Mike Corthell

Mike Corthell
Editor & Publisher at Fryeburg Free Press MEDIA

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Year 2012 - Fryeburg

The year 2012 started with much insecurity about the future. A divorce the previous year left me struggling to provide for my sons. In March we moved to Fryeburg, Maine from our home in Ossipee. I had been driving through this beautiful town for over a year and really took a close look at it when I was searching for an apartment  I knew of Fryeburg, having been coming up to the Valley since 1966 to camp, hike and ski.

My sons and I can't be any happier that we are now residents. Thanks to our new friends in town, especially Donna, who made us feel very welcomed, I look forward to a great 2013- a year that I hope will bring the start of a new community spirit and prosperity for all of us in Fryeburg. I love the Mt. Washington Valley and the people here. I am very proud to call Fryeburg my hometown and looking  forward, enthusiastically to serving the town. 

Think positive this year and be well everyone!

Mike Corthell
Fryeburg, Maine

''So, my friends what to do? 
Give to the world your best thinking and effort. And the world's best will come back to you.''
Mike Corthell


lenbenhear - Len Hummel said...

Looks like things finished much better for you near the end of 2012. That's good to know. Divorce is a really tough trial to get through. Hope 2013 brings more light & more prosperity. things are going to get really rough for Christians and patriots and conservatives. but, like the man said, "when the going gets tough: the touch get going."

all best,

lenbenhear - Len Hummel said...

well. touch or "tough" ... either way. ... :^)