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Mike Corthell
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fryeburg Media / Creative Media Marketing

Creative Social Marketing

_________Fryeburg Media is a professional marketing firm offering a strategic suit of 
social media marking services.

We setup and manage your social media presence to elevate your brand and expand your existing marketing efforts. Facebook, Twitter and Blog accounts will be customized and launched to reflect the personality of your business.

We take your brand to the online community, build awareness about your business and increase your fanbase through strategically planned promotions & offers. Our unique gaming strategy increases your fanbase virally.


We socially engage your fanbase daily with local and national topics to create an environment that will naturally spawn ongoing sales and service opportunities for your business. Our goal is to keep your fans engaged with your brand.


We have the ability to generate leads for your business through engaging conversations, brand awareness and promotions. We work with your business to create a process for handling new leads that are generated via social media channels.

''In our opinion, social media is in its infancy stages for car dealers, and I think that social media is going to be the next big thing, It’s going to be the thing that really catapults these dealers into a whole new level''.
 - Mike Corthell

There are so many tools available in social media marketing and so many different ways to use those tools, that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all package. But here are some rough examples of the kinds of services we provide to clients in various price ranges:
Monthly price rangeType of serviceExample goals and services
$250 – 750Basic single service -
A single goal focused
primarily on a single
  • Industry leadership – Commentary through a CEO Blog
  • Customer engagement – Interaction via Facebook
  • Relationship-building with influential industry leaders – Engagement through our Commenting Service
$750 – 1500Basic combo service - A
single goal with a multiplatform approach
  • The source of ‘What’s Hot?’ for customers – Twitter feed, Pinterest boards and a Facebook account
  • Being seen as a technical subject matter expert – Becoming a LinkedIn ‘expert’, creating an email newsletter, and regular opinion blogging
  • Educational resource for customers – Blogging, Commenting Service, Twitter
$1500 and upStrategic services -Multiple messages and
goals across multiple
  • Thought leadership – Multi-author blog, web video, Wikipedia entry, press releases
  • Celebrity image - Twitter for ‘live’ fan engagement, Facebook and YouTube for multimedia, event press releases
  • Product engagement – User-generated content and contesting through Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest


We exist to build the business of our clients’, period. The recommendations we make to them would be the path we would follow if we owned their company. We never sacrifice integrity. What most clients expect from us is great campaigns, with a spark that ignites sales and the staying power to build enduring brands.
Creativity is at the top of our priorities. We strive to always be a step ahead of the competition and the line between pride in our work and neurotic obstinacy is a narrow one. We make our recommendations clear. But we do not grudge our clients the right to the final say. It is their money.

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