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Mike Corthell
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

But what if 'They' are wrong?

Mike Corthell, Editor & Publisher

Belief is not truth. True.

That is one of the greatest deceptions of our time, the idea that if I believe something it has to be true. 

I run into it all of the time. Self-deception is the most dangerous of all. There is nothing more startling than to learn too late that what you believed was not true.

In fact, I believe it is the cause of most problems that face America.

At least you know where you are.

Permit me to say it again. The fact that you believe something does not necessarily mean it is true.

Jesus told us that “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” I hear folks repeat that verse often, yet they do not take the time to think about what they have just said.

Truth, alone, does not make one free. Truth only makes you free if you know it.
Believing the truth is not enough. As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” But “believing” is not the same as knowing. Believing requires faith. Knowing does not. In fact, I have often been told that “you can’t believe your eyes?”

Belief is dependant on the credibility of the source. It really does matter from whom you receive your information.

Eve believed the Truth. In fact, she was a “woman of the Word” quoting to the serpent what it was that Adam had told her that God had said. Eve had heard the truth, but she didn’t know it. That is why she was such a sitting duck for the serpent. She could only repeat what someone else (Adam) had told her. She had no real first-hand knowledge of what she claimed to believe.

That is where most Americans find themselves. We are merely the victim of what others have told us. What if our guides are blind? Jesus told us that ablind guide would cause everyone to end up in a ditch.

To quote Ronald Reagan, “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they believe so many things that aren't so.” The same can be said of “conservatives.”

One of the hardest things to get through someone’s skull is the idea that what they believe may not actually be true.

Paul said we must KNOW the truth…not just believe it.
Look at the mess we are in today. Is it possible that we have been taught things that are not true?

They tell us that:

 There is a separation between the church and the state.
 Religion and politics do not mix. We should keep our religion to ourselves. There is no such thing as absolute truth.
 That man is making global temperatures rise. 
 That “going green’ will save the world.
 That burning coal will destroy the ozone.
 That an unborn baby cannot feel pain.
 That abortion will make “the problem” go away.
 That a baby’s life is a mother’s choice.
 The Supreme Court’s decisions are law.
 The Supreme Court is unbiased.
 In America, the Supreme Court is wiser than the Supreme Being.
 No one is above the law.
 Personal liberty must yield to government sovereignty.
 Ron Paul is crazy.
 God loves everyone.
 God does not get angry with sinners.
 Jehovah and Allah are the same God.
 Secular education does not affect the spiritual condition of a child.
 College is worth the exorbitant price and worth the debt.
 Parents does not have the right to choose where their child goes to school.
 The economy is getting better.
 The dollar is sound.
 The banks are solid.
 Christians should not offend people.
 Truth is relative.
 Christians are not supposed to judge.
 All Christians must tithe to the local church.
 Obeying evil government is a Christian’s duty.
 Bill O’Reilly is looking out for you.
 Two homosexual parents are healthy for a young child.
 Homosexual behavior is not as dangerous as smoking.
 God honors homosexual marriage.
 Martial Law will never be declared.
 Talmudic Jews do not control the banks and the media.
 All conspiracy theories are bogus.
They tell us that:But what if they are wrong?
 All Americans are required to pay income tax.
 There are many paths to God.
 The God I serve accepts everyone just the way they are.

But what if they are wrong?

They tell us that:
 Man is destroying the environment.
But what if they are wrong?

They tell us that:
 An unborn baby is not a person.
But what if they are wrong?

They tell us that:
 The Supreme Court has the final say on all laws.
But what if they are wrong?

They tell us that:
 Our elections are honest.
But what if they are wrong?

They tell us that:
 God does not judge nations.
But what if they are wrong?

They tell us that:
 Our schools are doing a good job of educating our children.
But what if they are wrong?

They tell us that:
 Gold and silver is not money.
But what if they are wrong?

They tell us that:
 A person is a Christian if he/she says he/she is one.
But what if they are wrong?

They tell us that:
 The Rapture will save us from trouble.
But what if they are wrong?

 The Chinese are our friends.
But what if they are wrong?

Could it be what you believe is not really true? Who do you trust?

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