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Mike Corthell
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Do You Color Racism?

The mainstream media has hyped it; Mama and Papa have had their faces before the mainstream media lens at every available opportunity; Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are running their mouths endlessly, pastors are hyping it, the mainstream media has turned it into a three-ring circus.

To hear all these talking heads tell it, Trayvon Martin was killed in cold blood.

Mama and Papa are screaming at the tops of their voices, echoed by the likes of the usual race-baiting duo of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, all aided and abetted by the mainstream media who has provided them abundant exposure while carefully avoiding the truth.

So hot has the situation become that the whole matter has now been handed off from local law enforcement, who have received death threats, to an outside prosecutor appointed by I'm-bending-over-backwards-to-prove-I'm-not-racist Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida; and the individual who has claimed self-defense in the matter has gone into hiding.

For the past two weeks, the American people have been led to believe, by Mama and Papa, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the mainstream media and various other talking heads, that the death of Trayvon Martin was a senseless act of cold-blooded murder committed against a black teenage boy by a half Hispanic, half white man wielding a gun.

The terms hate crime, racist, racially-motivated, racial killing, and racismhave been loosely bandied about and dropped from the tongues of these people with reckless abandon, have become the impetus and focus of the growing racially-motivated protests across America, and have been spewed forth from the pulpits of supposedly Christian churches with all caution pitched to the wind!

The illegal alien occupying the Oval Office, residing illegitimately in the White House, has proclaimed that Trayvon Martin could have been his child. As one commented, would he have made that statement if Trayvon Martin had been anything but what he was - black? Doubtful, very doubtful, given the illegal alien's racist world view that anyone black is oppressed, anyone white the oppressor, a world view that aligns with the liberation theology taught from the pulpit of his favorite pastor and friend, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

What has not been said, by any of these people, until after reported by an alternative news source in recent days, is that Trayvon Martin was not so innocent in all this; that Trayvon Martin was witnessed pummeling Zimmerman (the "trigger-happy shooter") as Zimmerman lay on the ground with Martin on top of him; that the police report bears out what the witness has reported - that Zimmerman had a bloodied face, the back of his shirt and pants wet from being on his back on the ground, and grass stains on both his pants and shirt, consistent with what the witness saw and reported, and what Zimmerman has told police called to the scene.

Let's take a very similar situation and see how the media has handled that.... http://www.newswithviews.com/Stuter/stuter202.htm

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