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Thursday, June 30, 2011

All Geek to Me

General Henry Knox Museum to Honor Al-Jazeera

''Local activists want the board and trustees of the museum to cancel the appearance and offer a public explanation and apology for how this occurred.''

The General Henry Knox Museum is honoring a representative of Al-Jazeera, the channel associated with various terrorist organizations, on July 28 on the stage of The Strand Theatre in Rockland, Maine. The museum says that an intimate Gala dinner and reception will follow at 7:30 p.m. at Camden National Bank’s historic Spear Block location in Rockland.
Knox played a significant role in the American war for independence from Britain and was close to General George Washington.
The idea of an American museum devoted to patriotism honoring a representative of a foreign-funded channel, described by Middle East experts such as Walid Phares as “Jihad television,” is not going down well in Maine and across the country. The most visible public face of Al-Jazeera Arabic is the anti-Semitic cleric, Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who approved suicide bombings against Israeli civilians and American military personnel in Iraq.
“Oh Allah” he preached in January 2009 to millions of Al-Jazeera listeners, “count their numbers [the Jews], and kill them down to the very last one.”
Dr. Judea Pearl said he once thought that Al-Jazeera could be a force for good in the world but came to believe otherwise, based on its track record in promoting anti-American and anti-Jewish propaganda. He has also warned of the expanding influence of Al-Jazeera English. “Even if Al-Jazeera English waters down its sister network’s alarmist content, it should still be seen as a potential threat,” he says. “It will bestow respectability upon the practices of its Arabic language network in Qatar, which continues, among other things, to broadcast Sheik Qaradawi’s teachings, frequently, consistently and prominently.” Dr. Pearl’s son, journalist Daniel Pearl, was murdered by Al-Qaeda.
The grass-roots organization,
Act for America, headed by Brigitte Gabriel, is mobilizing to oppose the appearance of Abderrahim Foukara, the Washington Bureau Chief of Al-Jazeera, at the event in Maine.
Gabriel is the author of two New York Times best sellers, Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, and They Must Be Stopped: Why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it. The recent Act for America conference in Washington, D.C. attracted hundreds of activists and featured speeches by such figures as Rep. Allen West, one of the most forceful advocates of resistance to the global jihad.
An Act for America chapter leader in Maine, who didn’t want her name used publicly for fear of retribution from radical Muslims in the area, told Accuracy in Media that the event with Abderrahim Foukara is an outrageous affront to the mission of the museum itself. “General Knox was an American revolutionary war hero,” she said. “Al-Jazeera is an anti-American propaganda channel that has served as a mouthpiece for Arab/Muslim terrorist organizations killing Americans in the Middle East. Al-Jazeera has the blood of countless American soldiers on its hands.”
She noted evidence, publicized by Accuracy in Media in a special report, of Al-Jazeera’s ties to terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. “These are terrorist organizations that target Americans and Israelis for death for opposing the global Jihad. Under no circumstances should an American museum devoted to an American revolutionary war hero and General be honoring a representative of this terror channel.”
Local activists want the board and trustees of the museum to cancel the appearance and offer a public explanation and apology for how this occurred. MORE: http://www.newswithviews.com/Kincaid/cliff532.htm

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waiting for Answers

''There are also seasons when the Lord wants to stretch and grow our faith. One of the ways He accomplishes that is by having us watch for His response.''

Scripture makes it clear that our heavenly Father hears and answers prayer. Yet we all experience times when, though we pray for God to act right away, He does not. What are some reasons for the delay?
At times the Lord sees that our attention is misdirected. Our relationship with Him should have priority over any earthly matter (
Mark 12:30). Yet minds and prayers can become so fixed upon a need that our gaze shifts away from Him. The Father may delay His answer until we refocus on Him. In other situations, God waits because the timing is not right for granting our request. Perhaps certain events must happen first, or people’s thinking needs to be changed.
There are also seasons when the Lord wants to stretch and grow our faith. One of the ways He accomplishes that is by having us watch for His response. The Holy Spirit will work in these times of waiting to mature us and bring forth righteous fruit (
Gal. 5:22-23).
Other reasons are a wrong motive for our request (
James 4:3) and the practice of habitual sin. We all fall short when it comes to God’s standard of holiness, but some of us persist in a lifestyle of disobedience. The Lord may delay His answer so He can prompt us to confess our sin and turn back to Him.
Waiting on the Lord isn’t easy—faith and trust are needed (
Heb. 11:1). If His answer is delayed, check that 1) your focus is on Him, 2) your motive for asking is God-honoring, and 3) you aren’t practicing habitual sin. Then believe that His response will be for your good and His glory. http://www.intouch.org/magazine/daily-devotional

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Estados Unidos los Hispanos

California means ''hell''

''By 2050, according to Census figures, thanks to illegals crossing over and legalized mass immigration, the number of Hispanics in the USA will rise from today's 50 million to 135 million. Say goodbye to Los Angeles. Say goodbye to California.''

Early this month, Etgar Keret of the New York Times attended a match between Beitar Jerusalem, which is associated with right-wing Israeli politics, and Bnei Sakhnin, the only Arab-Jewish team in Israel's first division.
Keret volunteered to a loud, visibly anxious Arab he met, "It's only a game," and got this blistering reply: "For you, maybe, because you're a Jew. But for us, soccer is the only place we're equal in this stinking country."
Throughout the game, Israeli and Arab fans shouted ethnic slurs and curses in the other's
language to be sure they were understood. As Keret writes, "The bad blood between the two teams has caused many of their matches to end in rock-throwing brawls."
"Soccer is often more deeply felt than religion," says Franklin Foer, author of "How Soccer Explains the World." "I don't see tribalism ever really disappearing. ...
People are almost hardwired to identify as groups. And ... group identity always runs the risk of being chauvinistic."
Which brings us to Saturday's match in the fabled Rose Bowl, with 93,000 in attendance, between the United States and Mexico.
According to Bill Plaschke of the
Los Angeles Times, when the U.S. team took the field it was "smothered in boos. ... Its goalkeeper was bathed in a chanted obscenity. Even its national anthem was filled with the blowing of air horns and bouncing of beach balls."
How did U.S.
coach Bob Bradley respond to the reception his team received in America's largest county? "Obviously ... the support that Mexico has on a night like this makes it a home game for them."
"A home game" for Mexico – in Pasadena?
"It's part of something we had to deal with," said the coach.
"I have never heard more consistent loud cheering for one team here," wrote Plaschke, "from the air horns to the 'Ole' chant with each Mexico pass, all set to the soundtrack of low throbbing that began in the
parking lot six hours before the game and continued long into the night."
After the 4-2 win by Mexico, for the first time, the trophy award ceremony was held in the Rose Bowl. When the losing U.S. team was introduced, the stadium rocked again with boos.
"We're not booing the country. We're booing the team," one rooter for Mexico told Plaschke. "There's a big difference."
But why would scores of thousands boo a defeated team after a game?
Why would spectators raise a ruckus during a national anthem, except to manifest contempt for the country whose anthem it was?
U.S. goalkeeper Tim
Howard credited several Mexican players with the win, but he was disgusted at how the officials conducted the ceremony awarding the Gold Cup title to Mexico.
They "should be ashamed of themselves," said Howard. "It was a disgrace that the entire post-match ceremony was in Spanish. You can bet your (expletive) that if we were in
Mexico City, it wouldn't be all in English." Read more: Say goodbye to Los Angeles http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=316201#ixzz1QZErJDnx

Monday, June 27, 2011

Stop the Clocks

'Stop the Clocks'

Breaths taken on a crisp autumn day
A lover's sighs in the midst of passion

A child's cries in the middle of the night
As time ticks away the pleasures of life

Childhood dreams pass in dismay
Adolescent romances diminished to nothing

A beautiful day ending in a fight
As the clock chimes the disappointments in strife

Stop the clocks, the passing of the day
Let time stand still and capture this moment

Sealed with a kiss under pale moonlight
Forever together as man and wife

© 2004 Mike Corthell All rights reserved.

It's Official!

''Yes, it's official. I am now only
the second worst president - Thanks Barack!!''

Before you mail; Hail Allah!

''But behold: Even in the West Wing faculty lounge, they don’t really buy this fairy tale. That’s why such pains were taken to give Osama bin Laden a fastidiously Muslim funeral, during which American naval personnel actually prayed for Allah to pardon him and grant him every blessing of paradise before feeding him to the sharks.'' Andy’s excellent article on Saturday argued, among other things, the absurdity of U.S. military efforts to follow Islamic law in our wars in the Muslim world.
It turns out that the civilian branch of the U.S. government is also doing its part to comply with Islamic law as part of the war effort. In a statement that could have been lifted from the website of the embassy of Saudi Arabia, the U.S. Postal Service
website uses sharia guidelines to list what is forbidden in packages sent from America to U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan:
Military Mailing Restrictions
Learn what you should — and shouldn’t — send to our troops.
Before you send a letter or package to one of our military service members overseas, make sure you’re aware of the restrictions. Mail addressed to military and diplomatic post offices overseas is subject to certain conditions or restrictions regarding content, preparation, and handling. Although there are specific restrictions for each five-digit Military and Diplomatic Post Office ZIP Code (APO/FPO/DPO), generally, the following are prohibited in the region of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom:

Obscene articles (prints, paintings, cards, films, videotapes, etc) and horror comics.

Any matter depicting nude or seminude persons, pornographic or sexual items, or nonauthorized political materials.

Bulk quantities of religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith. Items for the personal use of the addressee are permissible.

Pork or pork by-products.
Military Restrictions For specific restrictions and mailing prices to an APO/FPO/DPO address, visit the Price Calculator. You can also call 1-800-ASK-USPS or consult your local Post Office™.

So there ya go...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dog Sunday

Hot Earth or Cold Earth: Which Will It Be?

''Changes to the jet stream also affect local temperatures, as it moves cooler air upward across Europe. The jet stream is dependent on ozone levels in the atmosphere, which in turn can be affected by either solar radiation or by volcanic output in the atmosphere. The debate still rages as to how big of an effect each of these factors play.''

Our sun may be on the verge of a relatively long snooze, as researchers have found solar energy output could decrease in the coming decades. Though the dip in solar activity isn't expected to reverse climate change and plunge Earth into a cold snap, similar phenomenon have happened in our planet's history, scientists say.
Some researchers say that changes in
sun activity caused the "Little Ice Age" from 1500 to 1800 — during the chilliest part of this cooling trend beginning in 1645, the sun reached its 75-year Maunder Minimum, when astronomers found almost no sunspots. But the connection between solar activity and Earth's climate remains largely mysterious — scientists are not sure how much of a role the Maunder Minimum played in fueling the little ice age.
And despite media claims in recent days that global cooling is imminent, experts don't expect a repeat of the little ice age anytime soon.
"It turns out this would be a very minor impact on the climate, even if we were to return to Maunder Minimum conditions," climate scientist Michael Mann, of Pennsylvania State University, told LiveScience. "That would only lead to a decrease in about 0.2 watts of power per square meter of the Earth's surface — that compared to greenhouse forcing, which is more than 2 watts per meter squared. That's a factor of 10 larger." [
The World's Weirdest Weather]
Predicting solar activity
When researchers refer to solar activity, they generally mean the number and intensity of sunspots, which are dark, cool, magnetically twisted areas on the sun that sometimes erupt violently and send streams of charged particles into space. This activity ebbs and flows in an 11-year cycle.
Even while approaching the next peak in the cycle, a typically storm period called solar maximum that's due in late 2013, the sun seems to be entering a
decreased solar output phase, new research has suggested, one that might all but eliminate sunspot activity during the next cycle, which hits its maximum again in 2022. The data supporting this come from three separate analyses of sunspot activity, solar jet streams and the magnetic field. http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20110625/sc_livescience/globalwarmingorlittleiceagewhichwillitbe;_ylt=AqfTEeYfVjQKCq4x3Mo1SI.s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTRsaXVtcGlsBGFzc2V0A2xpdmVzY2llbmNlLzIwMTEwNjI1L2dsb2JhbHdhcm1pbmdvcmxpdHRsZWljZWFnZXdoaWNod2lsbGl0YmUEY2NvZGUDbW9zdHBvcHVsYXIEY3BvcwM5BHBvcwM2BHB0A2hvbWVfY29r

Friday, June 24, 2011


Churches promoting Islam

"Even more chilling is the fact that over 300 prominent Christian leaders signed a letter issued by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture claiming that world peace is dependent on Muslims and Christians recognizing 'Allah' and 'Yahweh' as the same God. This letter, titled 'Loving God and Neighbor Together,' was written in response to a signed document by 138 Muslim leaders titled 'A Common Word Between Us and You.' McLaren, Warren, Robert Schuller and Bill Hybels were just several of the signatories to this outright betrayal of Christ!" he said. Dozens of churches, from Park Hill Congregational in Denver to Hillview United Methodist in Boise, Idaho, and First United Lutheran in San Francisco to St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church in Honolulu, are planning to send "a message both here at home and to the Arab and Muslim world about our respect for Islam" with a time to read the Quran during worship this Sunday.
It's not just wrong, but dangerous, according to Christian trends analysts.
The aim of the program, which is promoted by social activists behind the
Faith Shared website, is to counter the message from Islamic activists who say opposition to their religion is the product of what they call a cottage industry of hate.
So the Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First is calling on Christian clergy to read portions of the Quran during their services Sunday.
"Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad" – Hal Lindsey explains how 4,000-year-old struggle exploded on America's shores
The readings, supporters say, will "counter the anti-Muslim bigotry and negative stereotypes that have erupted throughout the country in the past year and led to misconceptions, distrust and in some cases, violence."
Not so fast, says apprising.org religious trends analyst Ken Silva.

"I would think they need to have their spiritual heads examined. It's foolish to think that we're going to read something that originates with demons and read that in a Christian church," Silva said.
The action amounts to "spiritual treason," he asserted.
Pastors of participating churches declined to discuss their programs with WND. But Silva said, "Second Corinthians 6:14-18
(the verse warning against partnering light with darkness) says we're forbidden to do that kind of thing. It's one thing to be friendly with someone in Islam, but it's a whole other thing in a Christian community to be reading something that is antithetical to Christianity and is hostile to Jesus Christ himself." Read more: Shocker! Churches promoting Islam http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=314661#ixzz1QBexxSLq

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Come an' See Us! - New Hampshire

Hell? Hell no! We won't go?

''Simon, sitting across the dinner table, and the prostitute at Jesus' feet both knew who Jesus was. The difference was, Simon was weighing whether Jesus was really better than he. The woman crying at Jesus' feet had no illusions about her life. She wanted what Jesus had to offer.''
If you were looking for an ideal place and time to reintroduce the idea that hell doesn't exist and that the early Christian church got it all wrong – today in America would be absolutely perfect. Pastor Rob Bell, a "seekers" mega-church pastor has done so ("Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived"). Bell doesn't argue – at least not yet – whether Jesus came to die for the sins of the world. He just thinks that Jesus' death saved everybody from hell – whether they're Hitler or Gandhi.
The secular world has long focused on heaven and hell as being the good and bad places you go after you die, depending on how you lived your life. The idea is that God throws all your "works" on the balance, and it tips in one direction or the other. Thus Jesus becomes completely unnecessary.
The only problem with that view is that God gave his standards to the Jews a long time ago. It's called the Ten Commandments. As God told Moses: Ten simple rules. Just keep all of them for your entire life and we're buddies!
Unfortunately, the list proved more difficult than at first thought. And given God's standard of perfection – all ten, all the time – well, if you busted one, why not just go for it?
God understood this, and a religious class developed to facilitate sacrifices from the less-than-perfect, so they could give it another go. Which they did. Over and over again. For a long, long time.
The situation became somewhat like an eighth-grade dance: God in his perfection on one side of the room, and all of humanity in their many varieties of imperfection on the other. The system just wasn't working, and nobody was having any fun.
That's pretty much the world Jesus came into – and turned upside down. The professional religious class, which had developed books and books of rules over the years and argued about all of them among themselves, were suddenly united: This guy has to go!
The problem was, the crowds of ordinary people Jesus preached to had grown rather fond of being healed of their infirmities, forgiven their sins and seeing the dead raised in front of them. And since the religious class could do none of these things, Jesus' continued existence became a real threat to their prosperity and position in life.
It didn't help Jesus' networking efforts that he humiliated the religious elites with his questions about their rules – while they were still naive enough to enter into those debates with him.
So they killed him.
Depending on how you've sifted out the truth and lies of this world, the story ends there. Or it continues on, because the hundreds of people who saw Jesus alive that first Easter told us the truth and accurately recorded what they saw and heard.
In one sense, Rob Bell is right: Jesus did die for every human being who has ever lived, or who ever will live. That's the offer: If you can't live a perfect life, don't worry about it. Trust that I did, and that God is good with that. Then let's get to know each other.
Have you ever made an offer to buy a house? Until the other party accepts your offer – it's just that. An offer. If the seller doesn't accept your offer, don't plan on moving in next month, because it ain't gonna happen! And don't bother taking out a loan and paying off the mortgage – because you're never going to live there.
There are a lot of Bible verses that could be cited to show that salvation is an offer awaiting an acceptance before it activates. The verse I'm going to cite probably isn't among them. I like it because of its human honesty.
Click and scroll down to verse 36, in the seventh chapter of Luke.
Simon, sitting across the dinner table, and the prostitute at Jesus' feet both knew who Jesus was. The difference was, Simon was weighing whether Jesus was really better than he. The woman crying at Jesus' feet had no illusions about her life. She wanted what Jesus had to offer.
Ultimately, heaven will be filled with those of us – who like the woman weeping at Jesus' feet over her life – have no illusions about just who we are. The Simons will be very rare.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Dog

America's Christian Roots are Deep

''America has never been perfect, but Capitalism, not Communism, has endured the test of time. When I was growing up, no one quoted former Communist or Socialist leaders. Americans quoted from great men like: George Washington, Sir Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. The world looks toward America as the last hope for the free world. But, are we still the land of the free and home of the brave and is our motto still “In God We Trust?”''

Colleen Rogers wrote:
"But, a deity should not be in our Pledge of Allegiance, anyway. It is not necessary for the government to endorse and promote a religious view. The government should be neutral when it comes to religion and let the free marketplace of ideas debate the question of whether or not a deity exists."
Colleen needs to crack open a history book and learn something about the country she lives in. America has never been "neutral on the question as to whether a deity exists." Nor should we be. America was founded on Christian values, by Christians who consistently referred to the religious foundations of this country. Consider these words and the name of the person who spoke them:
"The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity."
– John Quincy Adams
Every one of the Founding Fathers and great figures in American history referred to Almighty God and to Jesus Christ in their writings and speeches. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Jay, John Quincy Adams, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, James Madison, William Penn, Noah Webster, Alexander Hamilton, etc. All spoke of the founding of this country as being a gift from God, and each praised the Christian religion and insisted that this country follow the precepts of Christianity. In fact, in 1782 Congress voted on a resolution that stated: "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools."
When the Founding Fathers referred to "The Creator" and "Divine Providence" in the Declaration of Independence, and to "the year of our Lord" in the Constitution, to whom precisely does Colleen think they were referring, if not God? They prayed to Him for guidance while establishing our Constitution.
The Supreme Court ruled in 1970 (in Aronow v. United States) that "It is quite obvious that the national motto and the slogan on coinage and currency 'In God We Trust' has nothing whatsoever to do with the establishment of religion. Its use is of patriotic and or ceremonial character and bears no true resemblance to a governmental sponsorship of a religious exercise." Another Supreme Court case (Zorach v. Clauson) held that America's "institutions presuppose a Supreme Being" and that government recognition of God does not constitute the establishment of a religion.
Anyone who claims that America is not a Christian nation founded by Christians crediting God Almighty for blessing us with our unalienable rights and freedoms is simply living in denial of reality.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I Love Ann Hart but...

''Miss Coulter was too busy cheering on the Red Faction of the bifactional ruling party in a futile attempt to elect John McCain to bother speaking out against the Republican elite's rejection of economic reality, small government principles, the U.S. Constitution and the American people. On the other hand, WorldNetDaily's two libertarians, Ilana Mercer and myself, wrote no less than 10 columns attacking TARP and the treacherous Bush bailouts during those two months. When viewed from this perspective, Ann Coulter calling libertarians "cowardly frauds" looks rather like Anthony Weiner calling Pope Benedict XVI a perverted exhibitionist.'' I am always intrigued when conservatives, many of whom genuinely believe themselves to be devoted to human liberty, make a point of attacking its most principled and consistent advocates. So, it was amusing to read the anti-libertarian arguments recently presented by Ann Coulter, whom I rather like and whose work I have praised in the past.
But even the finest minds are capable of making mistakes from time to time, and in such cases, who is better suited to provide correction than a fellow WND commentator and "prominent Christian libertarian"? While I can't speak for Ron Paul or any other libertarian but myself, it should not be difficult to point out where this illustrious pillar of the Republican media establishment has gone awry in her attack on libertarianism.
In her column titled "
Get rid of government – but 1st make me president," Miss Coulter unfortunately demonstrates that her historical knowledge of marriage is severely limited and does not even rise to the level of Wikipedia. Does she genuinely believe that children were not adopted, child support and child custody issues were not resolved, and health care was not provided before 1853, when Virginia passed a law requiring county clerks to issue marriage licenses and keep marriage registers? Were there no disputes regarding wills settled prior to that date? It is worth noting that in some states, such as Washington, all marriage-related information was kept at the county level until 1968. And yet, civil society somehow managed to settle these issues without devolving into total chaos.
I further note that it was not until the 24th session of the Council of Trent, in 1563, that any church or state authority even seriously concerned itself with the question of overseeing marriage, the Codex Justinianus and Lex Papia Poppaea notwithstanding. For most of human history, men and women have successfully married, bred and raised families without the involvement or the permission of the state. Given the plunge in Western birth rates of the last 50 years, the more relevant argument is if the institution of marriage can survive the interference of the state, not if it requires it. Read more:
In defense of libertarians http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=313025#ixzz1Pu1oigir

Monday, June 20, 2011

False, Fat and Proud

The money is fattening

Van Impe exposes false teachers

"Even more chilling is the fact that over 300 prominent Christian leaders signed a letter issued by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture claiming that world peace is dependent on Muslims and Christians recognizing 'Allah' and 'Yahweh' as the same God. This letter, titled 'Loving God and Neighbor Together,' was written in response to a signed document by 138 Muslim leaders titled 'A Common Word Between Us and You.' McLaren, Warren, Robert Schuller and Bill Hybels were just several of the signatories to this outright betrayal of Christ!" he said.''

A Christian ministry's decision to expose as "false teachers" several celebrity ministers it believes are corrupting biblical teachings has prompted a rift, with Jack Van Impe Ministries dropping plans to work in the future with Trinity Broadcasting Network, where it has broadcast for more than two decades.
"I Will Not Be Silenced! I will not allow anyone to tell me what I can and cannot preach," Van Impe said in a statement when TBN would not allow his program to air.
"When I see heretical teaching leading to apostasy, I will speak out," he said. "The Bible says 'All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:' (II Timothy 3:16). The Apostle Paul also gives instructions in Titus 1:9-11, 13 'Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers. For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers … Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake…Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith.'"
The dispute arose over the issue of advocating for "Chrislam" and other efforts that are designed to find "common ground" between Christians and Muslims. TBN declined to air one of Van Impe's programs that contained sharp criticisms of leaders such as Rick Warren of "The Purpose Driven Life" fame and Robert Schuller.
In a statement from Van Impe Ministries today, Executive Director Ken Vancil said his organization rejected an effort by TBN to reinstate the programming and would work to develop alternative broadcast outlets where they were needed.
"We would not be able to minister effectively if we had to look over our shoulder wondering if a program was going to be censored because of mentioning a name," Vancil said. "While there is hurt over this incident, we hold no animosity towards TBN. Dr. Van Impe has often expressed his appreciation to Paul and Jan (Crouch, of TBN) and all that they have accomplished."
But he confirmed that Paul Crouch Sr. "cautioned" him as recently as Monday "regarding Dr. Van Impe's naming of names and publicly rebuking ministers and their teachings." Read more: Van Impe ministry abandons TBN in clash over Islam http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=311473#ixzz1Po5TYL31

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seeing in their eyes

Father's Day

The Walls ('bout ready to come tumblin down)

Some people ain't no damn good You can't trust 'em, you can't love em No good deed goes unpunished And I don't mind being their whipping boy I've had that pleasure for years and years No, no I never was a sinner-tell me what else can I do Second best is what you get-till you learn to bend this rules Time respects no person-what you lift up must fall They're waiting outside-to claim my crumblin' walls...When the walls come tumblin' downWhen the walls come crumblin' crumblin'When the walls come tumblin' tumblin' down...
A story is told from the Korean War of the Baker Company, which found itself surrounded by enemy forces. For several hours headquarters had tried to communicate with Baker Company, with no response. Finally, a faint signal was received. Straining to hear each word, a corpsman asked, "Baker Company, do you read me?"
There was a static in the response, but finally he heard these words, "This is Baker Company."
"What is your situation?"
The voice from Baker Company said, "The enemy is on the east of us. The enemy is to the west of us. The enemy is to the south of us. And the enemy is to the north of us." Then, after a brief pause, came the words, "And we are not going to let them escape this time."
That's the spirit.
Do you ever feel that way – as though the enemy is on the east and the west the north and the south? If so, you are not alone. In the book of Joshua, we find the
Israelites entering the new land God had promised to them. But in doing so, they faced many conflicts with their enemies, the Canaanites.
Why would God include a book like this in the pages of
Scripture? Why do we need to know about the conquests – and sometimes the defeats – of the Israeli army? The apostle Paul, speaking of the Israelites, wrote, "These things happened as a warning to us, so that we would not crave evil things as they did."
God didn't deliver Israel from slavery in Egypt so they could simply wander around in the wilderness. He wanted them to go into the Promised Land. And after spending 40 years in the wilderness, it was time for them to enter the land God had promised them. All the original whiners were now gone, and their children had taken their place. Moses also had died, and God put Joshua in charge to lead the Israelites into the land of Canaan. But there was a problem, an obstacle to their entry into the Promised Land. It was called the Jordan River.
The Jordan River was far from a sleepy little country stream. It was a mighty, rushing, raging river. There was no way to cross it. But God showed Joshua that he was to lead the Israelites across. There was a difference between the Jordan River and the Red Sea. When the Israelites crossed over the Red Sea, the waters parted, and they went over on dry ground. Then the waters closed again on the pursuing Egyptian army. In the case of the Jordan River, however, the waters did not part. They had to go into the water first. The priests led the way, bearing on their shoulders the Ark of the Covenant, that physical symbol of the presence of God. I am sure they were a little nervous as they took those first steps. But God was essentially saying, "Get your feet wet." And as soon as they took that step of faith, the waters parted and they crossed through.
After getting everyone to the other side, Joshua was understandably nervous about the mighty obstacle of a city before him called Jericho. Then a mysterious visitor suddenly appeared, a strapping, strong soldier. Joshua asked whose side he was on – Israel's side or the enemy's side? The soldier told him, "I am the commander of the Lord's army."
Joshua immediately realized this mysterious soldier was none other than the Lord himself. Read more:
A lesson from Joshua's playbook http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=312421#ixzz1PiWegyHL

Saturday, June 18, 2011

iDad - Daddy - O

Ignorance of the law is no excuse?

''The internal effects of a mutable policy are still more calamitous. It poisons the blessing of liberty itself. It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow...''

Every great society has become great under the “rule of law.” Every great society has used the “rule of law” to oppress and destroy Liberty and lives. The ever expanding regulatory law (statute) system that has infested America is ruining lives and devastating the Constitution.
When we look back at history; at the pinnacles of human suffering and oppression, we think of the big names – Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Mussolini, and others who used laws for their own evil purposes. And, for the most part, history regards them as evil, oppressive, and fanatical yet what they did was “legal,” in that they passed laws, edicts acting under the color of law, that allowed them to do what they did under the pretense of obeying and supporting “the law.”
Within the scope of liberty and law there must be a balance maintained – a fine line that provides for a framework of individual freedom and societal protection. However, history has shown that all governments tend to expand in regulatory scope until, as today, it becomes impossible for the average person to go through each day without committing a criminal act.
At first blush some readers may doubt the forgoing statement until they recognize the scope of regulatory restrictions placed upon the American citizen. Many people today use fluorescent lights in their homes – how many of us throw them in the trash? According to the hazardous waste laws this may be a violation of the law. Did you cross the street at a marked cross walk? If you crossed in the middle of the street you may have broken the law. Did you have your car’s turn signal on for a full 3 seconds before turning or changing lanes? Did you install that old fashioned shower head that was not a low flow design? Did you install that flag pole out front of the house without having the power company check for lines? Did you really come to a full stop at the corner? I am quite sure you can name hundreds more and thousands more exist that you do not know about.
All of these are examples of regulatory laws. In particular they are known as Malum Prohibitum” laws – from Latin meaning “prohibited evil,” or in plain language they are laws because the government said so. This is where we, the American people, are made criminals without any criminal intent. The law came into existence solely because a group of politicians said we want this to happen regardless of the consequences to liberty, intentional or otherwise.
These laws are normally designed to control public behavior and to provide, in some cases, a revenue stream to the government. They attempt to curb public behavior by passing laws that discourage certain behaviors such as driving fast through town, or spitting on the sidewalk, or crossing in the middle of the street.
Do we really think a person is a “criminal” just because he did not walk across the street between the crosswalk’s lines painted on the road? Obviously enough people thought that it was needed and they passed a law against it. But the act, in and of itself, crossing the street, is not criminal; only the “not doing what you were told” – “cross only at cross walks,” has made it illegal.
This can be highlighted by the parent child relationship. When the mother and father sit down with their young child and tell them they must, as part of the family, perform certain chores each day after school before being allowed to play with friends. Should that child later be caught playing with friends without having completed the chores then the parent is justified to mete out punishment as set forth by the parents.
The punishment is based on rules that have little to do with criminal intent but more with judgment choices. The parent knows better than the child and is trying to train the child up in such a way that they will be successful in this world. Because the child is, well - a child, the parent must establish boundaries and limits. I think we can all agree the child is not truly free until he reaches a certain age and can fend for himself.

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Bunch of Pricks

Michele Bachmann's unrivaled extremism

''None of this is likely to sour her many devoted fans. Indeed, it's precisely her unwavering ideological commitment that endears her to them. "She's not afraid to say things that other people on the right are probably thinking, but they're just too wimpy to say," says Pulkrabek, who supports Bachmann's presidential ambitions. "She says these things and she promotes these views because she really believes them."''

In April 2005, Pamela Arnold wanted to talk to her state senator, Michele Bachmann, who was then running for Congress. A 46-year-old who worked at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Arnold lived with her partner, the famed Arctic explorer Ann Bancroft, on a farm in Scandia, Minnesota. Bachmann was then leading the fight against gay marriage in the state. She'd recently been in the news for hiding in the bushes to observe a gay rights rally at the Capitol. So when members of the Scandia gay community decided to attend one of Bachmann's constituent forums, Arnold, wanting to make herself visible to her representative, joined them. A few dozen people showed up at the town hall for the April 9 event, and Bachmann greeted them warmly. But when, during the question and answer session, the topic turned to gay marriage, Bachmann ended the meeting 20 minutes early and rushed to the bathroom. Hoping to speak to her, Arnold and another middle-aged woman, a former nun, followed her. As Bachmann washed her hands and Arnold looked on, the ex-nun tried to talk to her about theology. Suddenly, after less than a minute, Bachmann let out a shriek. "Help!" she screamed. "Help! I'm being held against my will!"
Arnold, who is just over 5 feet tall, was stunned, and hurried to open the door. Bachmann bolted out and fled, crying, to an SUV outside. Then she called the police, saying, according to the police report, that she was "absolutely terrified and has never been that terrorized before as she had no idea what those two women were going to do to her." The Washington County attorney, however, declined to press charges, writing in a memo, "It seems clear from the statements given by both women that they simply wanted to discuss certain issues further with Ms. Bachmann."
Lots of politicians talk about a sinister homosexual agenda. Bachmann, who has made opposition to gay rights a cornerstone of her career, seems genuinely to believe in one. Her conviction trumps even her once close relationship with her lesbian stepsister. "What an amazing imagination," marvels Arnold. "Her ideology is so powerful that she can construct a reality just on a moment's notice."

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The 66639 of It

For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.

The Black Hole of Money

''"We need to move more quickly than the Canadians did. Unfortunately, we're moving more slowly than the Canadians did."
If we're moving at all. While Canada thrives, we pour more money down the hole.'' America is falling deeper into debt. We're long past the point where drastic action is needed. We're near Greek levels of debt. What's going to happen?
Maybe riots – like we've seen in Greece?
We need to make cuts now.
Some governors have shown the way. You know about Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rick Scott, John Kasich, etc. But you probably don't know about Luis Fortuno.
Fortuno is governor of Puerto Rico. Two years ago, he fired 17,000 government workers. No state governor did anything like that. He cut spending much more than Walker did in Wisconsin. In return, thousands of union members demonstrated against Fortuno for days. They clashed with police. They called him a fascist
Fortuno said he had to make the cuts because Puerto Rico's economy was a mess.
"Not just a mess. We didn't have enough money to meet our first payroll."
Fortuno's predecessors had grown Puerto Rico's government to the point that the state employed one out of every three workers. By the time he was elected, Puerto Rico was broke. So the new conservative majority, the first in Puerto Rico in 40 years, shrank the government.
What was cut?
"Everything. I started with my own salary."
The protesters said he should raise taxes instead of cutting spending.
"Our taxes were as high as they could be, actually much higher than most of the country. So what we've done is the opposite." Fortuno reduced corporate taxes from 35 percent to 25 percent. He reduced individual income taxes. He privatized entire government agencies.
"Bring in the private sector," Fortuno said. "They will do a better job. They will do it cheaper."
Fortuno's advice for leaders who want to shrink the state: "Do what you need to do quickly, swiftly, like when you take off a Band-Aid. Just do it. And move on to better things." Read more: The money hole http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=311117#ixzz1PLHDFKRE

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11 Conspiracy Theories That Just Won’t Die

The most unforgettable moments in history almost always come with a conspiracy theory that provides alternative, and often outlandish, explanations for past events. Although most conspiracy theories are rarely supported by conclusive evidence, they do have the ability to spark our interest and sometimes make us reconsider what we’ve been told. Here are 11 conspiracy theories that just won’t die:
Barack Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy: Since the 2008 presidential primaries, a rumor and soon-turned conspiracy theory spread that Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the U.S. and should not be eligible to be the President of the United States. These theorists, often called birthers, believe that Obama was either born in Kenya, was a citizen of Indonesia and lost his U.S. citizenship, or his birth certificate was forged. So, they wanted proof of Obama’s place of birth. The White House responded to birthers’ requests by releasing the President’s long-form birth certificate that once again proved his was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Despite the tangible evidence, birthers and conspiracy theorists continue to doubt Obama’s citizenship.
Princess Diana Assassination Conspiracy: Princess Diana died on Aug. 31, 1997, after the car she was riding in crashed in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris, France. The French investigation of the crash indicated that Diana died from injuries sustained during the accident, but conspiracy theories began to surface with another story. In 1998, Mohamed al-Fayed claimed that Prince Philip and Prince Charles had Diana and his son Dodi killed because they were romantically involved. Fayed’s assassination conspiracy theory also indicated that Diana had previously told him about her fears of being killed and how the two princes wanted her gone. However, the jury ruled that Diana and Dodi were unlawfully killed because of reckless driving by the chauffeur and the paparazzi.
9/11 Conspiracies: After the tragic events of 9/11, conspiracy theorists began to scrutinize the details of the falling Twin Towers, the attack on the Pentagon and the United Flight 93 crash. Conspiracy theorists claim that al-Qaeda was not responsible for these attacks, but rather the U.S. government’s fault. The 9/11 conspiracy theories state that the U.S. federal officials carried out the attacks themselves in order to go to war in the Middle East and strengthen the Bush Administration. These calculated theories have been argued back and forth for years, but have gotten us nowhere.
1969 Moon Landings: Ever since Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the Moon, conspiracy theorists have been arguing that the lunar landings were all fake. Theorists claim that NASA staged the 1969 Moon landings and the Apollo program was a hoax. They don’t believe Apollo astronauts ever walked on the Moon, and insist that the public was misled to believe this happened by NASA’s use of trick photography and tampered evidence. Theorists also cite that the technology in 1969 was not advanced enough to take a spacecraft all the way to the Moon.
Michael Jackson Death Conspiracy: After Michael Jackson suddenly died from propofol intoxication in June 2009, conspiracy theories began to circulate the Internet that the King of Pop had staged his own death to get out of his mountain of debt. An unprecedented surge in album sales, memorabilia and success of his film This is It has earned Jackson more than $310 million since his death. Despite countless sighting claims, including a video of a Jackson lookalike exiting the back of an ambulance, the Los Angeles coroner’s office conducted an autopsy and ruled his death a homicide.
The Titanic Sinking Conspiracy: After the famed Titanic ship sunk in April 1912, conspiracy theories began to swirl around that the unexpected disaster was actually part of one the largest acts of insurance fraud in history. Theorists believe that the Jesuits, a radical Catholic group, were responsible for the sinking of the Titanic. The Jesuits believed in a new world order and, according to conspiracy theorists, the Titanic disaster was the key to achieving a one-world government and establishing a new Federal Reserve Bank by eliminating the chance of opposition. The shipwreck was allegedly orchestrated by a loyal Jesuit member, Captain Edward Smith, who sailed directly into iceberg territory and ignored warnings from other ships.
Hurricane Katrina Conspiracy: After one of the deadliest hurricanes ripped through the Southeastern United States and hundreds of thousands of people were left stranded without aid in New Orleans, conspiracy theories began to surface that the government purposely ignored the residents to fulfill a bigger plan. Theorists claim that the government ignored New Orleans in order to let as many African-Americans die as possible. Others believe that the levee system did not fail because of its design, but was instead bombed by the government to let the city flood.
John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy: The assassination of President John F. Kennedy will always carry a great deal of mystery and speculation about what exactly happened in Dallas, TX, on Nov. 22, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with killing Kennedy on his own, but conspiracy theorists refuse to accept this conclusion. Many believe that Oswald did not carry out the assassination on his own, and had the help of a second gunman located on the grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza. Other theorists believe Kennedy was killed by CIA agents, or KGB operatives or possibly mobsters.
AIDS Conspiracy: The AIDS conspiracy theory that U.S. government scientists created the deadly disease to wipe out African-American communities and control the size of the racial group is backed by a large number of African Americans, but could not be more wrong. According to the theorists, AIDS was produced in a government laboratory or created and spread by the CIA, and a cure for AIDS has been developed but is being withheld from the poor. This ongoing belief has only hurt the prevention efforts and increased the spread of HIV/AIDS among African-Americans.
Indian Ocean Tsunami Conspiracy: The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami conspiracy theory is centered on the belief that the tsunami was not an act of Mother Nature, but was actually caused by an Indian nuclear experiment conducted by Israeli and American nuclear experts. Many theorists believe that the nuclear experiment was a calculated plot by Israeli and the U.S. government to kill as many Muslims in southeast Asia as possible. This alleged man-made nuclear bomb exploded in the ocean and triggered the 100-foot killer waves and aftershocks that killed more than 220,000 people in 11 different countries.
The 2000 Presidential Election Conspiracy: The 2000 presidential election conspiracy came about when Republican candidate George W. Bush beat Democratic candidate Al Gore in the presidential election by one of the narrowest margins in history, precisely 271 electoral votes to Gore’s 266 votes. Even though Gore won the popular vote, the electoral votes put Bush ahead with Florida as the swing state. The conspiracy centered on the idea that Bush unfairly won the election because his brother, Jeb Bush, was the governor of Florida at the time, and the swing state’s notorious "hanging chads" made for inaccurate readouts. However, an independent study by The Miami Herald and USA Today discovered that Bush would have still won even without the Supreme Court decision.

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Which Way?

Islam: The Obsessive-Compulsive Religion

''...when I began taking a course titled, "The History of Muhammad." What I learned in this course was gut-wrenching, perverted and downright gruesome. Muhammad married a 6-year-old? Really? Muhammad had a pregnant woman killed for mocking him? Really? Muhammad had thousands of Jews killed and thrown in a mass grave? Really? Didn't Hitler do that also? It was as if I had been punched in the face. Although I didn't know much about Jesus, I inherently perceived that he was nothing like Muhammad – nothing like a monster. For the first time in eight years, I was questioning Islam.'' Although it has been seven years, I still have the vestiges of Islamic rituals stamped into my brain. For example, I still refuse to pet my dog before I pray. Why? Well, because in Islam, dog saliva makes all prayers null and void.
There are tons of circumstances and elements that can cause a Muslim's prayer to "not count," like sighing, talking, clapping, turning away from the Qibla (direction of prayer), folding one's hands, not washing up properly, intentionally laughing, intentionally weeping about "worldly matters," prostrating an incorrect number of times and (excuse me for being crass) farting. These silly rituals that have nothing to do with my relationship with the Lord still "come a knocking" when I least expect it – grim reminders that I spent eight years of my life attempting to become the best "white, female, American, Muslim in the world!"
I used to think that my conversion to Islam was Satan's first attack against me, but I was wrong. Yes, this was Satan's most ferocious and spiritually lethal barrage, but it was far from his initial attempt to hijack my soul. No, my salvation was "up for grabs" the moment I popped out of the womb and looked into the eyes of my self-pronounced agnostic father and Sicilian mother who had been raised by her Jewish stepfather.
The fact that my parents were not Christians, never stopped them from stringing Christmas lights or hiding Easter eggs. My father loved the "essence" of Christmas – the tangible fellowship and joy that seemed to permeate the air. He loved "playing Santa," decorating Christmas cookies and singing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" while spinning me around in his arms. It was this "pretense of Christianity" that we practiced twice a year, combined with my paternal grandparents' staunch Baptist faith, that allowed me to say, "I'm Christian," if anyone happened to ask. But what did that mean? I didn't know. Sadly, I could spew out facts about Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, but when it came to Jesus, I was clueless. I knew that Jesus was somewhere in the Bible (He made cameo or two) and that a large cross was involved, but that was the extent of my Christian knowledge. Pretty pathetic.
Needless to say, I was an easy target for Satan – a virtual sitting duck. Yet, at age 11, I was still too young for thought-provoking ideologies and religious conversion. There had to be a progression – a progression that would turn me into a spiritually deprived and almost "soulless" human being. This soul-sucking movement began the day I found my mother curled up on her bedroom floor in the fetal position, eyes open, mouth wailing. It was a terrifying sight. She had just received "it," the phone call that my grandmother had shot herself in the throat. It was all downhill from there, which is usually the case when God is not part of your life. After the initial stages of grief had passed, the three "Ds" (depression, divorce and drugs) led by the big "D" (the Devil) completely and unapologetically obliterated my family.
I reacted to this total annihilation by becoming the most obsessive compulsive 11-year-old girl that you would never want to meet. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is an anxiety disorder in which the sufferer's fears are allayed by repetitive rituals, counting, washing, etc. What fears, you ask? Well, I am sure it is different for every person, but I began to fear that if I did not concede to my self-imposed rituals, then one of my family members would die. Read more: Islam, the ultimate obsessive-compulsive religion http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=310969#ixzz1PFFlXUsz

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Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River

Ministry of Love, Department of Hate

''...However, Americans, especially Christians, must strongly protest all abortions even though the radical left will vehemently oppose us. Remember that in verse 22 of Matthew 10, Jesus indicated that “ye shall be hated by all men for my name’s sake,” but He concluded the verse by stating, “He that endureth to the end shall be saved.”'' When is “love” NOT love? One example would be the horrors that occurred in the “Ministry of Love” under Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.
The title of Orwell’s book was based upon the centenary of the founding of the Fabian Socialist Society about whom Orwell was familiar and trying to warn people. He indicated that a World Socialist Government under Big Brother would represent neither the failed Nazis nor the Communists who would fail (he wrote 1984 in 1949), but would rather be “priests of power” controlling men’s minds. According to Big Brother’s agent, O’Brien: “We are not content with negative obedience, nor even with the most abject submission. When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will. We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us…. We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we reshape him.” [emphasis added]
Another word for “reshape” is “remould,” which was part of the Fabians’ motto: “Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire,” the heart signifying “love,” as O’Brien said that the masses would come to “love” Big Brother. Coincidentally, Hillary Clinton talked periodically about “remoulding” society, and very influential with her, according to The New York Times Magazine was Michael Lerner who authored the New Socialist Revolution.
One of the early Fabians was H.G. Wells, who in 1901 wrote Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress Upon Human Life and Thought. In his chapter titled “The New Republic” (which he would later call “The New World Order”), he wrote: “The ethical system which will dominate the world state, will be shaped primarily… to check the procreation of base and servile types…. The method that must in some cases still be called in to the help of man is death… the merciful obliteration of weak and silly and pointless things. The new ethic will hold life to be a privilege and responsibility…. The men of the new republic will not be squeamish either in feeling or inflicting death…. They will have an ideal that will make killing worth the while.”
Similarly attempting to warn people about the potentially horrible future to come under a world Socialist dictatorship, Robert Hugh Benson in 1907 wrote Lord of the World correctly predicting from a future perspective that “…in 1917… Communism will really begin…. The new order began then…. [After 1989] the final scheme of Western Free Trade…. Patriotism has been dying fast…. With the Release Act of 1998… [there were] ministers of euthanasia…. Man was God…. No actual point of light breaking the appalling vault of gloom….”
Wells would revise his New World Order concept in 1928 in a book titled The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution. And in that same year, another early Fabian, George Bernard Shaw, wrote The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism. Remembering Wells’ reference to “merciful obliteration,” note that in Shaw’s book, one reads: “…under Socialism you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not the character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner….” The Power Elite’s attitude is that you will come to “love” Big Brother, because he is “kindly” and “merciful.” http://www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennis209.htm

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Ala Imigration

Starlite Starbright will change the world

''Most materials vaporise beyond 2,000 C. Pure carbon, which has the highest melting point of all elements, melts at 3,500 C. Starlite was withstanding temperatures and forces that physics and thermodynamics dictated it shouldn't. Even with tests from unquestionable authorities like AWE, people were sceptical. 'Some people called me a shyster. But they are blinkered. We've got video: We can show you.'''

The gentleman feels for something in his jacket pocket. It's a nice suit, and it is accompanied by a suitably gentlemanly bow-tie. The effect is sartorially unusual but not too much. What will come out of the pocket, though, is more than unusual. It is unparalleled and almost unbelievable. 'Here,' says Maurice Ward, handing over a creamy small square. 'That's Starlite.' It's a piece of plastic that bends in all directions, with a charred mark the size of a coin on one side. 'That's from the nuclear blast,' says Ward. 'Don't worry, there's no nuclear stuff on it. I wouldn't have given it to you otherwise.'
It feels and looks like nothing much, but holding this nondescript piece of plastic would be, to the world's defence and scientific community, somewhat of a privilege. Starlite, invented by the white-bearded, suited Ward, has been described as astonishing; impossible; miraculous. It has changed assumptions about thermodynamics and physics. It can resist temperatures that would melt diamonds, threefold. 'If it is what it seems,' says Toby Greenbury, a partner at law firm Mischon de Reya and Ward's lawyer for 20 years, 'it will be of enormous benefit to mankind. It's very difficult to think of another invention that is bigger in its implications.' As a fire-retardant, thermal barrier or heat-resistant coating, Starlite could change the world. Except that it hasn't, and that's as much of a mystery as the secret, unheard of properties of the material Ward invented 23 years ago. At the time, Ward and his family – his wife Eileen and four daughters – ran a small plastics business. It was a departure from the family trade, which was ladies' hairdressing – with Ward mixing hair products and dyes himself. They'd come from all over the north for his colouring skills, he says. 'My heads couldn't be copied. What L'Oreal and Garnier are doing today, I was doing 50 years ago. And they still haven't got it right. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/5158972/Starlite-the-nuclear-blast-defying-plastic-that-could-change-the-world.html

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Why not?

''This isn't a pipe dream. There is unlimited food and water, unlimited energy and unlimited opportunity for the human race – just over the next hill.''

I knew a man named John Lennon.
I first met him with his buddies, Paul, George and Ringo, in Las Vegas when they were just fresh, funny and talented young kids from Liverpool.
I and my daughters visited with them backstage between their two shows in the Thomas Mack Arena and found them charming and energetic, relishing their new and sudden stardom.
Like the rest of the world, I watched as their
careers blossomed and assumed fantastic proportion. Each record, and then each movie, eclipsed the last … until they had become the greatest singing group in music history. It will never be equaled.
Many years later, I visited with John and producer Phil Spector in a nice health-food restaurant while they were working on a new album. As we compared notes and stories about our experiences, I asked John what he thought was the main reason for the Beatles' incredible success. He thought a minute behind his little round glasses and answered, "Imagination."
Imagination. As Ted Kennedy quoted his brother, Robert: "He thought of things that never were, and asked 'why not?'"
And young Walt Disney – at a time when the "cartoons" he and a
couple others were successfully producing cost an average of $5,000 – told his incredulous brother, Roy, he envisioned a full-length feature film, in total animation, and estimated it would cost $1.5 million! It seemed unthinkable. But it was imaginable, and it became a worldwide sensation: "Sleeping Beauty," a timeless classic.
Imagination. It's much more powerful than most realize. In fact, hardly anything of value has ever been accomplished without beginning as an idea, which is really imagination. In Genesis 11, a group of mere humans imagined a city and a tower reaching into heaven, and they began to actually build it. The Lord God said, "Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.
"Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another's speech." And the Tower of Babel came to a halt.
But now the language barrier has been erased and, as Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Man can do virtually anything he can imagine.
That's why I have written five of my recent columns here on nuclear fusion. I'm not a
scientist, as I said at the outset, but I have a wonderful imagination. And so do a great number of scientists who have not only envisioned a world empowered by an inexhaustible, eternally available energy source, but have come very close to making it available to humanity. Guided by physicists and other scientists who've been personally involved at various levels, I've given a sketchy but detailed history of the early experiments and the discoveries that proved the theories of nuclear fusion; described the work and research in a number of American universities, and the funding allocated by our government during the Carter administration, that led to amazing breakthroughs; and I've cited the miraculous, almost inconceivable heat levels achieved at Princeton that ached to be used in creating the plasma that would create nuclear fusion as the ultimate energy source. Read more: There is hope for the world http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=309697#ixzz1OxLjoHuB

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Civics Lesson

New Yorkers have a taste for Wienerschnitzel

''A woman named Rody, who did not want to give her last name, was similarly dismissive of voting again for Weiner after casting repeated ballots in his favor. But she was also conflicted about whether he should step down. "He was led by his trousers, but if he leaves office, then what — you think we're going to get someone better?" she said.''

If anyone can relate to embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner, it's the naked man standing in a plaza facing the congressman's Queens office — the one surrounded by mysterious female figures. He may be made of marble, but the statue representing the triumph of virtue over vice shares plenty with Weiner, from a crumbling support base to an uncertain future as locals debate whether he should stay or go.In February, Weiner stood on the behemoth's broken concrete pedestal and proposed ousting the grubby sculpture, declaring it "offensive from any angle.

Related Report of new photo, wife's pregnancy add to pressure on Weiner
Pressure on Rep. Weiner unrelenting, for now
A decade of congressional sex scandals
But the controversial statue remains firmly planted at the corner of
Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike, as does Weiner, who on Thursday vowed to resist calls to resign that were spreading in Washington but remained muted on the sun-baked streets of his congressional district.Photos: A decade of congressional sex scandals"I'm not" planning to quit, he told the New York Post.If pollsters and pundits are correct, the 46-year-old politician's popularity with voters could enable him to weather a scandal that erupted Monday with his confession that he had engaged in sexually charged online antics with several women. They included sending women racy messages and pictures of his crotch and bare chest, even after his marriage in July to Hillary Rodham Clinton aide Huma Abedin, who is reportedly pregnant. http://www.latimes.com/la-na-weiner-20110610,0,692706.story