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Mike Corthell
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Stinging Realization

-Hang the man and flog the woman that steals the goose from off the common,but let the greater villain loosethat steals the common from the goose.
The law demands that we atonewhen we take things we do not own,but leaves the lords and ladies finethat takes things that are yours and mine.-

''Wealth is produced by labor and the safest place for that wealth is in the hands of the laboring not in the vaults of the wicked. The laboring has been coned yes we, or at least most of us, fell for the hook; the living good and easy life lie. Isn’t the big con the greater crime? When did their crime become legitimate? Does anyone have the right or power to make a crime legal? Isn’t their confidence scheme a crime every step of the way and more so after completion? How long will we let this crime continue?''

We’ve all seen Hollywood portraying extremely clever and elaborate confidence schemes. Here we will expose the biggest sting of all time along with the remedy. The people that devise the sting recruit the best people money can buy. That gang of thieves instead of using violence fools the victim into willingly giving up their wealth. Conspiring together they set it up hoping to bring their transgressions of trickery to advantageous completion. Little by little the mark is brought in to their fraudulent scheme unsuspectingly. Yes they must, with lies, promises, and much propaganda, keep the marks oblivious and away from the light of truth.
To accomplish their misdeeds they advance slowly as they appeal to the mark’s covetousness earning his confidence and trust. The deception in all its complexities instills in the mark a prospect of some type of gain. Any benefit received by the mark only creates contractual bonds. They slowly inch toward their goal for one slip up and all is lost. After the sting is completed they leave their victims holding a bag filled with nothing of value. In Most cases the mark still not realizing what has happened gives time for the perpetrators to remove evidence, close up shop, and leave town.
Friends of liberty it is us that had entered into an unholy contract with blood thirsty confidence men. You may not like it and they certainly hate this testimony but I must tell you because their deeds are evil and knowing these things builds courage.
What we had and should have was free market economics where we would buy, sell, and trade things of comparative value. Our medium of exchange, money, had value that was virtually unchangeable. Goods, services, and a value based medium of exchange are the ingredients of a free market economy. Money changed hands and goods and services moved to where demand drove them. Anyone was welcome in this free exchange of value for value and everyone seeking betterment took part. Parity in exchanges by common working folk made America’s economy the greatest boom to mankind ever. The most important duty of government is to protect the righteous and punishing the wicked living with and using the economy. As America grew in wealth and power, it was eyed by the con men. http://www.newswithviews.com/guest_opinion/guest178.htm

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