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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mike Corthell Recommends: DIVINE ALIGNMENT - Godwink Moments

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Divine Alignment by SQuire Rushnell
If you've ever said..."If I hadn't met that particular person, at that time and place, I wouldn't be where I am today..." then, you have experienced what SQuire Rushnell calls Divine Alignmentª
This book shows how we are all connected...person to person...godwink by godwink...on a marvelous built-in GPS (God's Positioning System).
Divine Alignment presents a new way to understand those mysterious connections that seem to place you in just the right place at just the right time for opportunities to unfold.
In Seven Steps, SQuire leads you on a story-filled journey, showing how you can become empowered by Divine Alignment in your life!

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I LOVED Divine Alignment. I am stunned at the quality of this book ... SQuire has woven the stories together beautifully to provide hope and healing...with profound conviction, without being preachy. This book goes much deeper than any other in the Godwink series. It challenged me to make some changes in my life that will yield positive results.
Jada Daves
The mystery of unexpected events in our lives is portrayed by the author in this delightful and refreshing book. SQuire Rushnell delivers a beautifully written presentation of heartfelt stories...filled with wisdom. "DIVINE ALIGNMENT" is charming, heartwarming, enjoyable, and Highly Recommended!
Geraldine Ahearn
The BEST book! It's very powerful. SQuire shows us that we are all on a grand G.P.S God's Positioning System that we can tap into. He gives us 7 clear and easy steps to lead us to the path that God has for us. WONDERFUL!
This book shows how we are all on a inspired journey É interconnected for divine purposes. It creates a peace for readers É and stresses that our decisions lead us to the next chapter of our lives...and we, through "free will," are allowed to "recalculate" until we are on the right path. (The author) reinforces his reasoning through Bible passages, not just personal opinion.
I loved the Godwinks series, and this book extends that philosophy to the next level. SQuire Rushnell has collected many captivating stories of people...whose lives have been transformed.

There is a section on near-death experiences and an interesting comparison chart that includes biblical reference to descriptions of heaven/afterlife and the personal descriptions of people he has interviewed.
This book has opened my eyes and my heart to the understanding about all of those ÒcoincidencesÓ that happen to all of us. DIVINE ALIGNMENT is written with such clarity that it leaves no questions unanswered...SQuire Rushnell...offers insight to all of us in such a softly spoken, inspirational way. I highly recommend this book to anyone of any age.
OH SQUIRE I just got your God Wink Book " Divine Alignment"... I absolutely love it. It makes me cry happy tears all the time. Reading your book is like "Footprints In The Sand" and restoring my soul!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
Judith Redman Kirk


SQuire said...

Thanks for your vote of support, Mike ... Louise and I appreciate it.

The Huckabee Show is a delightful experience for a guest ... he's a gracious host. In case anyone missed it, I've just posted the interview on YouTube.

Good Wishes and godwinks
SQuire Rushnell (and the lovely Louise DuArt)

SQuire Rushnell said...

An addendum.