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Mike Corthell
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Globalism’s promises...

Reduce the surplus population

''Globalism’s promises of unlimited well-being, transcendence to one’s higher self, and universal brotherhood are compellingly seductive; however, in the end, a one-world religious system as enforced by the false prophet obliges all to worship Antichrist or face certain death for noncompliance. From biblical perspective, to join this order guarantees spiritual death.''[16]

Some might not like to hear this, but attempting to beat down the system is as useless as pounding molehills with a baseball bat. As I understand biblical eschatology, one-world government is a given. Rome will revive; and world financiers, acting as “kings without kingdoms,” will rule with a global Prime Minister of sorts for a predetermined and bounded time span.[17]
It is by God’s permission that Satan empowers malevolent men and seducers to advance their errant agendas;[18] nonetheless, in God’s time, and with the brightness of Christ’s coming, the enemy’s schemes will be revealed and utterly paralyzed.[19] Even as dark clouds gather and loom overhead, Christians are all the more empowered to overcome evil and to fulfill their destinies simply by retaining spiritual purity.
Christians’ Two-Fold Charge: Use It for Good and Restrain It
While living in this world, Christian believers are not party to it.
[20] In his first letter to the church at Corinth, Paul allowed using the whole world order (cosmos) for godly purposes as long as they not overly use it, or rely on it wholly.[21] With eternal citizenship elsewhere, believers are as pilgrims; they remain riveted to their Lord more so than to a world system destined in time to pass away.[22]
Perhaps unexpectedly, twenty-first century global trends have much to offer Christian Kingdom-builders. For example, open borders promise ease of entry for Bibles and ministers of the gospel. Technological genius and limitless information invite broad access to biblical knowledge on big or small screens, in radio, and by means of the Internet. The universally spoken English language facilitates networking while abundant resources/cashless transactions support/assist global ministries of transformative spiritual impact.[23] http://www.newswithviews.com/Rae/debra184.htm

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