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Mike Corthell
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Liberal's sick, twisted notions

Liberals hate guns. This statement should be qualified. It isn’t that leftists, Democrats, and libs of every stripe hate all guns. Specifically, they hate guns in the hands of conservatives, Republicans, Christians and libertarians. They hate guns possessed by men and women formerly of the U.S. military. They hate guns used to defend homes. They hate guns used to prevent rape.

Liberals hate guns that might be used to oppose their power-mad whims, their cradle-to-grave schemes for controlling every facet of your waking life. The old saying goes that the armed man is a citizen, while the unarmed man is a subject. Liberals hate citizens and adore subjects, for the latter are but a few meters of slippery slope removed from becoming serfs and slaves.

No less prominent an administration figure than Attorney General Eric Holder – whose palpable, throbbing racism led him to forego charging armed, epithet-spewing Black Panthers bullying white voters, but who believes voter ID to prevent fraudulent ballots is racism and vote suppression – has been caught admitting what liberals think of guns. Holder unabashedly asserts that we should “brainwash” our children, equating guns with vice, pursuing a model not unlike the vilification of tobacco products.By contrast, liberals adore violence. They enjoy threatening the lives of policemen; they delight in intimidating, harassing and destroying the lives and livelihoods of any who speak out against them. The idea of forcing their enemies to obey them, the notion of bending to their wills all those benighted fools not swayed by liberals’ presumed enlightenment, thrills and excites them. In the Democrats’ utopia, it isn’t that guns – the most effective technology of self-defense yet invented – have been made to disappear. Rather, their possession is reserved for agents of the progressive state … and to those few liberal elites whose lives are deemed worth protecting (as opposed to the majority of mere mortals dumbly voting to keep Democrat tyrants in office).

Holder, who still claims he knew little or nothing about your government “walking” illegal guns to Mexico, has more blood on his hands than any member of the NRA does or has. Yet he, like most “progressives,” presumes to tell you, not just what you can own or how much your life is worth, but what you should think about the issue. It isn’t enough that he and his fellow libs would rob you of your constitutionally protected right to defend yourself. No, they want to make sure you are marginalized for believing you possess this right – and they want to turn your children into little wide-eyed Hitler youth, ready to inform their doctors and teachers that Daddy owns firearms.

It is against this backdrop of liberal brainwashing and presumption that media outcry over Trayvon Martin has been conducted. When Martin, a black teenager, was shot by a white “Neighborhood Watch captain,” George Zimmerman, Zimmerman claimed self-defense. Subsequent over-analysis of a situation about which few pundits know much – the only direct witnesses to the event are Zimmerman and the late Trayvon Martin – has been infuriating in its transparency and astounding in its racism.

As of this writing, the shooter, Zimmerman, has not been charged. Demonstrators, lawmakers and media figures have been screaming for his arrest. Black racist groups want to find him and kidnap him. Biased “news” articles, dedicated to portraying Zimmerman as a paranoid vigilante constantly pestering police about imagined crimes, have constructed the progressives’ preferred straw man and hung Zimmerman’s name around its neck. Frustrated reporters, desperate to conduct some kind of affected investigative journalism, have gone so far as to speculate that Zimmerman said something in his call to 911 that almost kind-of sort-of sounds like “coons.”

Some of the same people standing up and proclaiming to news cameras that they “know in their hearts” that Zimmerman is a murderer probably also believe that O.J. Simpson still searches for his ex-wife’s killers. http://www.wnd.com/2012/03/libs-twin-obsessions-guns-and-race/

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