Mike Corthell

Mike Corthell
Editor & Publisher at Fryeburg Free Press MEDIA

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Pattern of Your Laughter

The Pattern of Your Laughter

The path to happiness is loaded with twists turns - steep winding
The roadblocks never ending. Each day gives us hope for a better tomorrow
New beginnings - the promise of things to come
Our hopes and dreams never disappearing - we won't allow it

When the days drag on and it seems I can barely hold on...
I close my eyes - I think of you
And just as the warmth of the sun touches my face
I remember how you have touched my heart

I take a full breath - I sigh
I picture your smile, the pattern of your laughter
I think of how you have brought happiness into my life
True love really does exist

I think of your touch, the warmth in your hug
I feel your grace in everything you do
It gives me the strength and courage to carry on
I have never felt so complete - so alive until I found you

I open my eyes – I smile
Knowing nothing can bring me down
Knowing we found each other
Knowing God gave me to you

July 24, 2012

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