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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Atoms and empty space

He who is afraid to ask is ashamed of learning.

A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over.

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.

Hope on Dope

North Korea's Death Camps

''North Korea has also vigorously engaged in ethnic genocide in its quest to maintain racial purity among its people. To that end, the North Korean government has systematically and brutally exterminated every child believed to be fathered by non-North Koreans (usually Chinese or Chinese-Koreans) through infanticide and forced abortions.'' Clearly detailed satellite photos released by the South Korean government reveal a rapidly growing network of six slave-labor camps, home to more than 200,000 North Koreans, one-third of whom are believed to be children.
Located in the rugged, isolated mountain terrain of central North Korea, the gulags are the repository for those unfortunate North Koreans who have committed perceived “political offenses” against the despotic regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong ll.
The prison system is divided into areas called “Total Control Zones,” from which no prisoners are ever released. As such, these camps hold up to three generations of North Koreans, many of whom have been born into permanent captivity.
While the North Korean government steadfastly denies the very existence of these slave camps, the new satellite imagery tells a different story. Moreover, a handful of North Koreans fortunate enough to have survived their time in the gulags have filled in the grisly details, most recently in
testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Human Rights.
Chaired by Chris Smith (R-NJ), the committee heard vivid accounts of hard labor, starvation, torture and public execution from Kim Hye Sook and Kim Young Soon, two female North Korean prison camp survivors.
Both women told tales of prisoners subjected to a Hobbesian existence in which they lived in rancid conditions, worked seven days a week in coal mines, and subsisted on a diet of rats, frogs, snakes, and insects. If the prisoners didn’t succumb to starvation or malnutrition, they faced torture, firing squads and even public stoning at the hands of the viscous North Korean prison guards.
Mrs. Sook, who was 13-years-old when she was incarcerated in 1975,
said, “There was a time when I saw the bodies of people who were killed by firing squad who were rolled up in straw mats and carried away in carts, and said to myself, ‘even dogs will not die so pitifully.’” http://frontpagemag.com/2011/09/28/inside-kim-jong-ils-death-camps/

Reality Sets-In

Why am I here?

East-West America

''In our time, to be born a citizen of the United States is to win first prize in the lottery of life, and, as Britons did, too many Americans assume it will always be so. Do you think the laws of God will be suspended in favor of America because you were born in it?'' Every year or two, progressive New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg actually says something I agree with, like when he recently warned that there could be riots in the streets of America if the economy doesn't improve. On his weekly radio show, Bloomberg said that a lack of jobs is causing people to become desperate. "The damage to a generation that can't find jobs," explained Bloomberg, "will go on for many, many years."
But Bloomberg and I parted ways when he praised Barack Obama for offering a proposal to create jobs and improve the economy. "At least he's got some ideas on the table, whether you like those or not," he said. "Now everybody's got to sit down and say we're actually gonna do something, and you have to do something on both the revenue and the expense side."
None other than debonair Michael Moore echoed Bloomberg's sentiments with his recent Occupy Wall Street protest. In an interview with never-say-die wannabe journalist Keith Olbermann, Moore said, "… the smart rich know they can only build the gates so high, and sooner or later history proves that people, when they've had enough, they aren't going to take it anymore, and much better to deal with it nonviolently now through the political system than what could possibly happen in the future, which nobody wants to see."
Moore is right in the first part of his run-on sentence, but wrong in the last part. Those who long for a left-wing dictatorship do want to see a violent revolution. Why do you think they keep encouraging worker uprisings – out of boredom? Violent uprisings are an excuse for government to implement a state of emergency and suspend habeas corpus.
The truth, of course, is that the U.S., like Europe, is socially and economically beyond repair. Yet, the answer from the left is always the same – take more money from small businesses and working people and redistribute it to handpicked corporations, special-interest groups, and government employees and bureaucrats.
The problem is that there soon will be no wealth to redistribute. Sure, progressive politicians can keep the redistribution vote-buying scam going for a while longer, but, ultimately, a Greek ending is unavoidable. And when that happens, rioting in the U.S. will be much more violent than in Greece, because people have gotten used to a considerably higher standard of living than working people in Greece and the rest of Europe.
Now, here's where it gets complicated. While the left continues to rev up its class-warfare strategy, there are tens of millions of Americans – primarily libertarians and conservatives – who want the government to butt out. Specifically, they want to drastically cut back on government's usurped powers to regulate, tax, redistribute wealth, and interfere in the economy and people's lives.
This is what the tea-party movement is all about, and early on it became such a threat to the aspirations of those in the big-government crowd that they began belittling it as a hate-mongering fringe movement. Thus far, however, it hasn't worked. Read more:
Time to split the U.S. in half http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=349637#ixzz1ZKPI7P3T

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Argue? Fight? Do It Here

Corthell & Co - Let your opinions be heard on current news and politics. Not for the weak!Never Discuss Politics or Religion?How many times have your friends and relatives told you, “I never discuss politics and religion?”Why is it taboo to discuss religion and politics? I submit the reason is people are brainwashed from their youth into believing this will start an argument causing bad feelings and loss of friendship. Who promotes this lie? http://forums.delphiforums.com/cort

Flat Flatus

An Immediate Threat

''Fortunately, the mullahs do not have the support of the people of Iran. Furthermore, the vast majority of the Iranian people (this according to the panelists at the symposium) are not Mahdists. If we had supported the revolt in Iran two years ago, we might very well have a friendly Iranian government in power now. It is not too late. There is an incipient revolutionary underway in Iran. We must help that revolution to occur.'' Last week, I attended a symposium that clarified for me exactly why Iran is the single greatest existential threat to the United States and the free world today.
The symposium panel consisted not of some off-the-wall Cassandras, but rather of some the soberest most serious thinkers in the field of national security. Among them were:
Lt. General (ret.) Thomas McInerney, Air Force; member of the Iran Policy Committee;
Brigadier General (ret.) Ken Chrosniak, U.S. Army War College, Bronze Star recipient;
Reza Kahlili, Ex-CIA spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards; author of the award-winning book A Time To Betray; Instructor at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy of the Dept. of Defense;
Lt. Col. (ret.) Tony Shaffer, U.S. Army, Bronze Star recipient and Senior Intelligence Officer in the Defense Intelligence Agency;
Clare Lopez, strategic policy and intelligence expert on national defense, Islam, Iran, and counterterrorism issues.
I put these names up front to demonstrate that this is not just me trying to stir up the pot.
The reason why the danger is so clear and imminent is because of a confluence of two facts that make up the perfect storm:
1. The nature of the version of Shiite Islam to which the government of Iran adheres; and
2. a natural phenomenon called EMP (electromagnetic pulse).
I will deal with them one at a time.
1. The nature of the version of Shiite Islam to which the government of Iran adheres
The mullahs in Iran practice a particularly virulent brand of Shiite Islam. They believe in the return of 'the 12th Imam,' known as the Mahdi. The Mahdi can best be understood as the Shiite messiah. They believe that when the Mahdi returns he will usher in a 1000-year age of justice, and that the Mahdi will come in response to a condition of chaos and destruction. The added fillip to this is that they believe that they themselves can cause this to happen by creating the necessary chaos and destruction (remember, I am not arguing that this should make sense to you. The point is that it makes sense to them).
2. EMP (electromagnetic pulse)
EMP is a natural phenomenon created by the fact that electrons can be "shocked" into spinning out of control, interacting with other electrons. (Please continue reading. This is very simply presented and easily followed). Therefore, a single nuclear weapon exploded at high altitude above the United States will interact with the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetic field to produce an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) radiating down which will "short-circuit" whatever electric grid it encounters. In simple terms, if a single nuclear bomb is detonated at the appropriate altitude above the mid west, it will DESTROY the entire electric grid of the US, thus cutting off the lifeblood of the US economy. Just to be clear, if this happens, the electricity system won't be capable of being turned back on. It will be finished. Think of it, no lights, no manufacturing, no banking system, no.... nothing - all will be destroyed! There is no way that the United States can survive such an attack as a functioning society.
Now, ask yourselves if you think that those who fall under factor #1 above (Mahdist Shiite Muslims), in order to create the conditions for the return of the Mahdi, would hesitate to resort to factor #2 above (creating an EMP by detonating a nuclear weapon)?
Remember, this is not me saying this. This is General McInerney, General Chrosniak, Reza Khalili, etc. who are saying this.
The US government accepts this as fact, but they don't make a big deal about it because they don't want to create a panic. They are also concerned that the Jon Stewarts and Stephen Colberts of the world will satirize it into oblivion (remember "Star Wars").
The possibility of weaponizing EMP is a problem that will be with us for a very long time, but at a relatively nominal cost we already have the technology to "harden" the electric grid of the United States. This (national security) is a function given by the Constitution to the Federal government, as opposed to (among other things) subsidizing public broadcasting or distributing cheese. We need to act now to put this protection in place.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama Heckled as Ol' Scratch

''It should be known that in 2008 the world shall be blessed. They will call him The One" flash across the screen. The Antichrist of the Left Behind books is a charismatic young political leader named Nicolae Carpathia who founds the One World religion (slogan: "We Are God") and promises to heal the world after a time of deep division. One of several Obama clips in the ad features the Senator saying, "A nation healed, a world repaired. We are the ones that we've been waiting for." Speaking at a campaign fundraiser at the House of Blues in L.A. tonight, President Obama was interrupted by a heckler shouting “Jesus Christ is God!” repeatedly as he was physically removed from the event.
As the young man shouted from the front row that the president was an antichrist, Obama’s loyal supporters drowned out the heckler’s rant with boos and chants of “Four more years! Four more years!”
While Obama initially looked befuddled – the heckler interrupted him before he even finished delivering his thank-yous at the top of his remarks – the president ultimately laughed it off. “First of all, I agree that Jesus Christ is the lord. I believe in that,” Obama jokingly responded to the tirade.
Later in the event, another far more friendly heckler shouted, “Don’t forget medical marijuana!” as Obama touted health care reform.
“Thank you for that,” the president responded.
That man was allowed to remain in the event.
Once the interruptions subsided, the president got down to business selling the American Jobs Act, the $447 billion proposal that has become the cornerstone of his re-election campaign in recent weeks, and positioning himself as a warrior for the middle class.
“We’re in this together and the question is: How do we make sure we’re going to be creating the same kind of America that allows the next generation to succeed?”

Obama's true intellectual height

How they bend you over and grease you up...

''Liberals talk a good game about inclusion, but in reality they are only interested in exclusivity, control and our money – all of which they use to control our actions. To further my point – the planning office staff told me they had been suddenly inundated with calls about Conditional Use Permits for Bible studies.'' Most have heard about the family in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., who were fined for having 40-50 friends in their home for Bible study twice a week. The homeowners, Chuck and Stephanie Fromm, have been fined $300, with the threat that they will be fined an additional $500 for each study held if they continue to meet without a Conditional Use Permit. The city alleges that the Bible study is in violation of zoning regulations.
I contacted Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), the nonprofit legal defense organization that specializes in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights and other civil liberties, which is representing the family.
Initially, I had thought that the zoning violation might have stemmed from the number of vehicles on the street and possibly the number of people. I thought that the city might use that as a
blind they could hide behind. However, PJI informed me that the Fromms live on a rural street with a neighbor on one side of them and more than six acres of empty land on the other side of their home. So, it appeared the zoning violation was based on another factor.
PJI informed me that the zoning violations centered on section 9-3.301 of the Planning Code. In the interest of space, suffice it to say that this complaint is about three things. The first is a disgruntled neighbor who is upset that 40-50 people are gathering in a private home next to his, twice a week, to have a private Bible study.
In the neighbor's defense, I wouldn't be thrilled about having an invasion of cars twice a week either. Even if some of the people shared rides, realistically there would still be 12 or more vehicles twice a week. If I were the neighbor and enjoyed my Sunday mornings for something quiet around my house as opposed to going to church – having an additional dozen or more vehicles and the noise associated with same would annoy me as well. f
I think it also fair to raise the question from a born-again believer's perspective, per why the 40-50 people meeting for bible study weren't in church on Sunday mornings? That said, I think it also fair to question where this neighbor stands on understanding and tolerance.
Secondly, as PJI explained to me, this is a matter of definitions. The city is redefining the private residence as a "church … and/or other place of religious worship," under the definition of same in the Planning Code. The problem is that the people are not meeting for the purpose of worship as understood under the definitions listed in the city code. This is a group of friends coming together for Bible study.
There is nothing unusual about Christians meeting in private homes for Bible study. What would the city planning office call it if a large group of people met every Sunday and Monday evening to
watch football and have pizza and beer? Would the city demand a Conditional Use Permit for that? This is a blatant attempt to control behavior in a private home based on the complaint of a disgruntled neighbor. It's also an attack on the most basic rights consistent with home ownership.
Not only do I view this as a crude attempt at quodlibet, but also, the next point proves it to be about greed for the purpose of control. In speaking to the city planning office pursuant to a Conditional Use Permit, I was told an $8,000 deposit is required to apply for the permit. The deposit is then used to pay the
cost of man-hours involved in considering the request for the permit. Depending on the man-hours involved, it can cost much more –which the homeowner would also be responsible for. I was told that while it typically takes two to six months to process the application, it could take much longer. Read more: Government gone wild http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=349089#ixzz1Z8cvlsSx

Monday, September 26, 2011

MARK: Good-bye Mr. Chips

''"The blurring of electronics and biology is really the key point here," Huang said in the report. "All established forms of electronics are hard, rigid. Biology is soft, elastic. It's two different worlds. This is a way to truly integrate them."'' Federally funded research at the University of Illinois has produced a microchip that can be put on skin like a temporary tattoo and is successful in linking the physical world and the cyberworld in stunning new ways, according to a university announcement.
"We think this could be an important conceptual advance in wearable
electronics, to achieve something that is almost unnoticeable to the wearer," said university electrical and computer engineering professor Todd Coleman.
Coleman helped lead the multi-disciplinary team that worked on the project that is being touted for its uses in medical monitoring as well as treatment of disorders that require links to computers.
"The researchers found that, when applied to the skin of the throat, the sensors could distinguish muscle movement for simple speech," the university report said. "The researchers have even used the electronic patches to control a
video game, demonstrating the potential for human-computer interfacing."
Coleman said the technology "can connect you to the physical world and the cyberworld in a very natural way that feels very comfortable."
The development recalls a recent WND report about the area of study called "transhumanism," a term often used synonymously with "human enhancement."
Basically, it's a sort of
regenesis, altering human bodies – genetically, mechanically or both – to make them better than they've been for thousands of years, affording them Superman-style abilities in both brains and brawn.
Futurists describe it as being "posthuman," the next step in what they believe to be the evolutionary process.
According to the University of Illinois, "Skin-mounted electronics have many biomedical
applications, including EEG and EMG sensors to monitor nerve and muscle activity. One major advantage of skin-like circuits is that they don't require conductive gel, tape, skin-penetrating pins or bulky wires, which can be uncomfortable for the user and limit coupling efficiency. They are much more comfortable and less cumbersome than traditional electrodes and give the wearers complete freedom of movement."
The report said the technology will allow a more accurate understanding of how the human brain functions.
"If we want to understand brain function in a natural environment, that's completely incompatible with EEG studies in a laboratory," said Coleman, who has since moved to the University of
California at San Diego. "The best way to do this is to record neural signals in natural settings, with devices that are invisible to the user."
The report said the skin-mounted electronics also could be used for patients with
neurological disorders, connecting them to computers.
The research was discussed in the Aug. 12 issue of the journal Science. Read more:
Next evolution: Embedded chips for cyber connectivity http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=346993#ixzz1Z2uWSOqJ


Yes...It's Monday

For Honor: Murderous Muslims

''Last year in Phoenix, Arizona, a Muslim father ran over his teenage child and killed her with his truck because she wore jeans. He screamed that she would pay for becoming too “Westernized.”'' If you will take a gander at the September 26, 2011 issue of Newsweek, page 48, titled “Marry or else!” by Michelle Goldberg, you will see that the Balkanization of America steams full speed ahead of schedule. The quote by James Walsh below brings it home like gangbusters.
“Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct façade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today,” said James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. “They claim the right not to assimilate, and the day is coming when the question will be how can the United States regulate the defiantly unassimilated cultures, religions and mores of foreign lands? Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system. Balkanization of the United States has begun.”
In the Newsweek article, we now watch while American Muslim girls are sent off to marry men 20 to 30 years older than themselves—to uphold the family honor. If not, they are killed by fathers, uncles and brothers.
New research shows how it happens in England and the United States
Frankly, I am astounded that the politically correct media giant Newsweek would publish a piece exposing the barbarism of Muslims in America. It’s usually hidden, suppressed and avoided at all costs. You can bet honor killings in Detroit, Michigan as well as female genital mutilation and other Muslim rituals are being covered up by Muslim law enforcement now dominating the city. It is happening in the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium and Holland.
“Perhaps the most high-profile honor killing case in Britain has been the tragic 2006 killing of Banaz Mahmod,” said Goldberg. “Banaz entered into an arranged marriage at the age of 16 to a man who raped and beat her. Two years later, she fled the union and fell in love with another man. Enraged, her father and uncle, both Islamic Kurds, killed her and stuffed her body into a suitcase and buried it in a London garden.”
Before killing her, her two cousins and other Muslim men tortured, raped and beat her for breaking the family rules as to arranged marriages. The cousins, father and uncle now live in prison cells in London for their atrocities.
But it doesn’t stop there.
In the United States, in the past two years, over 3,000 cases of forced marriages have surfaced. Layli Miller-Muro, executive director of the Tahirih Justice Center, is trying to change that problem.
“We’ve already learned enough in the survey to tell us we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg,” Miller-Muro said.
Forced marriages continue in most states of the Union where Muslims live. That includes Michigan, Iowa, California, New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia, Colorado, Tennessee and Texas reported Goldberg.
One 16 year old girl attempted to escape her family after she rejected her arranged marriage. “My father said that he would behead me,” said the girl. “I’ll be considered dead by my family no matter what.”
“Other parents will take their children out of the country to marry them off—again, not an illegal practice,” said Goldberg. “In some cases, there has been clear violence or the threat of violence, which allows agencies to interfere, but in others, the pressure is financial or emotional.”

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Surrounded by Chaff

Do you see God?

''God loves us and will put obstacles in our path when we are headed in the wrong direction. But there will come a point at which God will not force his will on us. Ultimately, if we are so insistent on following a certain path or making a certain decision, he will allow us to do so, even if it is the wrong one. If you feel like you are simply going around in circles in life or are not growing spiritually, maybe it is how you are looking at things. Maybe you are not seeing God for who he really is. And that makes all the difference.'' A few years ago, USA Today published an article about how people view or see God. The article, entitled "View of God Can Predict Values, Politics," was based on a survey conducted by Baylor University that identified four viewpoints of God, or as the researchers put it, "Four Gods." Respondents were asked to agree or disagree with the 10 descriptions of their personal understanding of what God is like. The researches then identified what they thought represented the four views of God.
First was the Authoritarian God, described as being angry at humanity's sin and engaged in our lives and world affairs.
Next there was the Benevolent God. Those who saw God in this way believed in a primarily forgiving God who would want us to care for the sick and needy and so forth.
Then there was the Critical God, whom respondents viewed as having a judgmental eye on the world, but would not intervene either to punish or to comfort. Lastly, there was the Distant God. People who held this view simply believe there was a cosmic force that launched the world and left it spinning on its own.
As I read through the descriptions of these "Four Gods," I was trying to figure out which one I believed in. The problem was that none of them worked for me. There were certain aspects in the different descriptions of God I agreed with, but none totally summed up where I stood. So I came up with a fifth category of my own: the Biblical God.
The Biblical God is angry at the sin of humanity, like the Baylor researchers' "Authoritarian God," but he is kind and full of mercy, as those who believe in the so-called "Benevolent God" would say. And he does care about the sick and the needy. But the Biblical God certainly would not be described as a Critical God or a Distant God.
It is very important that we understand who God really is and what he is really like, because the way we see God will
influence how we look at life. Our view of God will determine the choices we make and the big decisions in life, such as whom to marry and what career path to follow. It will even affect the way we vote.
How we see God also will affect the way we look at problems and crises. If you have a big God, you have small problems. But if you have a small God, you have big problems. That is not to say that some problems are not big. But it is to say that if you have a biblical understanding of God, then your God is bigger than any problem you ever will face. It is all in how you look at things. Read more:
How do you see God? http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=348057#ixzz1YrAjA9m4

Friday, September 23, 2011

'World in danger zone'...

''The euro area crisis has put a strain on the IMF's resources. With key economies teetering on the edge recession, more countries could seek emergency loans, quickly depleting its capital.''

WASHINGTON - World leaders and finance chiefs pushed Europe to quell its debt crisis and big emerging economies said they might provide more money to help stop the chaos from spreading.As finance ministers and central bankers gathered for talks amid growing concern about sharply slowing growth and plunging stock markets, the leaders of seven big economies stressed the need to contain the euro zone crisis."Euro zone governments and institutions must act swiftly to resolve the euro crisis and all European economies must confront the debt overhang to prevent contagion to the wider global economy," the leaders of Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Britain, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea wrote in an open letter to France, chair of the Group of 20 leading economies.Separately, officials from the so-called BRICS countries, including heavyweights China, Brazil and India, said they would consider giving more funds to the International Monetary Fund to boost global stability.But India issued a reminder that developing countries were not in a position to bail out richer economies."We represent a group of countries where there is (an) enormous amount of demand for resources at home for poverty reduction," Reserve Bank of India Governor Duvvuri Subbarao told a joint BRICS news conference in Washington.

Before the Darkest Day

Dual Citizenship and Duel Allegiance

''Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by our rock solid Constitution. It shouldn’t matter where his long form birth certificate is hiding or frankly where he was born. Even though mountains of evidence point to Kenya and away from Hawaii, he is already ineligible to be our President. This is the biggest fraud and threat to our way of life our nation has ever seen.'' Is it that members of Congress and the Senate don’t know where to go and what to do regarding the endless questions of Obama’s elegability? Or, is it that given what they already know, they choose to put their traitorous heads in the ‘ratings’ and ‘international’ sand? As it is now, with the constitutional and historical truth flying in our faces for at least 3 years, Congress has revealed themselves as hopeless sell outs and traitors to the American people.
Some in media see the alarm and breadth of this nightmare for America. Lawence Sellin not only calls our Congress hopelessly corrupt but says they all must be replaced in 2012. He brilliantly points out the vivid and obvious truth of this constitutional breach. The bottom line is that Obama was never elegible to be President because his father was Kenyan and a British subject. He had dual citizenship and duel allegiance.
This should have been a ‘DUH’ moment over 3 years ago. Where has everyone been? I’ll tell you where, calling us every kind of name in the world for noticing and commenting on this for the last 3 years. This shamefully includes most of those running for the coveted GOP nomination for President.
Phil Berg, Democrat attorney from Pennsylvania was one of the very first to sue Obama for elegability reasons. He knew this was a constitutional disaster and crisis for the Democrat party, which he loved and had always been a member of. Over the last 3 years, Berg and several others have brought several dozen law suits against Obama trying to get to discovery to expose the fraud, cover ups and crisis. Shockingly and disgracefully, they have all been thrown out for lack of standing. Apparently, someone has gotten to much of the Judicial branch as well.
Who will fight this battle and defend our law and constitution? Thank God for a few in media who shine the light of truth on this subject but the vast majority have long ago sold out and revealed themselves as total cowards, submitting to threats, manipulation, bribes and career enhancements to look the other way.
I’ll ask again. Who will fight this critical battle if congress and our media won’t?
As is always in our unique history, the people rise up, leaders emerge out of no where, carrying the banner of truth and honor. Evil is finally crushed. ''Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by our rock solid Constitution. It shouldn’t matter where his long form birth certificate is hiding or frankly where he was born. Even though mountains of evidence point to Kenya and away from Hawaii, he is already ineligible to be our President. This is the biggest fraud and threat to our way of life our nation has ever seen.'' The last few years we have seen the counter balance emerge to deal with the endless corruption, spending and evil. Welcome our constitutional saviors…..The Tea Party. Veteran, Dale Robertson emerged marching in the streets in D.C., exercising his concern for our country. His voice and others across the country grew rapidly. Now we see over 100 million Independent, Tea Party groups meeting, organizing, getting funding and frankly, getting classic conservatives elected. They are not GOP but old style Americans who make up all races, religions, political parties and life styles. They stand for the core of American values and the constitution. http://www.newswithviews.com/Roth/laurie285.htm

Thursday, September 22, 2011

nar·cis·sist: [nahr-suh-sist]

President Obama Forgets He’s Not Alone During Photo Op at U.N.

(At first I thought this was photoshopped.It is not. No further caption necessary.)

Coddled: A very small 'black' man

''Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang teaches us that when a small man casts a long shadow, you know the sun is setting.''
Allen Funt of "Candid
Camera" told me one of his favorite stunts involved the confusion caused by a vain old man who tried to throw a testimonial luncheon for himself. I'm not going that far. I'm just going to award myself a little trophy.
Why? For insisting repeatedly over decades that "America is not a racist country and, in fact, bends over backward to avoid the appearance of being racist."
Once Sir Isaac Newton discovered a force called "gravity," it didn't really change things much, but it made intelligent people more comfortable knowing why things fell down instead of up. Then they discovered a force called
electricity that remade the world. Then they discovered a force called nuclear energy that remade the world again.
Now a force called political correctness descends, and after a cute beginning ("Don't call them 'girls'; they're 'women'!") political correctness destroys us.
David Dinkins, New York City's first African-American mayor, was revealed during the campaign to have ignored paying
taxes for four years. His excuse: He was much too busy with public service. He won the election. Would he have won if he were white? The question is laughable, but unfunny. I say no. His opponents would then have been much more comfortable bashing him over all those years of no taxes.
We see, smell, sense, feel and fear that same force protecting Barack Obama. The hugeness of the defeat the president suffered on Tuesday, Sept. 13, is already fading. Detergents can get rid of stains with rubbing. Mass media can get rid of political stains by downplaying or just ignoring. One of America's sharpest commentators, Fox's Tucker Carlson, predicted that if Anthony Weiner's 9th Congressional District in New York were to fall to a Republican, Democratic office-holders would rush en masse to distance themselves from Obama. Not only New York's 9th but, some say even more disastrously, Nevada's 2nd District fell to Republicans. Sure, there's audible Democratic discontent, but the predicted tsunami is barely ankle-high.
If this president were white, I'd expect dozens of
Democrat officials to be fighting for support to mount a primary challenge, and/or blatant appeals for Hillary to gin up the bubble machine for another run. Poor Tucker just forgot to slap on his PC lens before he took his analytical look. President Eisenhower had his Sherman Adams scandal. Johnson had Vietnam. Nixon had Watergate. Carter had Bert Lance. Reagan, Iran-Contra. Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and Chinagate. G.W. Bush, many say, had Iraq. You might be able to add a scandal or two here and there, but that's about it. This next paragraph may be a little Read more: Obama coddled because of skin color? http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=346917#ixzz1YfRZS0MO

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obama's Fruit

His Demonic Vanity

''You know if Obama is re-elected, his demonic vanity and socialist agenda will inspire his fanatic disciples to make him the new Führer. If you think the forced closing of hundreds of Chrysler dealerships who just coincidentally had supported GOP candidates and the more recent raids on Gibson Guitars is bad, just give that devil and his cronies another four years.''
The GOP alternatives are not much better though.
Current frontrunner Perry seems to have a connection to the unelected elitists mentioned above via his support for a Mexico to Canada superhighway through his beloved Texas. Christians have to take issue with his attempt to have Texas girls forcibly vaccinated for the Human Papilloma Virus. And what about his pitiful record on controlling his own (Texas) border? He claims building a border fence isn’t “reality.” Really? Do you think it’s possible his puppet masters might not like their supply of slave labor limited?
Besides, if Perry did win the GOP nomination, and if this so-called Texas conservative picked Businessman Cain as his running mate IAW what some pundits are already suggesting, a lot of folks are going to accuse me of yet another prediction-prophesy. For Perry’s sake, I hope not. You’d have to read the book to find out why I say that.
Romney’s ties to his own version of Obamacare hang heavily around his neck like a proverbial albatross, and his wishy-washy stand on moral issues won’t win a lot of support among Christians, particularly me.
Bachman sings a good song, but I sometimes wonder who’s playing her background music. I like what she says, but she seems a bit like those phishing messages you get in your in-box – too good to be true. Although he’s great for one-liners during debates, Newt has more baggage than Michelle on a family vacation. Huntsman, forget it. Santorum’s firm stand on moral issues may help him get a VP nod from someone like Romney, but that’s his best option. But as I said before, Cain is the most likely VP candidate.
Obama won 99 percent of the black vote in 2008 and still retains around 75 percent support, if only because he’s the first black president. And that’s important to some folks, regardless where he stands on moral issues. With Cain on the GOP ticket, black voters will have the option to support a black man whose moral values are more in line with most African-Americans.
I used to think Libertarian Paul made sense then earlier this year he voted to destroy the good order and discipline of the military. He’s just plain wrong about the effect of homosexuals serving openly in the military, and his support for that rotten piece of legislation will come back to haunt him; that is, if he has the conscience I think he has.
The “economic meltdown, multiculturalism, moral relativism and other malignancies” mentioned earlier are indeed the plagues that are killing this country and the issues both Obama and all the GOP candidates claim they can cure. The fact is though these plagues are just the beginning of God’s judgment on a nation that once had his blessings like no other nation since Old Testament times. And for those who don’t know it, American politicians (and unelected elitists) can no more fight God than could Pharaoh.
As it’s illustrated for us in the Book of Job, Chapters 1 and 2, God is withdrawing his hand of protection on this country. And as we’re shown in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, America is being judged. We’ve become something like an AIDS patient, a poor soul slowly dying from a myriad of ailments, each caused by an immunity deficiency. http://www.newswithviews.com/Murray/randy125.htm

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dislodging of foreign objects

Obama's global green tax

''...if the U.N.'s tax design is approved in December at a U.N. meeting in Durban, South Africa, it could increase exponentially from $100 billion to $1.9 trillion annually, or more. It will be an indirect tax, making it impossible to opt out, although the U.N. is planning to reimburse Third World countries in another underhanded device to transfer U.S. wealth to Third World countries.'' We are now beginning to grasp the definition and the scope of the words "new world order," an expression inserted into the U.S. political vocabulary by the first President Bush. He never defined it, leaving that task to his successors, and President Barack Obama is only too glad to expand its meaning.
Before Bush Sr. left the White House, however, he attended the 1992 United Nations meeting in Rio de Janeiro, signed the U.N. Climate Change Treaty and rammed it through the Senate for ratification. It's now available for Obama to use as one engine in his plan to "fundamentally transform the United States."
Of course, the climate changes. Many changes are due to factors over which humans have no control, such as winds, ocean currents and sun activity.
But the liberals want us to believe that climate change is also caused by gases expelled when humans burn so-called fossil fuels. The U.N. created an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to push the U.N.'s political agenda wrapped up in climate-change ideology.
The first U.N. Earth Summit was held in Stockholm in 1972. At the second U.N. Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, the dominant figure was Canadian Maurice Strong, a
good friend of Mikhail Gorbachev. Strong called for social justice, saying, "Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable." Sustainable development became the buzzword to require government approval for almost every activity by almost every individual, business and organization.
While President Bush Jr. was more focused on building a North American Union without borders between countries, during his two terms, the two Democratic presidential candidates he defeated, Al Gore and John Kerry, became key players in the U.N.'s climate-change politics. It soon became obvious that U.N. climate change was an attack on the American standard of living as well as on our sovereignty.
Gore and Kerry attended several U.N. climate-change meetings. Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his climate-change advocacy. Kerry used his wife's mega-
wealth to wine and dine university and school officials to get them to skew academic curriculum. This was supposed to make students believe that climate change is a terrible threat and that we must abandon our current energy sources.
By the time Barack Obama became president, it also became obvious that U.N. climate-change politics are not only a vehicle to serve his goal of "fundamentally transforming the United States," but also his goal of spreading the wealth. Obama seeks to spread the wealth not only from taxpaying to non-taxpaying Americans, but also from America to Third World countries.
Government's entry into the field of trying to control climate by regulations, taxes and handouts is a convenient cover not only for deliberately lowering our U.S. standard of living, but also for imposing socialism on America. So most of the $800 billion Obama stimulus was dedicated to exchanging America's dependable energy sources from coal, oil,
natural gas and nuclear to less efficient, less dependable and more expensive green energies such as wind and solar. Read more: Obama's global green tax http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=346685#ixzz1YTgMmdU3

Monday, September 19, 2011

Never Discuss Politics or Religion?

Corthell & Co - Let your opinions be heard on current news and politics. Not for the weak!

Never Discuss Politics or Religion?

How many times have your friends and relatives told you, “I never discuss politics and religion?”
Why is it taboo to discuss religion and politics? I submit the reason is people are brainwashed from their youth into believing this will start an argument causing bad feelings and loss of friendship. Who promotes this lie? http://forums.delphiforums.com/cort

Glass (Shit) House

To a Powerful, Bold New World

“It is not a question of whether some kind of world government will be established in the next 10 years. Within a decade the world will be organized as one political unit. It is only a question as to what kind of world government will be established, and how.”

Concerning the preparation of an elite to dominate the world, Paul Mantoux wrote in the Foreword of International Understanding: Agencies Educating for a New World (1931) by John Eugene Harley: “How can a well-prepared elite be raised throughout the world to spread its influence over the masses, who can then support them in their turn? …Plainly the first step, in the case of each country, is to train an elite to think, feel, and act internationally.” In order to do this in the U.S., though, our nationalistic Constitution would first have to be undermined. And in that regard, the next year (1932) William Kay Wallace’s Our Obsolete Constitution was published. Wallace had accompanied President Wilson to Paris after World War I and was attached to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace. In his book, Wallace wrote: “The age of individualism is past…. The Constitution is no longer adequate to meet the requirements of our age…. [The individual] must adopt the one best way or plan which has been scientifically determined by experts…. The absurdity of such doctrines as those of national rights and a social contract has long been recognized…. As we have gone beyond the stage of believing in an avenging God, so we are coming to realize that ideas of political sovereignty are borrowings from ignorant notions about the source of power in the state…. Sovereignty in its narrow territorial aspects must be abandoned…. We must be prepared to integrate Scientific Capitalism with the principle of Scientific Socialism…. It is admitted on all sides that national directive control of industry… must be undertaken in the immediate future…. The state will control the means of production….”
The same year (1932), Rhodes scholar Clyde Eagleton’s International Government was published, and in the Preface of the 1948 revised edition, he stated: “I am… concerned with… the slowly evolving constitutional law and organization of the community of nations developing toward international, or world, government.” In the text of the book, he noted that “the following arguments have been offered in favor of regionalism: (1) Development should be attempted gradually, rather than in one jump toward world government. Such a world system could be better built upon the solid foundation of regional systems.”
Concerning the pursuit of world government via regionalism, Graeme Howard in America and the New World Order (1940) argued regarding “the framework for support of the new world order” that “promising both a more ethical and a more realistic solution is the formation of regional economic entities…. Cooperative regionalism [will] bring about a better world order through internationally balanced economic and political regional blocs.” Similarly, M.J. Bonn in The Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science (July 1941) wrote that “national planning means deliberate international anarchy…. But we are not yet going to have a world state…. The formation of regional federations by hitherto autonomous groups of countries is much easier…. With every move a step toward a new world order is taken.” And the next year, in Post-War Worlds, P.E. Corbett (also a member of the Group furthering Rhodes’ plan) wrote: “A world association binding together and coordinating regional groupings of states may evolve toward one universal federal government, as in the past loose confederations have grown into federal unions…. World government is the ultimate aim, but there is more chance of attaining it by gradual development.”
The same year (1942), the Federal Council of Churches convened a “Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace” (in June 1996 Bishop William Swing convened an interfaith forum, “United Religions,” as a prelude to Mikhail Gorbachev’s second “State of the World” forum in October 1996). The 1942 Commission published a series of lectures titled A Basis for the Peace to Come, and in John Foster Dulles’ lecture, “Toward World Order,” he declared: “We have found that regional integration… is not alone adequate…. We must find a system of government which can exercise jurisdiction which is world-wide…. Let us first consider the solution of ‘world government.’ …It involves an organization dedicated to the general welfare—the peace and order of mankind—and the assuming of an allegiance to this goal superior to that of any national allegiance…. By these… initial steps we will have begun that dilution of sovereignty which all enlightened thinkers agree to be indispensable.” Just think, President Eisenhower would choose this man to be his Secretary of State, even though Dulles had these views regarding our national sovereignty.

Just to Be

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy just to be normal.

quenarth: Pan Reversed

quenarth: Pan Reversed: Punning off my nickname, the Young Sprite, a friend told me I am "Pan backwards." The ensuing conversation revealed a misunderstanding and...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Job Jerk

The people themselves

Net Hentoff's column "Ceaseless surveillance of We the People" is chilling beyond compare. The surveillance state is on the march to an extent that will exceed George Orwell's darkest predictions in his book "1984."
Every week, it seems, we read the federal government is rolling out or implementing some new surveillance or screening technology, or expanding data mining programs. Surveillance and surveillance analysis are huge growth industries. There are even technologies being introduced that thermally image a face and flash an alert of suspicion based on pre-defined parameters. Egads! Be careful what you think about!
As in Orwell's story, nothing can be assumed to be private anymore. Our emails, phone calls, financial records and website visits are all fair game to the national security state. Fourth Reichians know there is no better way to enslave a people than to subject them to constant surveillance or the fear of same.
Hentoff wonders why the Republican presidential aspirants don't raise the alarm on this supercritical issue. That's a good question. Most Americans haven't any idea their daily movements and activities are being tracked and catalogued in mind-boggling exabyte storage databases.
Hentoff understands the immensity of the danger to our eroding liberties. He writes, "Ringing louder in my head is Thomas Jefferson's warning to all American generations that the only guarantee of our individual liberties is the people themselves."

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mankind: Basic Carbon Unit

The Shift :Carbon12(666) to Carbon7(616)

In May 2005, it was reported that scholars at Oxford University using advanced imaging techniques had been able to read previously illegible portions of a manuscript which stated 616 instead of the majority of texts which state 666.[11] The existence of manuscripts attesting to 616had also been noted before this finding. Another early witness Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus (C) (a palimpsest) has it written in full: ἑξακόσιοι δέκα ἕξ, hexakosioi deka hex (lit. "six hundred and sixteen").[12] This, along with the translation of P115, has led some scholars to conclude that 616 is the original number of the beast.[13] 666/616 (Of partial interest only)

(66639) Money

购买美国货 (Buy American)

Carbon Currency is the ENDGAME

A Man's Number

''Once carbon trading is instituted world-wide, it may not take much to switch to a carbon currency in order to make way for a new carbon-based world. Unfortunately for individual people living in this new system, it will also require authoritarian and centralized control over all aspects of life, from cradle to grave.'' There is growing evidence that a carbon currency appears to be the replacement for the currencies of the world after they all crash in the near future. The smart grid will become the means of implementing the carbon currency that will allow the global elite to control every bit of electronic activity of every human being on planet earth.
The idea of a carbon currency has been around since 1932 with the advent of Technocracy. The
Technocracy Study Course initially written in 1932 details what is needed for Technocracy and a carbon currency to work. These include, in no particular order:
• Ability to register on a continuous 24 hour-per-day basis the total net conversion of energy.• By means of the registration of energy converted and consumed, make possible a balanced load,• Provide a continuous inventory of all production and consumption,• Provide a specific registration of the type, kind, etc., of all goods and services, where it is produced and where it is used and,• Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual.”
In other words no one would be able to buy and sell anything without permission of big brother, and without him knowing about it. Bartering or perhaps the use of precious metals (if people are allowed to possess it) would be the only alternative. It is interesting that if this is what the elites are planning, it would literally fulfill the highly controversial prophecy given by the Apostle John in Revelation 13:17.
The technology to implement this did not exist in 1932. It does now. Integral to creating the control demanded by technocracy is smart grid technology, which implements monitoring and control from production to consumption. It also allocates how much energy each home or business can use, with control being absolute and reaching even down to our coffee makers and refrigerators.
The Push for Smart Grid
Smart grid technology has not been developed because of demand or any perceived need. Private industry did not develop it. Rather, the entire idea was advanced by the Department of Energy (DOE) starting with President George W. Bush with the creation in 2003 of
The Office of Electricity Delivery.
Since then, it has been catapulted forward with President Obama’s allocation of over $4
billion from the Stimulus money. The DOE’s technology is spreading like wildfire across the world. Why? How? Patrick Wood provides this warning; “Smart Grid meets 100 percent of the Technocracy's original requirements…. If the Federal government had not been the initial and persistent driver, would Smart Grid exist at all? It is highly doubtful.”
Global companies like IBM, Siemens, GE, Cisco, Panasonic, Kyocera, Toshiba, Mitsubishi are all scrambling to grab onto their share of the new smart grid market with digital meter controls and software. These companies are helping to usher in this single, integrated, communication-enabled electric delivery and monitoring system, known as Smart Grid.
Similar to the World Wide Web, this new Network Of Things, or NOT will allow inanimate objects such as a central control computer and your household appliances to communicate with very little human interaction. Once it is entirely in place around 2020, complete control over energy consumption will be possible with systems that will allow our air conditioners, washing machines, and even our furnaces to be centrally shut off if we have been deemed ineligible for further consumption.
Nations worldwide are positioning themselves to trade in this
new global currency and smart grid technology. Italy has already implemented smart grid in 85% of its homes. Australia will soon have a framework in place which will position them to trade carbon credits internationally, with the passage of the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Bill of 2011, Carbon Credits (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2011 and the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Bill 2011.
On August 17, Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank in the wake of Russia’s removal of the least 10 euros per metric ton requirement for its carbon credits has encouraged the nation’s industrial powerhouses to apply for carbon credits. Companies are eligible to apply for one carbon credit for every 1,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide that they no longer emit. Just like Australia, they are positioning themselves to have carbon credits to trade and sell on the global market.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Do you know this person?


The Christo-Islamic New World Order

''I love nature and am an animal freak more than anyone but I don’t worship mother earth, tree bark or my Chow Chow. God did indeed make people above animals and nature. We are to serve and protect and not to destroy. We certainly aren’t to worship God’s creation. Let’s stop rewriting our history, the Holy Bible and tradition. It is what it is. Everyone else can kiss my ass.'' Everywhere we look today Politicians, Media and Global elite are severing the traditional and important boundaries of Religion, Sovereignty, laws and freedoms fought for. Our country and heritage is now lying, practically lifeless on Frankenstein’s laboratory of ‘sell out, anti God, politically correct lies.’ The fire breathing Doctors are rapidly ripping off American body parts and slapping on international, U.N. environmentally perverted legs and arms. If something major is not done soon our crippled country won’t even be able to walk.
Let’s talk sovereignty and borders
Long before Obama and his ‘cut the U.S. throat’ agenda, we saw the bold flipping off of U.S. sovereignty, borders and law with Bush, Clinton and Bush senior. Remember how former George President Bush was calling the nation to vigilance after 9/11, yet he called the Minute Men vigilantes for using their own money, saving lives of illegal immigrants, supporting our border patrol, borders and law. This sea of volunteer teachers, firefighters, retired patriots, Pastors and Moms were simply an unwanted mob and in the way. Then we saw Bush support all kinds of back room meetings and ‘special’ conversations with Canada and Mexico, pushing the super highway up from Mexico and the North American Union. Sovereignty be damned.
George Bush had a golden opportunity for 8 years to stop the 200 billion a year drug trade and millions of ‘mystery people’ flying across our borders, breaking laws, taking U.S. jobs and compromising national security. He did little or nothing. Why? Because his worldview, just like his Fathers was tied up with the new world order and internationalism, not sovereignty, U.S. law and our borders. Remember when Bush senior talked with reverence in one of his speeches about the ‘new world order’? This was all about assuring in a world religion, internationalism, opening up borders and a kind of socialism. Now, Obama continues the madness and national betrayal in this area. Like Bush, he is an internationalist and Universalist. There is no such thing as that arrogant thing called borders and U.S. sovereignty.
Changing religion to reflect the international code
Real history shows that the miraculous, United States of America was founded by devout Christians. A few were reported agnostic believers of God but over 90% were out spoken Christians. They built our constitution, Declaration of Independence and other founding documents on Christian principles as outlined in the one and only, Holy Bible, not any other religious type book.
Universalists and internationalists have long sought to not only water down our borders, sovereignty and freedoms but morph and transform Christianity, our main faith reflecting most of America, into a Frankenstonian hybrid of many religions.
If that pesky Holy Bible is true, then all freedom is a gift from God, all people have equal worth under God. Christ died on the cross for all and rose again. There is no surfer class, slave class, female under class, fancy or powerful class. Worth is defined as belonging to all, including the unborn and imperfect in society. If God defines how people are to live, draws us back to Himself through the Bible and requires a response, that flies in the face of internationalists and the new world order crowd. They want to hold the power and act as God. Obama and the progressive’s dream is to be the provider, messiah, one who controls power and money. They also want to be worshipped. God and Jesus are simply in the way and drawing worshiping attention from them.
Naturally, Obama and today’s ‘religious changing Marxists’ loan out freedom and throw dog bones of money to their seduced and controlled followers and fans. All others are defined and promoted as enemies of the Government, country and specified, ‘special’ groups. These special groups are developed , given tons of money and media attention to simply manipulate the masses and steal ‘financial and voting’ empathy. You are made to feel like a mentally compromised, racist jerk if you don’t like all the ‘special’ and funded groups.
Our new set of socially approved faiths
• Worshipping mother earth and environmentalism. The Gaians, new age and environmentalism and some eastern religions have merged to control people and change their focus from the living and Real God of the Holy Bible to animals, nature and the planet. Humans aren’t on top anymore. In fact, they are quickly being moved to the bottom of the pile.• Then there is the attempt to merge Islam and Christianity. We have big time Pastors, such as Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback church diving into the sewage of political correctness and compromise.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like Abe

Al Gore & Co waiting for ET

''NASA Nerd, “If one’s goal is to maximize ecosystem flourishing, then perhaps it would be better if humanity did not exist, or at least if it existed in a significantly reduced form…” Are you getting this? Is anybody out there willing to help maximize the ecosystem by committing suicide? Don’t all volunteer at once.'' Can Man-Made Global Warming—also known as “Climate Change,” when the weather is cold—be saved? It could have been so fine. Here, at long last, was the magic incantation for controlling people’s lives. Here was the formula by which a gang of nasty little nerds could take away your car, turn off your air conditioner, confiscate your light bulbs, restrict you to one sheet of toilet paper per visit to the john, raise your taxes as high as they pleased, and do virtually anything else they could ever think of doing to you—and all in the name of a noble cause: to save the planet. And then the wheels fell off the juggernaut. The “Climategate” scandal, in which thousands of confidential emails were leaked to European newspapers, exposed the alleged scientists as liars, finaglers, plotters, and frauds. But they haven’t given up! They’ll gobble up our money and our freedoms if it’s the last thing they ever do. To that end, Al Gore declares that “climate change deniers”—implying that no one but a wicked idiot could ever have any doubts about his apocalyptic spook story—are “like racists,” and should be treated like racists. Chimed in The Democrat Examiner (Aug. 28), “[D]o climate change deniers need to be socially ostracized and marginalized in order to illustrate their moral and intellectual failure concerning the environment?” Of course, they’ve been doing that all along. Everyone who refuses to bow down to the idol that the nerds have made is branded “anti-Science” by the trained-seal “news” media. But just calling names will only get them so far. After all, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)—they built that giant particle accelerator in Switzerland—now says that climate change is caused not by SUVs or toilet paper, but by the sun and cosmic rays. CERN has known this for years, but held back from releasing its findings due to political pressure from the Global Warming mob. (See “The Other Climate Theory,” Sept. 7, by Anne Jolis of The Wall Street Journal, in online.wsj.com/) They can hardly accuse CERN of being a Red State anti-Science ignoramus. Enter NASA. NASA may not be able to put a man on the moon anymore, but by gum, they’ll go to bat for Man-Made Global Warming. In a paper entitled “Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis,” NASA nebbish Shawn Domagal-Goldman discusses how space aliens might home in on our carbon footprint. (You can read the whole paper here) Let us quote directly from Section 5 of the paper. “Humanity may just now be entering the period in which rapid civilizational expansion could be detected by an ETI [Extraterrestrial Intelligence] because our expansion is changing the composition of Earth’s atmosphere (e.g. via greenhouse gas emissions), which therefore changes the spectral signature of Earth… it should at a minimum give us pause as we evaluate our expansive tendencies.” (And all you smart-mouths at CERN please just shut up!) http://www.newswithviews.com/Duigon/lee114.htm