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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Diversions: Is Breaking Amish for real?

Reality TV vs Reality

  • Doubts over honesty of show following lives of Amish in NYC
  • Two cast members, Abe and Rebecca, 'have a child together'
  • Kate 'submitted photos to modeling sites - even though she is portrayed as a technophobe and taking photos is against Amish beliefs'
  • Jeremiah 'was out of the community for 14 years, is divorced with three kids'
  • Sabrina 'is married and pictured wearing skimpy clothing'
  • TLC: 'Some of the claims are true, some are not, but they will be addressed'

It may fall under the category of 'reality television', but there is apparently very little that's authentic about Breaking Amish. 
After just two episodes, the TLC show has come under fire for deceiving viewers about the five Amish and Mennonite men and women it follows as they visit New York City for the first time.
While each cast member claims to have grown up in the strict communities, evidence has surfaced suggesting they have decidedly dark pasts - involving divorce, children and time away from the faith.
It comes in stark contrast to the naive characters portrayed on the show, who stare slack-jawed at Manhattan's towering buildings and pray as they travel by plane 'for the first time'.

'Reality' TV? TLC's show Breaking Amish has come under fire for its false claims about its characters' pasts
'Reality' TV? TLC's show Breaking Amish has come under fire for its false claims about its characters' pasts
TLC has previously admitted that Kate, who is billed as an Amish bishop's daughter and aspiring model, has been arrested for a DUI, but now new information paints an even more rebellious picture.
As revealed on a Facebook page, Breaking Amish the Truth, she has previously submitted images to modeling agencies - which is at odds with the Amish stance against photographs, believing they represent 'vanity' which they deem a sin.
Online records show that Kate posted a photograph on exploretalent.com to enter a Best Smile contest in 2010 - years before she claimed she gave up her Amish life to move to the city.
This internet savvy version of Kate is a far cry from an episode of Breaking Amish in which she is overwhelmed by new technology and struggles to work an elevator.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2206755/Breaking-Amish-Is-TLC-fake.html#ixzz28zajx1MT

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