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Mike Corthell
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Lesser of Two: Mitt Romney

''Mitt Romney is going to be the GOP nominee. All I need to know about Romney is he is a huge improvement over Obama, no matter what else he may or may not be. It is important who he chooses as a running mate, to the degree that he will need someone who can unite more voters.'' Predicting the GOP presidential nominee at this point does not require a crystal ball or a celestial phone call to Nostradamus. As of today, here are the official GOP stats on the GOP race for the White House…of course those who have watched GOP politics for a while saw this coming before the primaries started.




















With results from thirty-seven state primaries in the books, Mitt Romney has the GOP nod all but sewn up, and it doesn’t matter whether or not the nearly sixty-percent who voted for someone else, like it. I voted for someone else too and how I feel about that doesn’t matter either. It is what it is, and we have no choice but to deal in reality here. That’s something every true constitutional conservative can relate to…

Three questions remain unanswered though…

Who will be the VP pick?
Will that influence voters not yet on-board the Romney train?
No matter what the GOP ticket looks like, will the pro-American right unite behind that ticket to defeat the anti-American left come November?

Yes, I’m quite familiar with all of the arguments against the “right-left paradigm” and against “voting for a lesser evil.” However, allow me to point out a little reality for those who could not stomach John (lesser evil) McCain in 2008.

You thought you couldn’t do any worse than John (lesser evil) McCain and you were wrong, you got Barack Hussein (greatest evil of all) Obama, who has since proven to be as anti-American as Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Castro, Bin Laden and Yugo Chavez combined, with Hitlery Clinton, Kagan and Sotomayor, adding insult to injury. It turns out you could do worse than McCain, and you did.

Further, as God has placed no perfect people on earth since Jesus, there are no perfect candidates either -- no matter how many times someone voted NO while otherwise watching Rome burn for twenty years.

In the horrific but likely event that Barack Obama is able to complete his first term before being dragged off to the gallows in handcuffs for treason, every pro-American voter in this country is going to have to remove him from office in the ballot box come November. But they will not be able to do that if they are focused upon any other fringe agenda…

After losing congress to leftists in 2006, the White House to an anti-American fraud in 2008 and a bunch of do-nothing rebels without a clue in 2010, pro-American voters have no choice but to upset the entire apple cart by removing every incumbent running for re-election in 2012.

Instead of funneling millions back into the RNC or DNC through the Tea Party or George Soros front orgs, the people will have to take care of this thing themselves.

Tea Partiers and Occupiers can finally agree on something…. Everyone in D.C. needs a high-speed rail to the unemployment line. They all need a lesson in who really runs things in the United States of America and it wouldn’t hurt international communist thugs to see angry Americans in action for a change either.

Maybe the Occupiers had the math right at 99% to 1%, even if they defined the two groups wrong. It’s us (the 99% freedom and liberty loving American citizens) against them, the 1% that work in or for Washington D.C. at a back-breaking expense to every American taxpayer.


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