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Mike Corthell
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Can a Christian Vote for Romney? You Bet!

Mitt Romney exhibits Christian principles more than many Christians that I know. He lives his live according to biblical principles. He is not arrogant or proud. He is sincere and motivated with a record to prove that he is capable of running this country effectively and efficiently. Obama has none of these qualities, none!

There has been a lot of talk about how Romney belongs to a cult and that Christians should not vote for him. I guess that they should vote for Obama, as many did in 2008. I know of many churches that voted for Obama because he was black. For some reason some Christians don’t think that God can use Romney to get what He wants done, done. What they don’t understand is that any vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama. Maybe they should read scripture more often. God didn’t want Israel to have an earthly king, but they demanded one. God gave them one and for a couple of exceptions they were the destruction of the nation of Israel.

God can use any one to get done what He wants done. Glenn Beck held a rally in Washington, D.C. that brought almost a million people to that city and the purpose was to draw attention to the fact that America needs to return to the principles of the Founders, God’s principles. I have watched Mr. Beck for several years and he has always stated that America needs to get back to Jesus. Obama thumbs his nose at Christians, has declared that America is not a Christian nation. He has cancelled the Day of Prayer three years running but held a celebration for Ramadan instead! Another aspect that some Christians don’t consider is we did not get where we are over night and we will not get back to where we need to be over night. I would love it if we could, but in reality I don’t believe that George Washington could win the election this year. We have allowed our places of so-called higher education to become so liberal and anti-God and anti-American that most students coming out of college has such a twisted view of America that they are actually against what made America great.
There is one well known preacher that supports Ron Paul. That makes no sense. Ron Paul does not support Israel and no real minister of the Gospel can support any one who does not support Israel. I know I’ll get a lot of mail about that, but that’s OK. Ron Paul wants to legalize all drugs. America would be destroyed from within in less than five years. He won’t reverse Roe v. Wade, voted against making it illegal to take an under aged girl across state lines to get an abortion. How can a ‘man of God’ support that?
There are many theological differences between Romney’s religion and Christianity but there just as many that are just as radical and even more radical between Protestants and Catholicism yet we have had several Catholic Presidents and vice-Presidents yet there has never been an outcry concerning those differences that could equal what is being done today concerning Romney.
I do believe that God is going to use Romney to get America headed in the right direction again. Is he a perfect man? No! Show me one that is. He exhibits more Christian values that many so-called Christians. He’s been faithful to his wife and family. How many politicians can say that? He believes in the principles that our Founders did when they established America. Obama doesn’t and Ron Paul is just off in left field somewhere in lala land.
Read the book of Ester and you will see God using and ungodly man, king Ahasuerus, to save Israel. In the book of Daniel God prospered an ungodly man for the sake of Israel, Daniel 5:18 “O thou king, the most high God gave Nebuchadnezzar thy father a kingdom, and majesty, and glory, and honour:”. Also in Daniel God used the King Darius to promote Judaism, Daniel 6:25 “Then king Darius wrote unto all people, nations, and languages, that dwell in all the earth; Peace be multiplied unto you.
(26) I make a decree, That in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel: for he is the living God, and stedfast for ever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end.”
To think today that God cannot use Romney to get America turned around is foolishness. Too many times we fail to look at the big picture. When we review all of history God has always had a hard time getting the Body of Christ to do what He wants them to do. Many times He’s had to get an unbeliever to take the ball and run with it. Consider TV. I guarantee you that God tried to give that idea to a believer but an unbeliever brought it forth. God wanted to be able to reach more people with the Gospel than a few hundred at a time. TV was the answer. Even when a preacher say the advantage of television, he was ridiculed more from within the church than from without. Oral Roberts heard God and did what He told him to do.
Can a Christian vote for Romney? Yes he can. And he should because we must do everything we have to to remove the most ungodly man that has ever taken up residence in the White House. To not vote against Obama is to vote for him and I believe that God will bring the judgment of Obama on all who support him.There are many other instances of God using people outside the parameters set by man. I’m not saying that Romney is a heathen and I’m not saying he is a Christian. He exhibits Christian principles more than many Christians that I know. He lives his live according to biblical principles. He is not arrogant or proud. He is sincere and motivated with a record to prove that he is capable of running this country effectively and efficiently. Obama has none of these qualities, none!

Many will disagree with me, but in America you have the right to be wrong.


Anonymous said...

To compare Mormonism to Catholicism is ridiculous...the Mormon faith is a cult, not based on Scripture, but instead based on the ranting halucinations of a con-man. Since the "golden tablets" were unveiled to Smith, there have been countless demonstrations of murder, abuse and SEVERE discrimination in the name of a "religion" that is based solely on power and greed. There are Christians in the state of Utah who know full well how dangerous and corrupt this religion is. Romney's a good family man? That's nice for his wife and children. But, I am one Christian who refuses to lend my vote toward legitimizing a belief system that has done so much harm historically. There are many things about Obama that I disagree with and am unhappy about, but I would never be able to look upon Mitt Romney with respect as the leader of our great nation for one reason: not only is he a follower of this ridiculous cult, but also a leader within it. Scary stuff for America. Paul Ryan would have my vote in a second, but my conscience will not allow me to contribute to any type of promotion of the Mormon faith... electing a President with such STRONG Mormon ties and influence would do just that.

Paul Beddows said...

A Christian cannot vote for Romney. Mormons believe that when they die they become equal to God,. That is why Satan was cast out of heaven. This is Satanic. Some Mormons even believe they get their own planets to rule over. They believe they were spirit children before they were born and earth is just a training ground for them to return to heaven as mature Gods. Romney is not just a parishioner, he is priest. Maybe Christians cannot vote for Obama either. This is not Sophie's Choice, there is a 3rd option, don't vote. There is not excuse and no forgiveness for handing the most powerful position in the world to a Satanist. The Bible warns about following false Prophets. Christians can trey to justify voting for him or become apologists for him. the fact is that any Christian who votes for Romney is placing their eternal soul in jeopardy

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