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Mike Corthell
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

America After Obama: Holding Romney's Feet to the Fire

Thankfully he's going the way of Jimmy Carter.

If Der Fuhrbama wins in November, those of us who are not Obamaholics already know what his second term would look like – the final and total destruction not just of our economy, but of pretty much everything that is left of the American way of life. That being the case, I won’t even bother to go there. Hopefully, you already have your adopted homeland picked out in the event BHO wins.
But it would also be wise to prepare for life after Obama. Notwithstanding the masochistic compulsions of Republicans, it’s still possible for Mitt Romney to win in November. Then what?
His concerns are valid, because the hard truth is that politicians cannot solve America’s financial problems. It’s way too late for that. Too many people are hopelessly addicted to “entitlements,” which makes it impossible for politicians to seriously address them.A friend of mine recently expressed concern about what America would look like under a Romney presidency, given that establishment Republicans are accessories to America’s moral and financial decline. He was especially concerned about how people would react once they came to realize that Republicans are not able to solve the country’s major fiscal issues even if they wanted to.
What a Romney presidency would do, however, is bring about optimism, which would likely improve the economy significantly for at least a year, and possibly throughout his entire first term. In other words, because people and businesses are desperately looking for reasons to be optimistic, they would conveniently forget about the unpayable national debt and see an Obamaless White House as reason for hope. The banishment of the current presidential pretender would undoubtedly motivate entrepreneurs to start new businesses and expand existing ones.
Nevertheless, it would be wise to do your long-term planning based on the assumption that, even with Obama gone, the U.S. will continue down the road to serfdom. Of course, the U.S. is already a socialist country, but what we have now is “soft socialism” as opposed to the hard socialism practiced in so many European countries.
Under soft socialism, government gives entrepreneurs just enough latitude to be able to create new products and services that they believe will increase their wealth – which produces more golden eggs for government to steal.
It’s kind of a teeter-totter situation – socialism mixed with just enough capitalism to keep the economy from totally collapsing – which history tells us inevitably tilts all the way to the left. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”
So what would life after Obama look like? For starters, let’s sober up and recognize that even Paul Ryan’s budget doesn’t cut government spending. It merely slows it. And there is no plan to actually start paying off the national debt.
After the usual hand-wringing and finger-pointing, the debt ceiling will be raised again … and again … and again under a Republican administration – just as it has been under all previous administrations.
And keep in mind that the Dirty Dems consider Ryan to be an extremist! But Ryan, who clearly understands that redistribution of wealth is a formula for disaster, also knows, like so many of his well-meaning predecessors, that in order to stay in office, you have to continue to throw red meat to the masses.
What hard-core, constitutional conservatives and libertarians must come to grips with is that America will never again be a country where anything remotely close to total freedom exists. The only way that would be possible is if we endured a bloody civil war, the good guys won, and the bad guys were either executed, imprisoned, or sent to California or some other communist country that would be willing to accept them.
And – let’s be realistic – that’s never going to happen.
Folks, it’s time to face up to the reality that roughly 43 percent of the electorate wants the tyranny Barack Obama is selling. And that number is likely to grow. Which means that a Rothbardian world, where people are free to pursue their own life, liberty and happiness, is a fairy tale.
So does this mean there’s no hope? Not at all. But the goal must be containment, not victory. In other words, we must continue to push back against the forces of tyranny rather than wasting our time trying to persuade everyone to embrace liberty.
This involves day-in, day-out vigilance, because our progressive enemies are both relentless and patient. Even if Romney wins in November, the real Obamas, who have been hiding behind their media-created masks, will show their bitterness outwardly, vow to ramp up their efforts to fundamentally change America and immediately start planning their next strategic move.
Remember, Uncle Saul admonished his followers that when you meet resistance, you have to push back twice as hard. The D.C. jargon for this is “doubling down.” It’s all about persistence – being relentless no matter how bad things get. The idea is that ultimately the enemy will “compromise” with you, which will make it possible to continue to move toward communism.
That said, if Romney wins on Nov. 6, freedom fighters will have a full-time job holding his feet to the fire, but no one should be so na├»ve as to expect him to actually move America to the right. It’s all about containment – preventing a further move to the left.
Also, it’s important to remember that containment would give freedom-loving Americans more time to start a serious, well-funded third party that, with the right candidate, would be able to annihilate the Demopublicans a majority of voters so revile.

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