Mike Corthell

Mike Corthell
Editor & Publisher at Fryeburg Free Press MEDIA

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Dinktwigger Poem

As a Muffin

Nuffin nuffin nuffin
Rhymes with muffin
But nuffin nuffin nuffin
Rhymes with 'orange'
Could it be
That a cup of tea
Is not as good with an orange
As a muffin?

Not Ready for Dead Yet

I closed my eyes but I could still see.
What was this strangeness happening to me.

I pinch myself and it doesn't hurt.
I'm not in a grave, there is no dirt.

Nothing looks the same anymore.
It's as if I went through and closed the door.

I see a strange light up ahead.
I cannot stop, I know I'm not dead.

The light gets brighter with each minute.
I strain to see, there's something in it.

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