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Socialism: The New Feudalism

Exactly which side of the political spectrum is dragging us toward the past? Recently Bill Maher said on his show, ''Democrats in America were put on earth to do one thing: drag the ignorant hillbilly half of this country into the next century, which in their case is the 19th...'' (Snip) The left should study history and the rhetoric of a distance political system called Feudalism. Many people have a misconception that the early socialist thinkers like Jean Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels were original thinkers, writing ideas about collectivism and equal sharing of property. Original Article

North Korean Crime Family Elite

A group of offspring of senior North Korean communist and military leaders, including Kim Jong-il's sons, have been linked by Western intelligence authorities to Pyongyang's illicit activities around the world, including distribution of counterfeit $100 bills and drug trafficking. The unofficial group, known as ''Ponghwajo'' (''Torch Group''), is led by Oh Se-wan, the son of a senior leader in North Korea's National Defense Commission. That senior leader, Gen. Oh K*k-ryol, is also a key player in the succession of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to his son Kim Jong-un. The group, which operated internationally and inside North Korea until at...
Original Article

Why Obama Won’t Be Meeting with Jesus Christ

Jen’s post on the White House rabbinical meetings contained this summary of the rabbis’ input: [Rabbi Jack] Moline said the major responses from the rabbis were to urge Obama to visit Israel, to express some concern of there being a double standard for Israel and to tell Obama that they were not “confident from the President himself that he feels Israel in his kishkes.” The rabbis thus echoed the request that 37 Jewish Democratic lawmakers made in their own meeting with Obama last week: go to Israel and give a speech (“Message: I care”).
Original Article

How stupid are WE?

Textbooks, true as Texas Toast

Textbooksa la Texas
William Murchison cheers education board for sticking to its guns on curriculum

Rand Paul flavored tea

Newt: Global puppet

I agree with your analysis of Newt Gingrich. This RINO is a long-standing, card-carrying member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
The CFR believes the United States should surrender their sovereignty to the United Nations. Newt is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Don't listen to what Newt says; watch what he does when he cozies up to Nancy Pelosi and other radical liberals.
He is not about to go against the goals of the CFR. It is my opinion that he is being used by the New World Order puppetmasters to deceive the American people into voting for him, knowing that when he is elected president, he will continue to carry on the goals of the CFR.
America, get informed about what the stated goals of the CFR are, and you will know why Newt is a card-carrying member of this treasonous organization. Please don't be fooled by what he is saying. His actions speak much louder than his words do!

If freedom dies in America...

Last week, Assistant Secretary John Morton, Department of Homeland Security, I.C.E. Division, went on record stating his department would not necessarily process illegal aliens referred to I.C.E. by Arizona authorities.
Even though his boss, Janet Napolitano, has admitted she hasn't read the law, knows nothing about the law, Morton quipped, "I don't think the Arizona law, or laws like it, are the solution."
Really? Isn't that just amazing because Arizona SB 1070 mirrors federal law already in existence. A law, almost identical to Arizona SB 1070, has been in effect in Prince William County, Virginia for three years.
So what John Morton is really saying is that he will not enforce existing federal law, or at least not in Arizona.
Has John Morton been fired for his comments? No, he hasn't.
Why not? Why is John Morton still drawing a taxpayer-funded paycheck when he refuses to do his job?
People might find John Morton's comments regarding illegal aliens, made in Chicago two days prior to his comments about Arizona, most interesting because in making those remarks Morton makes it very apparent that Also Known As (AKA) Obama's treatment of Arizona is very deliberate, very exclusionary, very discriminatory, very selective....


On Saturday, President Barack Obama took center stage during graduation ceremonies for the U.S. Military Academy's Class of 2010 and preached his message for the creation of a new "international order" to about 1,000 new officers.President Obama pledged to shape a new, international order based on global cooperation and partnerships that address not just military, but also economic and environmental challenges. While making his comments to men and women very likely to serve and command in Iraq, Afghanistan or other theaters of the Global War on Terrorism, Obama stressed the differences between his warfighting strategy and that of his predecessor, President George W. Bush.Right out of the gate, President Obama made certain to distinguish Bush's foreign policy as a "go-it-alone" approach. Obama told the graduating cadets, "The U.S. must shape a world order as reliant on the force of diplomacy as on the might of its military to lead."

Andrew Napolitano takes talks obtuse

Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for the Senate in Kentucky, says he backed out of Sunday’s “Meet the Press” appearance because he was fearful of liberal media attacks. But avoiding the media won’t stop the questions about the candidate’s controversial views and associations. These include 9/11 conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano, who was recently on Fox News claiming that Arizona’s new immigration law has made it into a Nazi state.
Going beyond anything the far-left “progressives” have said about it, Napolitano claimed the Arizona immigration law, which was crafted with an eye to constitutional challenges, would bankrupt the state because of the costs of enforcing it. He then went on the Alex Jones show to repeat these and other wild criticisms of the measure. Ironically, these comments were judged too extreme even for Alex Jones, a 9/11 truther who raised money for Rand Paul and appears regularly on the Kremlin-financed Russia Today television channel. http://www.newswithviews.com/Kincaid/cliff419.htm

The Greeks get it

The Greeks get it
Chris Hedges blames Europe's economic woes on 'a global, white-collar criminal class'

Today's constant scapegoating

Today's ubiquitous scapegoating
Thomas Sowell looks at practice of assigning blame for people's misbehavior

The world is a cruel place, really

The world is a cruel place
Dennis Prager spotlights leftism's influence in the global derision of America

Obama and Mexican defame US

Obama and his Mexican guest rip 1 of the United States
Exclusive: Les Kinsolving slams Calderon for lecturing Americans about immigration

Homeschoolers rule

Homeschoolers rule
Exclusive: D.J. Dolce has advice for U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul

Why I'm 'worse than Joe McCarthy'

Why I'm 'worse than Joe McCarthy'
Exclusive: David Kupelian on why millions don't complain about Obama's radical ties

The war over America's truth

The war over America's past
Pat Buchanan asks of Texas curriculum battle, what's so wrong about telling the truth?

How the White House destroyed the Gulf

How the White House destroyed the Gulf
Exclusive: William Hunt lists several points of inaction by feds post-explosion

Obama's secular socialist legacy

Obama's secular socialist legacy
Exclusive: Mychal Massie warns of Elena Kagan's potential long-term impact

Obama is soul - damaging

Sapping the lifebloodfrom America's soul
David Limbaugh: Redistributive changeby prez 'is destroying the human spirit'

Monday, May 24, 2010

Afraid of Elena Kagan? You Should Be

From the Harvard Law Record, via Ed Whelan, we learn that Elena Kagan considers Israeli supreme court justice Aharon Barak her "judicial hero." According to Kagan, Barak "is the judge who has best advanced democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and justice." However, it would appear that Kagan's judicial hero actually has very little regard for the rule of law and, indeed, is the antithesis of what a judge should be. That, at least, has been my understanding of Barak. It is also the view of Judge Richard Posner, and he makes a compelling case...
Original Article

Let Israel Keep Samson Option

The governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency next month are to discuss nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, the target perversely being the one country in the region whose atomic threat is zero. That is, of course, not Iran, which has been defiantly enriching weapons-grade uranium. It's Israel, which may or may not possess the bomb as a last-ditch deterrent against being overrun by a ring of enemies. For almost half a century, the U.S. has backed Israel in cloaking its nuclear capabilities in doubt. This strategic ambiguity has enhanced regional stability
Original Article

Obama Speaks His Covert Self-Truths

President Obama used a teleprompter for his West Point commencement address, which means that he took the occasion seriously. What he said, however dull and clichéd, represents not just the sometimes-flighty emanations from his remarkable brain, but also United States policy at large. (Snip) The speech, marked by Obama's frequent slouching into the passive voice, may reflect the fact that the president had little intellectual or emotional sympathy for the ranks of cadets in front of him. Still, his words, however prosaic, matter. Right off, by way of a lame joke about cadets on restriction, Obama claims "absolute power" as commander-in-chief to "absolve" them, managing in a single phrase to mangle the Constitution (nobody in this country has absolute power over anything) while also going into full messianic mode (who but God can truly absolve?).
Original Article

Kagan a lesbian? No just undesirable

Kagan is a smart woman. And in Dowdworld, conservative men loathe smart women, while many right-thinking men of the left acquiesce to their sexual stereotypes, so eager are they to prove that -- as celebrity and conservative chef Gordon Ramsey would put it -- they have "bollocks." And so, when there were hints that the nominee was gay, Dowd said the weenies of the White House (all males other than Obama) created this "pre-feminist fugue": she's not lesbian, just "undesirable" and "unmarried."
Enter Maureen Dowd. Washington hath no fury like a New York Times columnist with a ruffled worldview.
Original Article

Disaster in the Gulf: Blame Palin

ABC News on Sunday marvelously absolved President Obama of any blame concerning the Gulf oil spill by bashing former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. After "World News Sunday's" opening segment about the crisis and how local citizens are being impacted, anchor Dan Harris said, "As we reported, the President is turning up the heat on BP, but the President is also feeling some heat himself with many critics questioning the way the White House is handling this crisis." Original Article

Mark Twain: Of Racism and a Comet

Exactly a century after rumours of his death turned out to be entirely accurate, one of Mark Twain's dying wishes is at last coming true: an extensive, outspoken and revelatory autobiography which he devoted the last decade of his life to writing is finally going to be published. The creator of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and some of the most frequently misquoted catchphrases in the English language left behind 5,000 unedited pages of memoirs when he died in 1910, together with handwritten notes saying that he did not want them to hit bookshops for at least a century.
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Prison State: Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles – you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Slowly, ever since the departure of Mayor Richard Riordan in 2001, the parade of inept mayors and spineless city councils have dragged the city into a morass. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has always been an empty suit, a smirking, glad-handing fool of epic proportions with a history of questionable ethics. Besides successfully lobbying President Clinton to commute the sentence of a convicted cocaine trafficker, Villaraigosa pulled a John Edwards by allegedly fooling around
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Real, traitorous sedition

Over the past week we witnessed presidential and congressional disloyalty without precedent in American history, events that should be indelibly imprinted on the American electorate's collective memory. For the first time (at least to this writer's knowledge), a foreign head of state who is promoting an ongoing, aggressive, illegal, and often violent invasion of America came to our country, met with our president, and, from the White House itself, received our president's implicit but obvious public support for that invasion
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President of the Aliens

Mexico’s Calderon confabulation

Last week, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon derided America’s immigration laws. He admonished Congress NOT to enforce our immigration laws. He demanded they be changed to fit his needs.
What might those needs be? He demands a continued human exhaust outlet for his overpopulated country. He expects a continued and growing $25 billion in cash transfers from his working drones into his corrupt coffers. He wants Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law repealed while his own country wreaks havoc in that state and every state in the union where over 14 million Mexicans reside illegally.
They cost Americans $346 billion annually across 15 federal agencies while they abuse U.S. laws. (Source: Edwin Rubenstein report)

Religious roots of Columbia

The treaty between America and England, which took two years to finalize, acknowledged the strong Christian heritage of our Founding Fathers. It began “In the Name of the most holy and undivided Trinity. . .”
Today it seems that any proclamation by the government that references religion brings a ton of lawsuits claiming the separation of church and state clause that isn’t in our Constitution. When word reached America concerning the finalization of the treaty, there was a celebration planned. Congress assigned three people to prepare a proclamation for a day of prayer and thanksgiving. Congress approved the proclamation and distributed it among the states. This proclamation stated:
“Whereas is has pleased the Supreme Ruler of all human events to dispose the hearts of the belligerent powers to put a period to the infusion of human blood proclaiming a cessation of all hostilities by sea and land . . . And whereas in the progress of a contest on which the most essential rights of human nature depended, the interposition of Divine Providence in our favor has been most abundantly and most graciously manifested, and the citizens of these United States have every reason for praise and gratitude to the God of their salvation. Impressed, therefore, with an exalted sense in the blessings by which we are surrounded, and of our entire dependence on that Almighty Being from whose goodness and bounty they are derived, the United States in Congress assembled, do recommend to the several states. . . a day of public thanksgiving that all the people may then assemble to celebrate with grateful hearts and united voices the praises of their Supreme and all bountiful Benefactor for His numberless favors and mercies . . . and above all that He has been pleased to continue to us the light of the blessed Gospel and secure to us in the fullest extent the rights of conscience in faith and worship.”

Traitors to sell D.C. area homes

Dr. Rand Paul, son of freedom icon Ron Paul, defeated his Kentucky primary opponent Secretary of State Tray Grayson with 59% of the vote, a massive victory over a candidate enthusiastically endorsed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The victory not only proves that McConnell has precious little political capital left in his home state but also sends an unmistakable message on behalf of an angry nation: Those who have betrayed the founding principles of this country by voting to expand government beyond its constitutional limits are at high risk of ignominious defeat in the upcoming elections.
Those who have betrayed this nation by dishonoring their oaths to uphold the Constitution might do well to put their expensive D.C. area homes on the market now to improve their chances of selling them before the next election. It might also be wise for them to avoid renewing their country club memberships and making any other lavish expenditures. Their stay here in Washington may well be cut short. The days of hypocrisy paying large dividends appear, at last, to be numbered. When they leave elected office and seek lucrative employment in lobbying firms, they may well find the competition great as their fellow politicos line up for the same positions. Better to go home and get a real job, albeit at much lower pay and with far fewer perks. http://www.newswithviews.com/Emord/jonathan133.htm