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Mike Corthell
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rivulets from our past... 911

Rivulets from our past... 911

The 9/11 jumpers are in doubt

Learn to fly...or flee this world
And hand in hand they leave

Bleeding hearts
Missing their last requiem
Only emptiness stays

And I'm still waiting
Has it been eleven years?
Of seeing this world burn

What if I turned back time?
Would it be enough?
Will we ever wake up?

Our hands are slippery with the blood of angels
On broken wings...they collapse
Betrayed, deranged, into oblivion
Poisoned by the hand that feeds them

Six feet under
Left behind enemy lines
Grim Reaper why are you harvesting the souls now?

Reflections of fear look back
Want to witness some enemy bleed red
The words power, death and distorted truth
Are read between the lines of the red, white and blue

How Lincoln's dream became rotten
Countdown... to the very end
Oh help us live
Share with us your gospel word

Make the weak one mighty
Make the mighty man fall
You are the eyes for the blind
You are the legs for the lame

I haven't cried in eleven years
There has not been an answer to my cries in eleven years
There are no heroes left

One last tear I shed
Rivulets from our past... 

Mike Corthell
September 11, 2012

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