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Mike Corthell
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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Purpose of Yoga: It's for Spiritual Health

''The fire that is the human soul and spirit is immortal.'' - Mike Corthell


Indian culture and the Indian people, as a whole, are deeply spiritual. The benefits of good spiritual health should not be kept a secret. Bhakti Yoga is the most popular style of Yoga within India.

Yet, Bhakti Yoga is barely known outside of India. This is the Yoga of devotion to God. Some people will debate what the Bhakti Yoga practitioner is devoted to, but ultimately this devotion is to God.

When we mention “God,” or spiritual health, in the United States, it has strangely become a subject, which makes many people feel uncomfortable. Some groups, which claim to want to protect our civil rights, would like to ban the words “In God We Trust” from US currency. “The Pledge of Allegiance” has been under fire, because it contains the word “God.”

Most Christmas displays are turned into “Seasons Greetings” displays, in order to appease those who would also like to ban the Holy Bible from US court rooms. Strangely, common sense has slowly been banned. While manners, respect, courtesy, and fair play, are often seen as a sign of weakness. How much more ground should any of us give, for the sake of being “politically correct?”

Why should the few voices, who cry out, against the name of God, be considered over the many people who do believe in God? On any given week, huge crowds of Christians, Jews, Muslims  Hindus, and others, celebrate and worship God in temples, shrines, synagogues, churches, and mosques.

It is time for all religions to establish a unified front. All religious leaders and practitioners must put our differences aside. We are being undermined by groups who have tried to turn the name of “God” into something shameful.

A society, which has a spiritual health deficit, becomes ill, because the ethical structure erodes. This is one of the problems the Roman Empire faced. As Roman society became decadent; everyone began to make their own rules.

Let’s learn from the past. Ethical guidelines exist within all religions, but they also exist within Yoga. We call them Yamas and Niyamas.

The spiritual aspect of Yoga is rarely discussed in Yoga studios and health clubs outside of India. The style of Yoga most commonly seen, in the west, is Hatha Yoga, which usually focuses on physical, mental, and emotional health.

Mike Corthell, Editor & Publisher

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Ane Recafort said...

Although I feel wonderful after practicing yoga, I do not do it nearly often enough. So I thought by writing an article about the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga, I would motivate myself and maybe you, to take up a daily practice.

ilchi lee